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How Ardor 2.1 by Suveett Kalra and wife Meghha Kalra redefines Delhi’s idea of a dineout

Ardor 2.1: a twist of taste

Ardor 2.1 is a Delhi restaurant that began with the concept of serving food in the most enjoyable way. It gives you a space to dine on a table of various flavors and endless refills by an entire family of four. Ardor 2.1 is the signature property of a husband-wife duo, Suveett Kalra, and Meghha Kalra. It stands proud in the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place. The founders tasted the fruit of success from their opening in no time.

Suveett Kalra, Ardor 2.1’s co-owner, did his schooling from Don Bosco and is thus a Bosconion alumnus. Later on, he completed his MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis, Pune and a Diploma in Rubber Technology. He married Meghha Kalra later on, and they had two children. On Technology, AI, BlockChain, and Cryptocurrencies, he is an avid speaker. For 20 years, Suveett has been in the chemical industry. He joined the restaurant business eight years ago and there was no looking back later.

A delicious dish from Ardor 2.1

You might have heard the saying that there is a strong woman behind every successful man. However, if the woman stands beside her man, they are stronger together, and one such firm believer is Meghha Kalra. Meghha Kalra has an MBA from Symbiosis Pune and a Jewellery Design Certificate. For over three years, the co-owner of Ardor 2.1 (1) Meggha has been operating the restaurant and the family business. Meghha manages everything from picking each tile to every wall art. She also oversees what goes out of the kitchen and what goes on social media. She is a specialist in creative marketing and social media patterns that have significantly helped both their ventures thrive.

Current achievements of Ardor

The company’s goal is to keep innovating to develop new exciting product options that are very exciting. They also give them reasonable prices so that the delicacies can be enjoyed by more and more citizens. As a member of FICCI and NDTA, Suveett keeps the restaurant coming up with interesting and indulging deals for their guests.

The duo launched Ardor 29 in Sector 29, Gurgaon, after the tremendous love that Ardor 2.1 got. Ardor 2.1 and Ardor 29 have made a name for themselves in the area of food creativity and presentation techniques. Their food stands out with creative methods and spellbound presentations and never fails to entertain their patrons.

The nightlife at Ardor

The success bash at Ardor 29 was celebrated by Suveett Kalra and Meghha Kalra after the performance of their Ardor 2.1. It was an evening devoted to friends, music and food. The guests enjoyed live music from the new menu and enjoyed the dishes. The enterprise has also won various awards like the Certificate of Excellence at the Indian Restaurants Awards 2019. They achieved the title “Trendsetting Restobar Brand of the Year” by the Times Hospitality Icon.

Bahubali Thali

Ardor has been renowned since 2012 for serving a handful of designed artisan menus consisting of a mix of Mughlai Awadhi, Far Eastern, and Continental cuisines. And they released Bahubali Thali in 2017. Bahubali Thali comes from Meghha Kalra and is one of their best-selling items. They introduced the incredible Bahubali Thali, and the amount of dishes it served and its scale gained crazy popularity. It’s as big as Bahubali and as difficult to polish away as it is legit. And they called this Thali as the Bahubali Thali “Modi Ji 56” Inch.

Bahubali Thali

Other interesting dishes

In the group of the Indian Map Platter, which consisted of handpicked cuisines from each state of India, the Next Thali was even more revolutionary. It is known as the United India Thali, the aim being to establish unity between all Indian communities. India is also a giant Thali, all placed in one, with different cultures. They shaped this thali during election times to facilitate voting in the country and it served as a great initiative. To celebrate Kashmiri flavors and to celebrate India’s Kashmir stand, they also had Article 370′ thali. Suveett Kalra and Meghha Kalra gave the Kashmir Relief Fund a certain sum from the thalis’ price as a helping hand for the Kashmiris. For Kashmiris, the restaurant also provides a discount of 370 rupees.

Ardor always gives emphasis to the aesthetics of their menu

According to Suveet and Meghha, Article 370 of the thali is a celebration of the flavors of Kashmir and comes in both veg and non-veg versions. And that includes a 28-dish platter of food. Delicacies such as Kashmiri pulao, Khameer ki Roti, Khumani ki Roti, Nadru ki Shami, Dum Aloo, and Kahwa are included in the veg thali. All the above, along with the famous and authentic Kashmiri dish Rojan Gosh, are included in the non-veg thali. Nor did the thali only gain popularity, but its aim was also well served. The restaurant also serves another fascinating dish called ‘Chowkidar Paratha’ to add a little taste of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They also took over the market with the newly launched Vedic Thali with Immunity boosting ayurvedic ingredients, particularly during these Post Covid times.