Content Creators: The Magic to an entertaining Digital India

The rise of digital content in India is at an unprecedented scale. Reliance Jio, the Pandemic, has fruited the system's birth that we now enjoy and "binge" upon. Talent growth has also been noticed due to the system. Content creation in India has taken many platforms to prove it all. From Movies to articles, expressionism is returning to be valued and teaching the world its powerful potential. Today, the country has seen a huge growth in content creators, and the rate of subscribers shows what it takes to be entertaining and to value the creator.

YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, Jio, COVID-19; do you know what’s common among these words? It’s growth. There is an interrelation of growth among them. YouTube and Twitch have grown and shown greater viewership in the past eight months, and these records are all due to a Pandemic-struck world. The power of media has been so underrated at the time; we have proven it over and over again. Our whole lives have been revolving around these media; they have influenced us. Content creation can be of various kinds and genres. They could revolve around fiction and non-fiction. They can question our reality and teach us the truth. We have been learning so much from these through the eyes of the others.

The nation is experiencing a silent “renaissance” in Digital creation. We have been dull to observe this, but it’s true. The growth of content is immense. The nation is full of artsy people who want to show their talent to the world. Take, for example, TikTok; irrespective of the haphazardous methods of talents and techniques, they didn’t fail to make us laugh, cringe, or at least understand something of social importance. Many nomadic dwellers across India have had their lives changed by the application. From the poor to the celebrities, many have tried to enjoy their times reciprocating with the viewer.

India is facing a revolution in Digital Media, and the thanks go to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who impacted the word ‘Digital India” on a country that was slowing down on it. The word like have huge leaps, many media services were born, and those who were not popularized had taken the storm of viewership. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and much more grew so fast. Hotstar, a sole brand under Twentieth Century Fox, was purchased by Disney in late June and rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar. The application was connected with the shows that the US population could experience, and it grew as well.

The YouTube Growth

YouTube takes the cake for the highest viewership usage in recent media studies. Over 8+ hours of usage is what each comprises to use daily. The internet servers failed to hold such a load of viewers, and they had to pull down their media resolution capacities from 1080p to 480p. Many YouTube creators grew more than ever. Ashish Chanchalani (Ashish Chanchalani Vines), Bhuvan Bam(BB ki Vines), Ajey Nagar(Carry Minati), Tanmay Bhat, and many more had shared positive and enthralling feedback of huge viewership growth. Many people, out of boredom, also started their channels for the sake of it. From Gaming, Singing, skits, Comedy, etc. they grew faster enough than what the others would take for years to achieve. Indian Music Brand T-Series reached 100 Million Subscribers (10 Crores) within its ten years on YouTube. 

Indian creators have been amassing on YouTube after Jio entered into the Telecom sector. In 2015, only a few were Indian Creators from India on YouTube. After September 2016, The graphs shot through the roof. There were at least 200-300 new content creators every day! YouTube has to expand its servers for the Indian community. Over 100 videos every second were uploading to YouTube. That’s how Jio has Impacted the YouTube Stream. Speaking of stream, Indian Gamers would Livestream every day and generate a huge player base for games. The games grew out of influence. PUBG has been one such game that grew to a massive user base since its initial launch in the Indian gamer base.

YouTube has been of Valuable Importance to the creator. As they reach 100 Subscribers or even achieve 4000 Watch Hours for their videos, they can be entitled to features like- community posts; Short story features for creators to upload some exciting teasers and news. The YouTube Partner feature is the most important one. It enables monetization for the videos they upload, which means they can start earning for the videos. It works on the viewer and brand calculation. Brands pay YouTube to cast their banners onto videos that are watched by many. In turn, YouTube pays the creators a tiny percentage of the amount for each viewer.

Vlogging has been an effective method of content creation for many. David Dobrik, Casey Niestat are said to have shaped this form of content creation. Ever since then, Many and uncountable channels share their personal lives and growth through the medium. It has gained a huge viewership and is one of the most successful ways to start a channel. Many viewers watch these vlogs to know the way of these vloggers’ lives and gain a satisfying engagement. Personally connecting through experiences and much more dynamic movements uplift the viewer to deepen their emotions with the creator. It is a way to share lives through media. 

Early a year ago, Youtube changed rates for the masthead promotion from ₹ 72 lakhs to ₹ 1.4 crores every day. Suppose you have comparative financial plans to spend on print. A full-page promotion in Times of India, Delhi version will cost you ₹ 70 lakhs. In any case, Youtube is among the main stages in India, which comes to as much as 80% of India’s populace. A masthead advertisement on Youtube collects a billion impressions consistently (considering that a solitary individual may see it around seven times each day). For media purchasers, this figure checks all major boxes. The CPM for a billion impression at ₹ 1.4 crores comes to around ₹ 15.

At last check, YouTube India had more than 265 million+ month to month dynamic clients. So it doesn’t come us an unexpected that Youtube masthead stock for 2019 was sold out in record time.

Content through other forms

There have been many forms of expressing the art of content as well. Writing is one such style. Blogs have boomed up. Many talented writers are pursuing courses and taking up content writing as their fulfillment as well. The uproar of writing has never been a problem in India. Everyone who wanted to write a book, a poem, or paint as a form of their hobby has taken to the internet to showcase it. Many have received praise as well. Content writing stands as freedom of speech and expression during a political barricaded movement shunning many to express their thoughts on issues. If you check out some literary Indian artists on Twitter, you can read their work and the backlash they face. 

The content creation system in India is flourishing more than ever. It is what we needed. An unwelcome gift from the pandemic. It is what many say, “A Calling” to their dreams. Many have found spiritual fulfillment, and it has healed their lives instead. If you wish to start a trend of your own, now is better than ever. India is growing with its large force of talent, and it will never fail.

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My passion is Reading and writing. Basically, an optimistic introvert. Always striving to be better. Writing as a passion leads me to become stronger and focused.

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Abraham George
Abraham George
My passion is Reading and writing. Basically, an optimistic introvert. Always striving to be better. Writing as a passion leads me to become stronger and focused.

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