Gaurav Taneja: From an IITian to a Successful Youtuber

Gaurav Taneja did not limit his life to engineering after cracking IIT and found his success in a platform in which engineers don't generally imagine.

Gaurav Taneja is famous as one of the most versatile and successful Youtuber. Some people may know him as a pilot, while others may usually see his videos on youtube and follow him. To make things clear a bit, Gaurav Taneja is a civil engineer from IIT Kharagpur as a qualification and an ex-pilot for Indigo Airlines. Moreover, he is also a fitness blogger known through his youtube channel called the ‘flying beast’ and the ‘Fit Muscle TV.’ One might surely be curious about his journey which turned him from an engineer to a famous blogger

He is considered one of the most influential youth icons who inspire and aspires young people for a better and more harmonious living! He is an internationally certified nutritionist, a fitness trainer, an aviator, and a national level bodybuilder. The many can be called the versatile man and inevitably be an inspiration for anyone who feels like getting masters in many fields rather than being stuck to a single one. 

Let’s start from the Beginning

Gaurav Taneja

Born on 9th July 1986, Gaurav Taneja always had a keen spirit for games and sports, and the school gym used to be his favorite places of all! Just so to workout more, he used to reach 45 minutes earlier the usual timings and exercise for a better body. Those days, he used to consider Salman Khan as his fitness guru and wanted to be as perfect as he was, which grew his passion for fitness and made him successful. 

Gaurav Taneja at TedX
Gaurav Taneja at TedX

Later as he grew successful, Manipal University in Jaipur invited him for a TEDx speech where he felt privileged in sharing his success mantra. Eventually, young people started looking up to him. The success mantra which was shared by him was: It is always about motivation and how a person wants themself to achieve a thing. He also addressed students that nothing is big enough that can make us stop from attaining it. A dedicated person with dreams can surely pave away towards his goals. 


How his Channel “Flying Beast” made an appearance

Gaurav Taneja with wife and daughter
Gaurav Taneja with wife and daughter

Gaurav Taneja always has an interest in the betterment, fitness, and developing one’s body. Hence, while going through his eight-week transformation, he decided to make a vlog, which eventually was followed by more videos. People found him surprising and started following him at a high rate. With his interest growing in this field and people promoting him, he decided to keep his fitness videos on the channel rather than the vlogs, and this is how “Flying Beast” (1) came into being. To keep people stay tuned to him and amaze them, his wife and daughter also made several appearances in the videos now and then!


About “Fit Muscle TV” 

fit muscle tv

Gaurav Taneja created this by keeping his fans updated with fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and similar content, which every fitness freak would like to follow, no matter if it’s a girl or a boy. He guides people to eat and stay healthy and loves to inspire people. He feels that people should have proper knowledge regarding any fitness routine or exercise and what can be done on their body by following a method and eating healthy. The main motive behind making the channel “Fit Muscles TV” (2) was to provide detailed information and insight into people to develop a routine regarding their fitness and transform themselves into healthy living. 


Changing Career

Gaurav Taneja

People generally wonder why a person changed his life career from being an engineer to a fitness vlogger. To this, Gaurav Taneja always states that fitness was his passion and wanted to carry it out on a large platform. He never found his career-changing phase a dull one as it still kept him amused with new challenged to encounter daily. He also states that there was no particular reason that he changed his career, the mindset to stay fit and influence people made him reach this phase. 


Influencing people socially comes with responsibilities

Gaurav Taneja

There is a common misconception that every person has is that YouTubing and vlogging are simple tasks that involve glamour, but the harsh truth to be told, vlogging is not as simple as it appears to be! Behind a simple yet influencing post or a picture or even a video, several things have to be done just to record a video also for a few seconds. The audience notices every small something and points them out. Hence things always should be perfect, which is liked by people and positively influences them. It takes a lot amount of time, and hours are spent to record an ideal shot. Gaurav Taneja has similar views regarding this topic and says that holding on to the brand and its motive is the best possible way towards success. One should keep their motivation intact and deliver their contents in the best possible way without changing unnecessary topics and wasting time. 

As any portal or a person grows towards fame, it brings responsibilities to them. One has to be vigilant with how people take up their opinion with enuring explicit content and managing their brands. One has to ensure that people do not take anything which may offend their interests, and people should be mindful of their knowledge and share them with people in the best possible way. As a successful blogger or vlogger influence more than millions of people, they have to be protective of everyone’s interest, which makes their work more robust. 


Branding and Partnering with Brands


Gaurav Taneja states that one has to be careful in choosing brands and partners for their advertising and public endorsement activities. Getting partnered with brands that actually relate to your work is way more beneficial than just collaborating with them without any purpose, this also affects the mindset of people and makes them believe in you and your content. If influencers do publicity and collaborate with brands that do not relate to their works can turn to hurt people and make people criticize them or even feel unhappy with their work. 

Correctly, Gaurav Taneja understands the appropriate company for him and his followers and tries to cut unnecessary things that may be of no use regarding his followers. He states that whenever a brand offers him, he knows if the partnership is right for him or not! He never likes to work in fashion. According to him, it can bring a negative impact on his followers and tries to keep his content selective and only towards fitness related things. 


Influencers like Gaurav Taneja has a significant impact on people and majorly has youths as his followers. He is dedicated to his work and loves to make people feel motivated towards their work with a fit body and a healthy living. 

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I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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Ananya Dubey
Ananya Dubey
I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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