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Delhi Government to soon announce a bigger Economic Package to fight Coronavirus

The Delhi government is soon going to announce a big financial budget to fight again the coronavirus pandemic that is continu
The Delhi government is soon going to announce a big financial budget to fight again the coronavirus pandemic that is continuously growing.

The worldwide concern prompted by Coronavirus pandemic has created a worldwide hindrance. Global Economy is most likely to experience a downfall. People fear their deaths, and this situation is critical now.

Governments of several countries have decided to pull out a budget from their monetary funds to battle the virus. Delhi government (1) is taking a similar step.

They soon will announce a Big financial budget to battle coronavirus and dot the damage control.

Addressing the Demand and Supply Issues

Due to the nationwide lockdown, people fear that they won’t get the essential goods to survive this isolation. The government is trying its best to manage this problem by maintaining a smooth supply of necessary products.

  • Deserted places and buildings are turned into a shelter for the homeless.
  • The government is offering adequate meals to the needy ones.
  • This morning only, monetary incentives were transferred to the bank accounts of local people.
  • Delhi Government has promised to provide Rs. 5000 help to the needy.

Despite all these efforts, the Delhi Government will soon announce a massive budget for the damage control. There are predictions that the amount will be more than ₹1,70,000 crores.

Last month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced several schemes to provide food security to the locals. Such constant efforts of the government are steadily enhancing survival chances.

Several private firms have made considerable contributions to the Fund for relief from Coronavirus. Startups like Ola, Uber, Paytm have also extended their help.

Still, the situation is not entirely under control. The number of cases is increasing with each passing day. Around 160 people have died till now. You can know the latest updates from the official site of government.

It is a situation of crisis. We all need to be united and act patiently. As of now, there is no specific treatment available for the circus. Hence, it becomes essential to take strict precautions. Social distancing must be followed.

You are requested to stay indoors to avoid any infection.

Stay safe, stay indoors, and stay healthy!