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To register for vote #India offline, a person can apply offline as well as online. Check the full process of how to #vote ind
To register for vote #India offline, a person can apply offline as well as online. Check the full process of how to #vote india here.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Different Types of Elections in the country.
  3. How to vote #India.
  4. The process of Voting.
  5. How to register to vote #India.
  6. Documents needed for the registration process.
  7. How to register online to vote # India online
  8. How to know if you are registered to vote or nor?
  9. How to cast your vote if you live in a different city?
  10. How to vote#India-Make your choice
  11. Some FAQs.


To understand How to Vote #india, let’s understand our country’s parliamentary system first. India is a federation with its parliamentary system, which works within the Constitution of India, and it is responsible for the distribution of power among central and state governments. The President of India is the supreme commander-in-chief for the defense forces in the country. The Prime Minister of India is the head of the political party with a majority of votes in the countrywide elections to the Lok Sabha.

Election Commission is the governing body that is responsible for conducting elections, monitoring, and administering the electoral processes of India. The information about every voter is available with the election commission, and EC ensures the safety of the electoral process.

Let’s understand How to Vote #India and the types of elections that take place.

Different types of elections take place in the country, and these are:

1. Lok Sabha Elections (General Elections)

Lok Sabha or the house of people in the lower house of the Parliament of India, where the members of Lok Sabha are elected by-election directly under the Universal Adult Franchise. Each Lok Sabha is formed for a term of five years currently Seventeen Lok Sabha has been elected by the people of India.

Every citizen elects members of Lok Sabha or the lower house of India’s Parliament with the election process. The votes are given to the respective candidate that they wish to give out of a set of candidates from their respective constituencies. The winner of the Lok Sabha elections is known as the Members of Parliament and hold the seat for five years.

2. State Assembly Elections

The State Assembly is a legislative body in the States and Union Territories of India, where the state assembly holds equal power in the upper house of the state legislature.

Members of State Legislative Assembly are elected by Voting done by the citizens of the respective constituency. The candidates who win from their constituency are known as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and hold the seat for five years.

3. Rajya Sabha Elections (Upper House)

Rajya Sabha is the Council of States, and it is the upper house of India’s Parliament. The Members of Legislative Assemblies elect the candidates, and the President of India does the nominations for the candidates.

Currently, it holds a maximum membership of 245, out of which the legislatures of the States elect 233.

How to vote #india

Voting is the most crucial factor of a democratic country as it gives the people the right to elect a government that is elected by the people and for the people of the country. You should know How to vote #India as the voting process can only be carried out if your name is present in the voting list. Voters can also get information about the polling booths, the contesting candidates, election dates and timings, and EVMs. A person can cast their vote only if they are registered with the Election Commission of India and have a valid voter’s ID.

The Process of Voting:

Understanding the process of Voting is as important as knowing How to Vote#India, let’s know the complete process of how to vote.

  • Polling official will check for your name on the electoral roll on the voter list and check the ID proof
  • Next official will apply ink on your finger and give you the slip and take your signature on a register which marks your presence
  • Deposit the slip to the third polling official and show inked finger and proceed to poll booth
  • EVM machines will have the symbol of the candidate of your choice, where you can record your vote by pressing a button. A beep sound will indicate that your vote has Hbeen registered
  • A slip appears in the window of the VVPAT machine which contains the candidate serial no., name and symbol which is visible for 7 seconds
  • In case you don’t like any candidate, you can press NOTA (None of the above)

How to register to vote #india

If you’ve recently turned 18, then it’s time for you to get active and get some official documents ready for your future use. Once you turn 18, you become eligible to get a voting card, driving license, PAN card (Permanent Account Number). Here are the eligibility criteria to register to vote in India:

  • the person is an Indian citizen
  • the person is above the age of 18 years
  • is a resident of the part/polling area
  • not disqualified to be enrolled as an elector

Documents needed for the registration process:

Till now, you’ve got an idea of How to vote#India, but the Voting won’t be possible without valid documents. Let’s see what all documents are required.

Valid ID proof is required to submit, and the ID proof should be any government recognized photo identification:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Student Identification Card

Valid Address Proof is also needed to make sure that the person is registered to the constituency that they belong to. The documents that can be used to submit as proof of residence are:

  • Bank/ Post Office current Pass Book
  • Ration Card
  • Passport

For age proof, birth certificate of the candidate can be provided with these documents.

To register to vote in #India offline, a person will have to Fill Form 6 in two copies along with a passport-sized photograph and photocopies of all the essential documents.

How to register to vote #india online

Registration could also be done online for the voting card; here are the steps you need to know for online registration and how to vote #India. To apply for registration for a voting card online, follow these steps:

1. Go to National Voter’s Service Portal

2. Select ‘Apply Online for Registration of New Voter’

3. A new window with form-6 will open

4. Fill up the form and click ‘Submit.’

How to know if you are registered to vote or not?

Now as you have understood how to vote #India, we should get the knowledge of checking whether you are registered in to vote or not

for checking if you are registered or not you can visit:

  • If your name is there on the list, then you are eligible to vote.
  • If your name is not there, you can register at

How to cast your vote if you live in a different city?

The right to vote is an unchallengeable part of a citizen’s right, which is subject to certain conditions laid down by the state. Here you’ll know how to vote #India if you live in a different city.

As per the Election commission of India, a citizen has the right to vote when the person becomes 18 years old and could only be enrolled at the place of the residence, not in a different location if you are currently staying in. For an updation in the information, you need to fill Form 8A, which allows you to shift from one area of your residence to another place of your residence within the same constituency.

As per Election Commission rules, a person cannot cast a vote from his native place just because owning a house there, and migrants need to register themselves at the place where they reside.

How to vote #India – Make Your Choice

Being a first-time voter can be a bit overwhelming, which often leads to confusion in picking the right party to vote.

Here’s your answer to ‘how to vote #India’:

1. Read News

Read news and be woke about the political scenario of our nation. It’s necessary to be informed about the happenings to analyze your perfect candidate.

2. Analyze the Country’s State

Staying woke is essential for every individual in this country, especially if you plan to vote soon. Analyze your country’s condition by studying various aspects of the country like the economy, growth, social, laws, etc.

3. Study the Governments

Every political party claims to bring the best to the table. However, we’ve seen how that goes ultimately. Study the electing parties and their legislative history to help study the government’s scenarios.

4. Take an Informed Decision

When it comes to putting in your vote finally, many will try to distract or lure you with schemes. However, it is necessary to make an informed decision about the same without being influenced by the rest.

Some FAQs

1. Can I vote online?

No, there is no was for voting online in India.

2. Can I check voter Id card status online?

Yes, you can check the status of your voter card online, if you have applied for a voter card online, you can check it at NVSP Voter Id card applications status page or can check at NVSP website.

3. Can I update my voter ID card details online?

Yes, you can update your voter ID card details online by visiting the NVSP website, scroll to the Correction of entries in the electoral roll and click on form8.

4. How to use Electronic Voting Machine?

Using EVM is easy, the polling officer will press the Ballot Button that enables the voter to cast their vote. A list of candidate’s names with their symbols is available there on the EVM with a blue button next to it, which on pressing the voter will hear a beep sound and would cast a vote.

Google Doodle tells people to vote, and everybody should know how to vote #India in Lok Sabha elections.

India is set to celebrate its biggest festival that comes in every five years, and everybody should know how to vote #India. The Lok Sabha elections 2019 saw Google Doodle encouraging people to vote and also how to vote #India.

The Lok Sabha elections 2019 covered around 543 constituencies. India converted into democracy in 1947, and it is the people who decide who would lead India. This is the reason that everybody should know how to vote #India.

Quick Bytes:

  • The voting of the Lok Sabha elections 2019 took place in 6 weeks and 7 phases.
  • The counting of votes took place on May 23, and Narendra Modi was chosen as the Prime Minister by the people of India.

Note: This news is around the time when Lok sabha voting was going on in April – May 2019.

Whatsapp has encouraged Indian women to vote, and they are now learning how to vote #India.

Indian women are emerging as a powerful voice that can change the face of politics. Since India became independent, the rate of women casting a vote was falling. According to a report, the percentage of women casting a vote increased in 2019 like never before, and they now want to know how to vote #India.

The report has also suggested that women cast their votes to a different candidate than their families. They want to know how to vote #India and that the parties bring some policies to combat the patriarchal structure.

What has caused women to cast their vote and why they want to know how to vote #India

  • After Digital India, women now use WhatsApp, and they are members of groups with 100 other members where politics are discussed with them without biasedness.
  • This conversation has made women realize the importance of voting, and this is the reason they want to know how to vote #India.
  • Social media has given women a platform to raise their voices, and even rural women want to know how to vote #India.
  • The turnout of women in the rural area to vote is 6 percent higher than in urban areas.

Note: This report is around the time of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, which took place in May 2019.

How to find the candidate’s name?

When a person wants to cast a vote and know how to vote #India, he should firstly start with knowing the name of the candidates who are contesting the elections.

Before knowing how to vote #India, know the names of the candidates by the following two ways given below

How to use EVM when knowing how to vote #India?

How to vote #India

EVM stands for Electronic Voting Machine. The main thing that you know in how to vote #India is how to use EVM. Before knowing how to vote #India through EVM, you should first have the basic knowledge of the candidate you want to know and which party he belongs to and the symbol of that political party.

You can easily know how to vote  #India, and voting thorough EVM is very easy. You need to click the button against the candidate of your name, and your vote will be cast. EVM has always been in the news for being untrustworthy. Due to this reason, the Election Commission has introduced a new method, VVPAT, where you can verify if you have cast your vote correctly or not.


Which are all the identity cards allowed in how to vote #India?

You can carry the below-mentioned identity card while going how to vote #India

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • Pan card
  • Passbook with photograph issued by Banks
  • MREGA job card
  • Pension document with a photograph
  • Aadhar card

Note: Photo voter slip will not be accepted as a single identification document for voting.

How to search your name in the electoral roll when knowing how to vote #India?

One of the most important things that you should know in how to vote #India is that everybody above 18 years is not the only requisite to vote. Only those people can vote whose name is in the Electoral Roll.

To search your name in Electrol roll and know how to vote #India, remember the following steps

  • Use the Electrol’s Photo Identity Card [EPIC] number.
  • You can even search by your name in Electoral Roll.
  • Electrol Roll will contain the details of the Polling station and all the basic information of the voter.

Is my name in the voter list when knowing how to vote #India?

If you want to know how to vote #India and also want to know if your name is in the voter list, then follow this below mentioned steps

  • Click on this link
  • Search your name by giving you the EPIC number
  • You can even search by filling in your basic details.

What age proofs document are allowed in how to vote #India?

If you want to know how to vote  #India, then you should know that if you are above 18 years old, then only you can cast a vote. The following document is required for your age proof

  • Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authorities
  • Birth certificates issued by the school last attended by the voter
  • Pan card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Marksheet of class 8, 5 or 10, if they contain the Date of Birth of the voter

Note: You need to carry any one of the documents mentioned above for your age verification.

What residence proofs are allowed in how to vote #India?

In knowing how to vote  #India, you should also know that you need to carry your residence proof as well. Following are the documents that will work as the residence proof

  • Bank/Kisan Passbook
  • Ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Latest water/electricity/gas/telephone bills for that address
  • Latest rent agreement
  • Income Tax Assessment Order

What are elections in India in knowing How to vote #India?

India is the union of states with the parliamentary system, which is governed by the Constitution of India. The elections of India take place to choose the Prime Minister of India and The Members of Parliaments who would lead India for the term of five years.

Election Commission is the federal body that is formed under the provisions of the Constitution of India. This Commission is formed to ensure that elections take place in a free and fair manner.

How to vote #India?

India is a democratic country, and the power of choosing the government that would lead India for five years lies in the hands of the people of India. So. it becomes necessary that everyone should know how to vote #India so that we can make responsible decisions.

Learn how to vote #India

Everyone who is above 18 years old is allowed to cast a vote in India irrespective of the caste, sex, religion, etc and that is why everyone should know how to vote #India. This is the reason that India is known as the world’s largest democracy.

Everybody should know how to vote #India as it is the mandate of the people that decide who would rule India. The citizens of India are the real individuals that determine the fate of India for the next five years, and this makes it is necessary for everyone to know how to vote #India.

Why everybody should know how to vote #India?

  • Government for the people, by the people, of the people
  • Duty of every citizen above 18 years old to vote
  • Decisions of leadership in the hands of people