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How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform in 2020

You are bombarded with a variety of choices if you've googled blog sites. We are here to raise the fog and help you pick the
You are bombarded with a variety of choices if you’ve googled blog sites. We are here to raise the fog and help you pick the best blog hosting sites for your requirements.


Finally, agreed to make your presence online and mark it? But are you in a position to determine which blogging platforms to use? Here this article deals with clarifying your doubts and guiding you.

What are blogs and blog sites?

  • Blogging platforms are just a conversational and informal website, which is periodically updated by an individual and which displays the posts in reverse chronological order.
  • Blog sites can be anything, cooking, sports, love stories and everyday experiences.
  • Blogging is a great way to interact with the world, personally using best blog hosting sites.

How will blogging platforms help your business?

1. Helps with SEO

You can see your blog sites among the first few search results if you have a successful SEO. Blogging platforms are a great way to target industry-specific keywords. The more content you have on your blog sites, the higher the SEO rankings are.

2. Establishes an authoritative figure

When you regularly map educational and insightful posts, people will begin to know that you know what you are talking about. For instance, people will probably believe that they will taste your cakes if you write in detail about what makes a cake.

3. Enables customer relationship management

Many guides and other useful articles are free of charge material that your customers have. In many ways, relations with new customers can be established well.

Note: You will also want the freedom to add more functionality and adaptations to monetize your blog sites better when your blog reaches maturity.

Ask yourself these three blogging platforms questions:

1. Is the configuration easy?

You may not be technical yet (or may never be) if you are new to blog sites or even thinking of starting a blog, so you want to find blogging platforms that are super user friendly.

2. Does my website give me the option of making money?

And if you do not want to do it right now, you would like a way to make money off your blog sites if you’re going to.

3. Is it flexible so that my site can grow?

You will want to change your look, and new features as your blog sites grow, to support your growing visitors.

Note: It is essential to make sure you know what you are looking for in blogging platforms before diving into our list of the best blog hosting sites.

Benefits of blogging platforms

As you probably already know, over the last 10-15 years, blog sites have helped many people and companies. Blogging platforms were hardly present; it’s true, over two decades ago. Millions of best blog hosting sites are now online throughout the world!

1. Manages identity through blog sites

The information is posted online for both people and businesses. So when you search for your name, what happens? One of the advantages of blog sites is that they allow you to build and manage your identity online.

2. Helps in learning new things

You not only learn when you write, but you also teach others. You should know more about your niche at first, as you have to show others. There are a lot of other fields you will learn, like online marketing through whatever you write in your blogging platforms.

3. Improves writing skills

The more you do, the better you get in the best blog hosting sites. It’s no exception to write. To assist you in writing basics, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and style, you can even invest in grammar checkers like Grammarly for blogging platforms.

4. Acquires technical knowledge about blogging platforms

You can learn new vocabulary, whether you like it or not—also, technologies related to systems, tools and methods during the creation and development of blog sites.

5. Connecting with new people

Links to others are one of the significant advantages of blogging platforms. On social networks or email lists, you don’t just grow some followers. You are building genuine connections. With people, you make friends that you wouldn’t otherwise have met.

Fact: However, we are still troubled to try to convince people about the benefits of blogging platforms. Even if it is not the main aim to make money online, the blog sites will help in several different ways.

How to choose the best blog hosting sites?

1. Easy to use blogging platforms

Some blogging platforms are designed to accommodate people who are not technically inclined and therefore, easy to use. On the other hand, some blog sites do not make it easy for new users. This is a matter of Control versus Convenience. You may have one at the cost of another with blogging platforms.

2. Monetization

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want to monetize your blog sites to make some money. Some blogging platforms aim to make monetization easier, and some offer no support either way. While other best blog hosting sites actively prevent monetization from using their blogging platforms.

3. Appearance and Design of blog sites

Blog design and customization options also vary with blogging platforms. Some blog sites have an iconic look that you won’t be able to modify a lot, while other best blog hosting sites will give you extensive options to alter the appearance.

4. Search Engine Optimization

The ability to optimize things for better performance on search engines is another crucial thing to look for. When it comes to SEO, some blogging platforms are better than others, and you have to take this into account.

5. Pricing of the best blog hosting sites

All styles of blog sites are free and payable. The prices of the service differ even across paid blogging platforms. Best blog hosting sites do not provide the same functions as paid blogging platforms, and it is also essential to learn. People who blog as entertainment could be satisfied with free blog sites.

Note: You must first consider the above issues to select the right blogging platforms for you.

Best Blog sites


WordPress one of the most popular blog sites and powerful with. Blogging platforms open-source allow users to create blog sites or a web page in minutes.

Key features of blog sites:

  • Flexibility – WordPress gives users complete control over creating any blogging platforms, which includes personal blog sites or websites, a magazine, a professional portfolio, a corporate website, a photo-blog and a government website.
  • Themes of the website – Users can make the blog sites beautiful and expand it to include hundreds of different topics. This also helps users to build their games.


  • Build a lovely and interactive best blog hosting sites with thousands of free plugins and over 54,000 ads.
  • WordPress lets you create SEO-friendly URLs, tags and post categories.
  • It has a safe and responsive repository of loyal subjects that work effectively with desktops and smartphones.


  • It is among blogging platforms which are for open-source, and the primary target of hackers.
  • A lot of coding is needed for various subjects that could affect the website speed.
  • WordPress blogging platforms customization could become costly.


WordPress pricing depends on the hosting web service you want to use. Also, you will have to bear extra costs for additional Plugins, your domain name, WordPress theme, etc. as you want more advanced blog sites functionality.

2. Squarespace blogging platforms

Squarespace has supplied millions of blogging platforms and is one of the market’s leading website designers. You can easily create beautiful blog sites with your drag and drop constructor.

Key features:

  • Blogging feature – Square Space is an excellent choice for bloggers. It offers unique features for commenting, AMP support, multi-authoring and post-programming, among other best blog hosting sites.
  • Customer Support – Blogging platforms provide substantial support to customers through its Live Chat feature. Screencast archives are also used to have more comprehensive responses and solutions.


  • Unlike Wix, even after going live users can turn to different templates.
  • It provides models and builders for mobile applications.
  • With its building-block feature, Squarespace gives a high level of control and customization.


  • The editor doesn’t have an auto-save option.
  • Massive templates lower the load time of the blogging platforms.


Squarespace offers four pricing plans:

  • Personal Plan: $12
  • Business Plan: $18
  • Basic Commerce: $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce: $40

3. Wix – The best blog hosting sites

Wix is known to provide bloggers with new premium user experience. Its free version comes with features of the best blog hosting sites for budding bloggers.

Key features:

  • High Speed – Blogs are opened with bright lights. This optimizes the blogging platforms by design so as not to affect the loading speed.
  • Fantastic template collection – Users can quickly build the blog sites within minutes by using its massive collection of templates.


  • It also allows users through its basic but functional editor to create social media posts for blogging platforms.
  • Wix also offers a logo manufacturer that will enable users to create unique blog sites logo easily.
  • Blogging platforms for e-commerce can integrate payment options easily.


  • Once the blog sites go live, users can not switch to another template.
  • Bloggers must invest extra time on third-party applications to add new functionality.
  • There may be too many customization options for new users.


Wix provides a free plan. You must also register for a paid plan starting at $13 a month for advanced features of the best blog hosting sites like unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name, etc.

4. Gator – The blogging platforms builder

Gator Website Builder offers a website builder which can be easily used to construct blog sites even by bloggers of minimal expertise. It is also one of this list’s most popular blogging platforms.

Key features:

  • Responsive – Gator offers all its users’ mobile blog sites. This supports both brands and models’ smartphones and tablets.
  • Analytics – The tool includes all relevant information, including visitor numbers, geography and population data.


  • Users are not allowed to purchase third-party sellers’ domains and sub-domains.
  • The need for writing CSS or HTML codes for the blog sites is avoided by powerful drag and drop elements.
  • It can be very personalized. The blogging platforms, images, fonts, colours and themes are easily adaptable to your users.


  • Ability to add marketing extensions, apps and tools from third parties.
  • It can not change the particular section of the code, which is a significant modification impediment.


Gator offers three pricing plans:
  • Starter Plan: $3.46/month
  • Premium Plan: $5.39/month
  • eCommerce Plan: $8.30/month

5. The best blog hosting site and usually are confused. was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg to give people who want to start their first blog sites critical features.

Key features:

  • Essential features – All new features are provided in the free version including 3 GB of space and automatic updates or backups.
  • User Interface – Provides a simple, clean user interface by which users can immediately create personal blogging platforms.


  • The criteria require you to add several pages.
  • SEO-friendly and easy to find, is the WordPress blog sites.
  • After a few minutes of training, a beginner will implement the functions.


  • You can view ads on your page with WordPress.
  • You can’t use AdSense to monetize your web pages.
  • Users must receive a paid plan for custom domains and subdomains.


You can do this with the free blogging platforms if simplicity is essential to the launch of your blog sites. You will have to pay for their premium plans for more advanced apps.

6. Weebly blogging platforms made easy

Weebly offers a range of features that are easy to use to create highly custom blogging platforms quickly. You will receive all the tools you need to develop and grow the best blog hosting sites of your choosing.

Key features:

  • Responsive – Weebly offers a vast library of sensitive subjects that can be exploited to provide you with a remarkable mobile experience.
  • App Center – The App Center allows bloggers to incorporate additional features in a matter of clicks on the app.


  • The drag and drop tool can be easily customized.
  • It offers SEO features to ensure that search engines can found the site.
  • Google Analytics integration provides that you can evaluate the content in-depth.


  • The incorporation of third parties is limited to a few numbers.
  • Export challenge or blog sites migration challenge.
  • The flexibility of design is restricted.


For primary use, you have a freemium plan. Following this, payable plans start at $5 a month with annual pay of up to $25 per month.

7. Constant Contact blog sites builder

Constant Contact Website Builder is an AI blogging platforms builder which allows users to easily create free blog sites or business in a couple of minutes. It provides a quick and easy way to build blogging platforms instantly.

Key features:

  • Mobile Responsive – You can preview a smartphone or a laptop on your blog sites. It also provides highly personalized mobile device-compatible themes.
  • Royalty-Free Images – Constant Contact offers royalty-free blogging platforms integration of Unsplash images. Users can, therefore, use free images from a comprehensive image repository for their blog sites.


  • The digital, digital and physical products can be integrated into an online store free of any charge.
  • The option is to edit, add a link or change web page images via Unsplash. It is also possible.
  • The AI engine automatically alters the blog sites look and sound based on inserted keywords.


  • Only three products can be sold online with the free version of this best blog hosting sites.
  • In its design department, constant contact is not so impressive.
  • SEO service is not excellent.


You get an underlying freemium plan. However, if paid annually, the programs of these blogging platforms begin at £6 a month.

8. Blogger is one of the entirely free Google-based blogging platforms. Google hosts the blog sites and accesses them from a subdomain. Users can easily set up the best blog hosting sites without technical know-how with a Google account.

Key features:

  • No Maintenance – Blogger covers all blog sites maintenance, including security, speed and other best blog hosting sites problems.
  • Robust Google Integration – Blogger is a component of the Google Ecosystem that enables you to export data easily.


  • Blogger provides hosting with blogging platforms.
  • Make sure the blog sites run quickly and safely.
  • It has multiple forums on which staff and other users discuss problems relevant to the Blogger.


  • There are limited options for customization with fewer templates and poor third-party templates.
  • It offers no support for customers. Users must use pages.
  • Too old and dull designs.


It is entirely free of charge and does not even offer payment plans.

9. Tumblr – Create creative blogging platforms are blog sites that combine a social media network with blogging platforms. It offers you the best of both worlds, which is why young internet users adopt the web so well.

Key features:

  • Dashboard – It offers a central panel that efficiently utilizes Tumblr’s features.
  • Multimedia sharing – Tumblr is excellent blogging platforms for sharing images and videos. You can build and share a post easily.


  • All of its features, including messaging, design and settings, allow users to post blogs quickly.
  • In addition to HTML customization, users can use their healthy topic bank to adopt the blog’s appearance and feel.
  • You may use it on different subjects for entertainment and debate.


  • The rights of ownership of the content only extend to Tumblr.
  • Good topics are coming at high prices.
  • These are not complete blog sites that you can use.


Although it comes free of charge, you have to pay for more advanced themes.

10. Medium has emerged as one of the best blog hosting sites for bloggers in recent years. Founded in 2012 by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Medium has developed into a strong community of writers, journalists and bloggers.

Key features:

  • Story Option – A medium that allows writers to create a series of stories and tell users about upcoming posts to keep readers engaged.
  • SEO Friendly – Blogs posted on Medium are ranked regularly at the top of major search engines. It offers URL customization and story description features to enhance the SEO of your posts.


  • Clean, user-friendly and non-dispensable is the editor of Medium.
  • Users do not worry about formatting the contents because they format the contents automatically before they go online.
  • On other blogging platforms, you can easily share your posted stories.


  • The analytics are straightforward and can not be incorporated into Google Analytics.
  • The design of their blog sites by bloggers is tight.
  • Only the number of guests can you monetize. Users can not integrate Google Ads or other solutions for their affiliates.


The Medium is free again, but you can get unrestricted access to all medium stories at $5 / month or $50 / year.


And this is it! Those were the best blog hosting sites we were able to find now. Blogging platforms provide various services with multiple advantages and disadvantages.