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How KillerLaunch has become the best Hiring Platform for Startups

If you are looking for an array of startup job opportunities or a recruiter looking for your team's ablest talent, then Kille

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown undoubtedly wrecked India’s economy. During those lockdown months, factories were shuttered, and demands were low, with the unemployment rate going above 20%.

According to a report by GlobalConsultant, India is set to lose about 130 million jobs because of the pandemic, and at least 40% of it would be blue-collared. Fortunately, according to the latest figures, its unemployment rate has now fallen to its pre-COVID level.

While people were going under the crisis, KillerLaunch served as a seamless platform to connect the space between job seekers and recruiters in the market. In light of these trends, having such a platform is now even more judicious.

KillerLaunch, a rapidly emerging leading recruitment search platform, is offering an unmatched opportunity. It is helping Indian firms to hire interns and candidates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

KillerLaunch came at a time when #MakeInIndia has become the aide-memoire to help the ravaged economy. It flags the way for Indians to contribute to nation-building by adopting the #VocalforLocal push of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Being self-reliant is the requirement of the hour, and making the job pursuit more accessible and simpler is the initial move towards it.

India Should Use Indian Recruitment Portals like KillerLaunch: Himanshi Khurana

Himanshi Khurana is an Indian actress who mainly works in the Punjabi film business. She is primarily renowned for her incredible performance in her Punbaji movie ‘Sadda Haq.’ She also grew to fame after being a contestant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ season 13.

She solicited people to discourage the usage of services and products that are not made in India. She also informed the masses that several job portals in the country are not truly Indian since they receive international investors’ funds.

Simultaneously, she also talked about KillerLaunch, a fast-emerging job search portal that connects employers with potential candidates free of charge. Himanshi claimed that the job portal works in line with the concept of #VocalforLocal since all its investors and funding are Indian.

KillerLaunch: Disrupting the Indian Recruitment Market

KillerLaunch offers extensive job profiles to reduce the gap between job seekers and recruiters while also attempting to make India self-reliant.

While the on-going pandemic has hit most sectors, KillerLaunch is working tirelessly to turn the scenario around. The team is fully-pledged towards making employment seeking more effortless and accessible.

They are not only focused on helping potential applicants finding an array of opportunities; the platform is also dedicated to helping recruiters find the right talent for their team. It is worth highlighting that recruiters can list their jobs and internships for free on KillerLaunch with easy filtering options.

After looking at several job portals currently available, we have found some and another shortcoming, which is all covered by KillerLaunch. It seems like the team has created a portal that caters to all hiring requirements for any job seeker and employers in a single dashboard.

There is no denying that KillerLaunch is here to serve as the perfect recruitment platform to fulfill India’s recruitment needs. Their platform is designed to make internships and job seeing process a piece of cake.

The team understands that for a developing country such as India, one of the challenges every business faces is its active recruitment. There are times when job seekers find the application process too long, with many steps and hurdles. The issue is also the same for recruiters while posting a job.

These processes could be lengthy and tedious, with limited possibility for customization. We believe that the hiring process is not only valuable for applicants but for employers as well. And that’s where KillerLaunch has positioned itself robustly in the market with its uncomplicated, user-friendly interface and no distractive elements.

Working in a Startup

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, working on the right foot of professional life plays a primary role in shaping us for our future. The moment we step out the doors of our house, a new adventure anticipates us.

While some would prefer multinational firms or established corporates ready to have them, it is also a time for us to think about what would it like to work in a startup? Most of us don’t even think about it since we don’t know the silver lining.

Even though most candidates don’t consider going down the road but they really should.

Here are some whys to work in a startup:

  • Astronomical Knowledge: Startups are similar to freshers starting. It means that there is more learning while also getting a sense of responsibility since each startup members would look up to you to play your part in the company.
  • Girdled by Go-getters: Startups are nothing but a dust pile if their visions don’t separate them from other established firms. A startup work environment is filled with people who can see more than what meets the eye. And as the saying goes, ‘You become what you believe in.’
  • A Great Work Culture: Regard working for a startup as the best thing that can ever happen to you. Their work culture is for learners rather than that of a strict work area. Everyone there works together as if it’s their own and learns from every error they make.
  • More Exposure and Opportunities: While people encourage you to take every opportunity as you go on, it is quite difficult for candidates in an established firm. However, startups always embrace new ideas and would not ridicule you for your weakness. Instead, it offers you endless opportunities throughout the period you work with them. Startups are more than an office; they work closely as a family.
  • Reading to be Frugal: Working with a startup usually means that you need to work with tight monetary conditions. You can learn how to spend only as much as you require if you be in that position. And it is not a bad thing. If not more, it would make you more responsible and aware of the importance of money. It would also help you find different ways you could get things done. In short, it helps you become more economical.

Moreover, it is not always about how much money you make but rather about how much experience you earn. And if we carefully calculate these digits, it goes far beyond human rationality.

KillerLaunch: Making Remote Jobs More Accessible

After working in a startup, we give you another idea to give your brain an additional push after the rabbit hole.

At present, KillerLaunch focuses on offering an array of remote working opportunities across industries and sectors, considering the current situation.

These work from home jobs are already proven to be a blessing for young professionals and students who are at an edge to make a career choice but whose plans are currently on hold because of the pandemic.

The platform offers an extensive job seeker’s profile to close the gap between them and recruiters and enhance their recruitment chances. This unique feature encompasses candidates’ comprehensive profiles such as work experience, skills, tests, and courses, thus excluding the cumbersome process of formatting a resume.

While going through the platform, we saw that KillerLaunch is not only about jobs; they also have lists of great internship opportunities for students. We don’t need to tell you twice about how an internship at the right firm in the right sector can help students chart their career path while also offering an enriching experience beyond classroom learning.

While finding the right internship can be an uphill task, but it doesn’t seem to be true for students on KillerLaunch. They have a dedicated channel for interesting internship opportunities, allowing students to find the right fit from their homes without knocking on several doors.

It also has a direct chat feature where job seekers can connect with experts at KillerLaunch to get all their queries answered regarding the job opportunities, making their resume stand out, and skills set they need to acquire, and much more.

It is an open secret that often recruiters become more prone to appearance-based biases of resumes over skills. KillerLaunch aims to neutralize such biases.

According to KillerLaunch, certain studies indicate that recruiters only look at a resume for less than 30 seconds, and many potential candidates are rejected because of the layout biases. The team is looking to make the best of these seconds and offer a clean and crisp view of job seekers’ skills and increase their recruitment chances.

Other than that, we have found several new offerings and innovations on the woman entrepreneur-led platform to make job hunting more safe, fruitful, and streamlined. It is all to make India a self-reliant country. At the steerage of this all-Indian startup, their entire team is a steadfast believer in fostering local talent and business.

What’s in Bucket for Recruiters?

While KillerLaunch offers extensive assistance to help job seekers find several opportunities, it is also an instrument to help recruiters find the right talent. It allows companies to list free job and internship openings. Potential candidates can explore these and submit their applications with an easy filtering option.

KillerLaunch also allows job seekers to control can their potential recruiters see on their application and profile. It helps both recruiters and users save on time and narrow down the person best suited for the needed roles.

Similarly, recruiters can also shortlist, hire, or reject a candidate only with a click.

Moreover, KillerLaunch allows employers to post jobs and internship openings for free, check the candidates’ resumes, directly talk to them, assign them tasks, and hire them undeviatingly without any third-party involvement.

Employers can also straight search candidates by adding filters such as location, skill, salary expectations, experience, and previous employer from the Download CVs Section. An employer can also download the candidates’ resumes, access their contact details, and directly email them from the platform.

If you are ready to automate your hiring process and boost your organization’s growth, then KillerLaunch is the perfect platform for you.

Why KillerLaunch Can Be an Ideal Platform to Find Your Perfect Startup Job?

KillerLaunch is undoubtedly the platform that would help you get your dream startup job. It would never fail you as long as you are continually looking for startup jobs and internships.

Be it finding a startup job or starting your own, it offers everything!

  • Verified Companies: The companies registered on the KillerLaunch are always confirmed. It makes sure that all startups go through them before they could trick their users into any fraud. The startups available on the platform are on a constant hunt to help candidates find their dream jobs and let them flourish.
  • Opportunities on the Go: Users can find their perfect startup jobs and internships from anywhere at any given time. All filers available on the KillerLaunch will ease the entire process and allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. It is designed with every consideration and detail, so that job seekers never fall behind.
  • The Ideal Match-making: KillerLaunch offers the best match for a startup and a fresher. It is a match that would be impossible to find on any other platform. It offers jobs from startups of all kinds, from tech-savvy to a small business. Users only need to type in the field they wish to work and begin their hunt from thousands of startups registered on the portal.
  • Build Resume: KillerLaunch also offers candidates a built-in AI-enabled resume builder on the platform. Users only need to fill in certain details like their education, skills, work experience and create a resume in one click. The team believes that we can’t neglect the importance of an excellent resume to land an ideal job, whether it is a startup job or any corporate job.
  • Internships: Often, candidates find themselves willing to give something a try before getting themselves entirely into what they are not aware of. Don’t fret since KillerLaunch is here at our rescue. You only need to see the magic happening once you throw in the field you wish to work in for a startup. The platform offers thousands of startup internships that would make you bounce off.

It allows jobseekers to select their ideal jobs from a pool of different companies. An applicant can choose to go for a job listing according to his or her preference. Some of these jobs include Content writer, Freelance writer, web designer, social media manager, SEO jobs, and a lot more.

If this is all is not enough to persuade you, then we still got more.

Efficient and Reliable

KillerLaunch also allows its users to be transparent about their salary requirements to focus on ideal recruiters and job postings. All updates with shortlisting are available immediately on the platform and candidates’ emails to make no room for false hope and ensure transparency.

The platform list jobs in the sectors such as marketing, sales, media, and finance and offers extensive opportunities for online jobs both full time and part-time.

Considering the uncertain financial future, people lacking high-level job skills can take advantage of KillerLaunch job listings for typing and data entry jobs as well.

As much is required, KillerLaunch also has a blog for its users. They can find anything they need to learn about a startup job and internship there. They also regularly offer startup stories to keep up with the Indian startup niche and the job offers.

We have found that their blog has several articles, which can be very helpful for job seekers. There are articles related to what you should wear for an interview, questions asked in an interview, how candidates can prepare for an interview. All other necessary information is available on their blog.

It has led us to believe that with KillerLaunch, you would never miss an update about the startup world and everything there is.

KillerLaunch believes that people have become deeply worried about their job securities amid the pandemic. There are many people on the platform talking about job security and how bleak their future is. KillerLauch also observed that several people were not applying for new ones despite losing jobs since recruiters ghosts these candidates. And it can be quite discouraging.

According to KillerLaunch, it is high time for recruiters to re-evaluate their hiring methods, understand the talent importance, and become more empathetic.

Small yet significant step recruiters can make is to update the applicants on their status. They need to inform candidates whether they are shortlisted or rejected and be more transparent during the hiring process.

Meanwhile, candidates, on their part, can start focusing on completing their resumes and upskilling to scoop the right job.

Since virtual recruitment is still new for everyone, applicants shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions about the video interview, prepare for future interview round, the recruitment process, whether it is a remote job, etc.

Moreover, KillerLaunch also encourages job seekers to be more candid about their expectations with the employer and offered remunerations and ask them questions like how the company would help in case of coronavirus contractions, paid sick leaves, help with the medical bills, and such.

KillerLaunch also claimed that the onboarding situation has improved, and potential job seekers should start applying now.

It is also an excellent time to start applying for remote jobs. Even though the pandemic disrupted the professional environment, it has become a huge blessing for remote workers. Companies have now also started to understand that even full-time work can be performed remotely.

Take Away

There is no doubt that KillerLaunch is a revolutionary platform that provides an end-to-end solution for all hiring requirements.

KillerLaunch has made its user experience very easy to use and outstanding. It is a one-stop-solution, and recruiters don’t need to use or integrate any other software to complete their recruitment process.

Their entire process is well-structured and extremely swift since they have used only the latest technology to build the platform.

Both recruiters and job seekers can customize and manage their profile to attract the ideal candidates and topmost recruiters.

What makes it even more interesting is that KillerLaunch recently begins a partner program that allows candidates to become part of the nationwide influencer movement.

We all know that social media is exploding only as a communication and interaction means but also for marketing. It seems like the KillerLaunch team is making most of it. They pay their candidates to promote their services and refer their peers to join the platform and get exclusive rewards.

So gear up and get going with your startup journey with KillerLaunch!