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GaneshaSpeaks: All you need to know about the website and its founders

GaneshaSpeaks is the leading astrology and horoscope website in India that has been assisting the audience worldwide by provi
GaneshaSpeaks is the leading astrology and horoscope website in India that has been assisting the audience worldwide by providing them with their high-quality astrology services.

We live in a secular country full of traditions and cultures, which is majorly dominated by the Hindu community taking up 79.8% of the total population India. Similarly, astrology and horoscope reading has built a strong foundation of the belief system that our community functions on.

GaneshaSpeaks is one such platform that has been providing its users with content and service-related services on astrology, horoscope, Janam Patri, etc.

What is GaneshaSpeaks?

GaneshaSpeaks, founded by Hemang Arunbhai Pandit back in 2003, has grown to become India’s leading astrology that preaches Indian Vedic Astrology principles and provides its users with related content and services.

GaneshaSpeaks compromises Shree Bejan Daruwalla’s principles of astrology that help in delivering a personalized experience to each of its clients. The company started with the aim to streamline the scattered, directionless astrology market.

Fact: Ganesha Speaks entered into a mutually exclusive partnership with Star to deliver its content and services through shortcode 55181 via SMS, MMS, WAP & Voice to the audience.

Venturing into the untapped market – Founder Hemang Arunbhai Pandit talks about Ganesha Speaks

Hemang Arunbhai Pandit ganeshaspeaks

Hemang Arunbhai Pandit started his journey at Hutch back in 1998 after completing his graduation in Engineering – Electronics and Communication from DDIT, Nadiad, Gujarat. He noticed that the market of astrology remained untapped for ages that, too, in a country like India. He decided that to venture into this unorganized sector where innocent people were often used and misguided and started Ganesha Speaks in 2003, back in a time when ecommerce was yet in its infancy.

Ganesha Speaks

In an interview, Pandit told the story of how GaneshaSpeaks came to life. Once, when he went along with his friend who was going for an astrologer’s appointment, he noticed how fortune-tellers exploit common men for earning large sums of money.

He then decided to venture into the untapped market of astrology-related services to create an organized and trustworthy community for individuals, and the rest is history. He also revealed his plans of foraying into the US market.

Fact: GaneshaSpeaks stands as the number 1 platform in India by far, and number 3 worldwide with over 100 million page views monthly.

Services Provided by GaneshaSpeaks

All the services provided by GaneshaSpeaks revolves around the astrological and Vedic well-being of its customers. GaneshaSpeaks aims at resolving a customer’s problems by giving him the best astrological advice, according to his Kundli.

The services provided by GaneshaSpeaks are:

  1. Talk to Expert: The Talk to Expert service allows customers of Ganesha Speaks to have a one on one conversation with an expert regarding his problem to gain professional advice from its team of experts about life crises related to marriage, career, love, finance, business, family, etc.
  2. Janampatri: GaneshSpeak’s Janampatri service claims to reveal the potential you hold and what you can aim for and even a clear analysis of your past, present, and future with your birth chart.
  3. Yearly Reports: Ganesha Speaks provides annual reports service to its customers who want to know the happenings of the coming year pon the basis of their birth chart that indicates several other concepts of astrology, thereby revealing the likely events of the following year.
  4. Sun Sign Horoscope: The sun sign horoscope provides its users with details about individual traits held by a person belonging to a particular sun sign. It also discusses a detailed overview of the sun sign like a relationship, health, nature, love, career, facts, etc.
  5. Career & Business Reports: Ganesha Speaks reports on different problem areas of business and career according to the alignment o starts and planets according to your chart and helps them by providing them remedial measures that can help boost their career and business path.
  6. Marriage & Children: Many times, we face difficulties in our married life when some of us rely upon fining solutions in the ancient science of astrology. GaneshaSpeaks gives you answers to your marriage and children-related problems.
  7. Relationship & Compatibility: GaneshaSpeaks helps to untangle the complicated relationship problems by helping align your stars with the science of astrology.
  8. Remedial Stones: GaneshaSpeaks also deals in selling curative gemstones, each denoting different energy that goes along with different individuals holding different traits according to their sun sign.
  9. Chinese Horoscope: Ganesha Speaks also provides its users with astrology services related to Chinese astrology that work on the theory of heaven, water, and earth.
  10. Tarot: Hold strong faith n tarot card reading? Ganesha Speaks expanded its horizons by providing tarot card reading services to its users, helping predict their future on the basis of the card selected by the user from the 22 cards in the deck.
  11. Vaastu: Vaastu Shaastra is an ancient & time testing Indian science technique that helps in making an effective layout for preparing the perfect interior and building architecture that helps in enhancing health, wealth, prosperity, success, & happiness.

Did you know: The oldest astrological system that is still in use today traced its roots to the 19th-17th century BCE Mesopotamia, from where it’s extended its presence across Ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world, and the Central & Western Europe, eventually.

Daily Horoscopes at GaneshaSpeaks

GaneshaSpeaks is a leading astrology website in India that provides its users with different sun signs, and a chance to read about their daily updated Ganesha Speaks horoscope in one click. The GaneshaSpeaks website is known for its accurate horoscopes and reliable predictions amongst the crowds.

Weekly Horoscopes at Ganesha Speaks

According to their sun sign, weekly horoscopes are the horoscopes that predict the potential weekly events that might take place in an individual’s life based on the science of astrology.

GaneshaSpeaks provides weekly horoscopes for all the sun signs like,
  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Taurus
  • Leo

Monthly Horoscopes at Ganesha Speaks

Ganesha Speaks also provides it’s audience with monthly horoscopes on different topics. A user can review his/her monthly horoscope on Ganesha Speaks based on their overall monthly predictions, love and relationship, education and knowledge, money and finances, and health and well-being. Monthly horoscopes also provide you with the warning factors you need to check on for your success and wellness.

2020 Horoscope at GaneshaSpeaks

What if you were aware of what could come along the way for the year beforehand? Through GaneshaSpeak’s yearly 2020 horoscope, you get a sneak peek on the events that might come along your way, career-wise or love-wise. Life’s better when you have everything planned out. GaneshaSpeak 2020 horoscope provides a detailed description of the tides coming up in 2020.

Astrology Industry in India – GaneshaSpeaks & its Competitors

The astrology market has shown a massive increase since its entry during the early 2000s and has seen multiple astrology companies opening up since then. Despite holding a strong audience base and being one of the entities forming the bud of online astrology companies, GaneshaSpeaks has come to face to face competition with some of the growing astrology companies in India.

Some of the top companies that give a stiff competition to GaneshaSpeaks and sometimes, even act as Ganesha Speak’s alternatives are:

    • AstroVed: It was founded by educationalist and philanthropist Dr. Baskaran Pillai in New York, but holds its main operations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
    • ClickAstro: The Kochi-based company provides its services online and via apps.
    • BejanDaruwalla: Banjan Daruwalla is described as one of the 100 great astrologers in the past 1000 years and has even trained GaneshSpeak’s team.
    • AstroMitra: It offers accurate and insightful predictions to its clients and is regarded as one of the most magnificent astrology websites in India.

GaneshaSpeaks According to the Market – Facebook

Several reviews, according to Ganesh Speak ‘s Facebook, state their experience with the platform. While some have expressed disappointment on their behalf, the others spoke in favor of the astrology firm, Ganesha Speaks.

  • Review 1: A customer reviewed GaneshaSpeaks as a fake company that robs people. She said that she bought a gold ring from the platform for $299 and was delivered a fake one, which turned brown after 2 days. On inquiring, she was told that the metal is panchdhatu and stopped responding to her emails and calls afterward.
  • Review 2: Another user on Facebook expressed the help provided by Ganesh Speak on the page and commented that the astrologers at the company helped her gain clarity whenever he called. Additionally, he said that GanehsaSpeaks’ astrologer’s practical wisdom about life was brilliant along with the awesome customer service.

Ganesha Speaks According to Market – MouthShut

MouthShut is one of India’s largest reviewing platforms that allows users to review websites, products, and services. Below are given some reviews written dow by some of the users about Ganesha Speak at MouthShut.

  • Review 1: A user told MouthShut that the site gives exact results to the users. He believes that the advice and guidance given by Ganesha Speaks have truly transformed his life and made it a better one.
  • Review 2: Another user expressed their dissatisfaction with GaneshaSpeaks services once she started using its paid services. The Ganesha Speaks website just sent two paragraphs of general prediction without any specific details. On complaining, she received a reply that the report was written as per their standard format.

GeneshaSpeaks: 17 Years Journey

GaneshaSpeaks is one astrology and horoscope company that is known and trusted by a large group of people. The company will be completing 17 years of its journey in the year 2020 and has successfully garnered its share in the wholesome astrology market in India.

GaneshaSpeaks won the 2008 PC World Award for its technical expertise & excellent customer experience. GaneshaSpeaks shined out in its category and came out as a clear winner due to its visually appealing design, extensive sections with rich depth, perfect use of technology to enhance the user experience, error-handling, & high level of security.

The GaneshaSpeaks platform provides free horoscopes along with a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with the best astrologers online. The platform visitors can view daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly horoscope on GaneshaSpeaks.

GaneshaSpeaks has some unique services that it offers for its users:

  1. Rudra Puja: Rudra puja, also known as Rudrabhishekam, is a ritual performed to gain the blessings of Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra. The history behind puja lies back to when Lord Rama performed the ritual at Rameshwaram before he crossed the sea to reach Lanka too get back Sita and defeat Ravana. Lord Shiva controls all the Nine Planets & Time. This includes the prime villains amongst planets, i.e., Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. He also controls the Moon, i.e., the significator of the Mind. Performing a Rudrabhishekam Puja can bring success, happiness, and peace of Mind.
  2. Remedies: GaneshaSpeaks provides remedial gemstones as solutions to different issues and problems in your life. For example, pearl stone is known to bring stability, peace of mind, and satisfaction into one’s life. The composition of a gemstone resembles the nature and constitution of the corresponding planet, which makes the gemstones excellent remedial tools.
  3. Saturn Transit Report: Saturn Transit is regarded as one of the largest and longest transits that bring about major changes in a person’s life. Saturn is usually considered to be a hard taskmaster, though there are benefic effects to the planet too. The Saturn transit can bring rewards your way if you plan the path ahead with the right guidance.

We are already aware of the fact that GaneshaSpeaks functioned under the support and care of Bejan Daruwalla. Pandit, appreciating Daruwalla’s support, said that GaneshaSpeaks works under the guidance and revolves around the principles of Daruwalla. Bejan supported GaneshaSpeaks and even organized a press conference for the organization to give them the push that every startup requires for an auspicious beginning.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question on GaneshaSpeaks

The questions given below are not only the FAQs on GaneshaSpeaks but also refer to the general questions asked by people on sites and subjects related to GaneshaSpeaks services.

1. What is Astrology? Is it real?

Astrology is the study of the language of starts that is being practiced by individuals for centuries. Every individual is made up of energy, which vibrates at a certain frequency. Studying the stars aligned with a person’s frequency helps in predicting the upcoming obstacles and achievements of his/her life.

2. How do I trust GaneshaSpeaks with my personal information?

All the information provided on GaneshaSPeaks is kept 100% confidential and is not leaked under any circumstance. The company holds a strong belief in maintaining a customer’s privacy.

3. What are Janampatris? How can they benefit me?

Janampatris studies the alignment of both benefic and malefic planets that helps predict the fortunes and misfortunes of a person’s life. With your Janampatri analysis, you can save time and take ready action to change the unfavorable happenings in your life.

Many individuals consider astrology as a hoax. However, while many bluff individuals, Ganesha Speaks is a website that has verified astrologers who have studied and practiced astrology as a subject in their colleges. Moreover, it’s also about the belief system that a person holds. If you go to an astrologer, with belief in the science of astrology, you’ll always be successful in all your endeavors, and vice versa.

Overall, GaneshaSpeaks has been able to provide a leaning shoulder and an incredible support system to its clients through its over-the-top astrology services. Belief carries a whole another level of energy for us, human beings. If you believe in something, it will happen, and if you don’t, stop questioning why the things you wish for don’t occur.