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Facebook: New design with Simple Navigation and Dark Mode Goes Live

As per the announcement made at F8 last year, Facebook has redesigned its desktop site with a minimalist appearance. Here is
As per the announcement made at F8 last year, Facebook has redesigned its desktop site with a minimalist appearance. Here is everything you need to know,

New Design is Going Live

facebook new design

In March, Facebook gave its users a chance to try the new design of its platform. It also allowed its users to switch back to the older version and to leave feedbacks and the reasons for turning back. This week the new design went live on the social media platform, Facebook. If yours is still running on the previous model, there is also an option to update it manually.

When it comes to popular web portals like Facebook, the changes are especially hard. It takes a lot of time and effort even with the best designs for user’s adaptation. That’s why it was a big task for Facebook since it is always adding something new on its site. However, we could safely say that since Facebook has made various bold decisions in the past in these aspects, it is not difficult for it to leave blank space. In its new, more straightforward design, Facebook is giving priority to games, groups, and videos, among other activities.

What’s Redesign has for Facebook Users?

Facebook as taken cues from its mobile application, allowing quicker load times and easy navigation while redesigning. However, users would require some time to get used to it since we have all grown with Facebook since its launch 16 years ago. As per the statement released by Facebook, they have built new features and have optimized their platform for the latest devices and OS. Further, they have also made an expansion to add hundreds of new languages globally. While focusing on remodeling their mobile-site and application, they realized that their desktop site is falling behind. Hence, Facebook redesigned its website to keep up.

For many awaited users, the biggest news is the arrival of a dark mode on Facebook in its desktop site. With this Redesign, Facebook has joined Twitter and countless other social media platforms. People are well-aware of the benefits of dark mode since its easier for the eyes and also gives a better movie-watching experience, among others. That’s why it is one of the top priorities of various companies these days.

New features also include users’ ability to creating groups, pages, and generating ads quicker compared to the previous model. It also allows users to preview each of them. Hence, you will know what you are getting yourself into before you publish it on Facebook.

Facebook also says that It will continue asking for users’ feedback so they can voice any dissatisfaction with the new design. Users can do it by going through the setting menu of Facebook. Facebook will work continuously to perfect its design from time to time to please its users.