Gridfree Solar: Paving the way towards a sustainable future

As industrialization increasingly depletes the energy resources of the planet, it is the need of the hour to resort to more productive sources of power. Compared to other forms of electricity, solar energy has the least harmful effect on the climate. If used effectively, such renewable sources of power can significantly improve the planet for future generations. Gridfree Solar Energy Limited, an Indian Non-Government Company in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, endeavors with the same vision. 


The company is a growing provider of Solar EPC & I&C services and one of the pioneers in the world of textile manufacturing and solar consulting. The founder, Chitwan Agarwal, launched the organization in March 2018, and the business has highly trained and seasoned solar industry professionals. They have extensive solar PV projects ranging from kW to MW solar projects. Gridfree Solar Energy Limited analyzes the available space and, with its expertise, builds and operates the operation and maintenance of the full solar plant system.


The endeavors of Gridfree


Gridfree installs solar panels for residential, industrial, and commercial factories and organizations. They have completed around 15 megawatts of projects within just two years of commencing business. Their undertakings in solar projects are associated with the identification of site, land, procurement, assessment of power evacuation feasibility, technology selection, detailed engineering design, finalizing contracts for supply and implementation, project identification and development support O&M, etc.

Gridfree Solar Energy Limited designs, engineers, installs, runs and manages the solar plant. They also take extreme priority in maintaining the safety of the solar plant. The expert team of professionals carries out a thorough safety review, including inspection of the configuration, documentation, and approvals of the equipment. Gridfree Solar Energy Limited also offers its consumers unflinching lifetime assistance. They ensure good efficiency and the lowest downtime for all their products and services. Gridfree also provides maintenance and operating aid for ongoing maintenance and any specifications for constructed solar plants.


About the founder and his inspiration

Gridfree Founder_ Chitwan Agarwal
Gridfree Founder: Chitwan Agarwal

The founder of Gridfree Solar Energy Limited, Chitwan Agarwal (1), is a musician who ventured into entrepreneurship quite unexpectedly. It was the ideas of his father that inspired him to initiate the business of Gridfree. Coming from a family of businessmen, one could say entrepreneurship had always been in his blood. The textile business by his family, the Gomur Group, has a long and significant foundation in the industry. Though Chitwan had not been sure about Gridfree, he soon gained the confidence and zest to continue the procedures. Moreover, it was the possibility of a better future that pushed him to go further with the solar energy business. 

In recent times, the role of renewable energy has been rising, with rising concern for energy protection in the world. With the limits of conventional resources, green energy has become the primary force and will play a crucial role in replacing the former ones. Additionally, the continuous use of fossil fuels produce high levels of carbon dioxide and leads to air pollution. It causes harmful health issues while altering weather trends, increasing sea levels, and increasing ecological risk.


Unlike fossil fuels, which need to be processed, produced, and shipped, sunlight is abundant, limitless, and readily available. Solar energy is derived from the emission of the sun and can be transformed into heat or electricity. It does not emit greenhouse emissions, and water is not polluted. Through generating renewable power, Gridfree Solar Energy Limited aims to reduce the cost of energy usage. It saves resources and costs while simultaneously protecting the environment. 


Glancing ahead

solar panels

Gridfree aims to have world-class quality solutions with the dream of a greener and safer India in engineering, project management, and deployment in the renewable energy, transmission, and distribution, manufacturing & power sectors. They also hope to provide the right solutions by partnering together, identifying needs, and delivering customized solutions to ensure the best management practices, reliable skills, support structures, and transparency.

COVID-19 has profoundly affected all businesses and startups, and Gridfree Solar Energy Limited is no exception. However, Chitwan believes that the industries should not merely sit back and wait for the pandemic to end to move on with their procedures. Gridfree works hard to get back to track, and their hard work has always paid off.

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Nidhia Sebastian
Nidhia Sebastian
Nidhia Sebastian is an English literature graduate who looks forward to a career that complements her passion. Her never-ending love for language has brought her to creative writing. Having an open heart to knowledge is what leaves her with a thirst to explore the world. She believes in living life to the fullest and hopes to convey the same enthusiasm through her words.

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