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Work from home: 8 things you need to know about work from home jobs

Now that COVID-19 has struck, the standard working setup has been disturbed. People can't go out like before, and as a result
Now that COVID-19 has struck, the standard working setup has been disturbed. People can’t go out like before, and as a result of this, work from home is gaining popularity, and people seem to be interested in trying out this new “work from home” culture.

If you’re wondering what this new “work from home” culture is and whether you should indulge in it, don’t worry. I’ve covered all its aspects in this article- from what work from home is to online jobs for work from home or any work from home tips you might need.

With that said, let us begin by knowing it means first.

1. What is the meaning of work from home?

Work from home is a concept where employees can do their job by just sitting in their homes. One doesn’t have to physically be in the office, commute, or travel to the central place of work.

Many corporate setups have transitioned from their usual work to online work from home.

WFH abbreviation:

You must have seen #WFH #WFHDays #WFHLife trending on social media these days. It’s nothing but just an acronym for working from home. This is generally used on social media platforms or messaging platforms by youngsters.


Now that we know what work from home means let’s understand why people are considered a new normal?

2. Why work from home is considered as the new normal because of COVID- 19?

There are many ‘new normal’ during this pandemic, and work from home is undoubtedly one of them. COVID- 19 has put up many risks, and thereby, the government has been putting restrictions and lockdown throughout the country for safety measures. Hence, people are locked up in their homes, unable to go out for their work.

wfh new normal

We are still uncertain when this pandemic will end. After almost six months later, organizations started to open. A few people began to go to their offices, but many of them still feared physically attending their offices. So, many firms have decided to extend the work from home option for their workers.

This whole COVID- 19 situation has made a massive change in our daily lives. Schools are closed, you can spot people wearing masks all around, meetings occurring on video calls platforms like Zoom Meetings or Microsoft Teams, and the most obvious one- lockdown.

Work from home is not a preferable choice for everyone. It is vastly limited to IT sectors or any other corporate sectors. People working in hospitality, management, heavy industries, etc. can’t afford this.

Most organizations are afraid to reopen their workplace because even if a single employee gets infected, it might create havoc for all. So, companies are moving to online work for home jobs.

Work from home can’t substitute for the usual working hours, but something is better than nothing. Until the situation gets better, we can continue this.

In short, I’d like to say, work for home is the new normal until the situation gets clear. We can’t risk our family’s lives by daily stepping out, and no organization was prepared beforehand for this pandemic.

3. Why work from home is in demand?

The demand for online work from home is on a surge. There are so many benefits to it; you can’t even imagine!

I’ve listed some of them below:

Schedule as per your need.

You don’t have to work continuously in fear of your boss! Just take a break whenever you feel exhausted. No need to call your family members because they will be present with you 24*7. You can also have your lunch whenever you feel like and just be comfortable in your home environment.

If this isn’t sounding exciting to you, then I don’t know what else will.

Comfy clothes.

You don’t have to wear those tight formal pants and be dressed and presentable the whole day (unless you have a video call meeting). Just wear anything you like.

No more rushing to the office to be on time.

You don’t need to commute from cabs to cars to a bus to the metro or anything. Just commute from your bed to….. bed. Oh no, I’m not judging you! It’s cool.

Environment as per your choice!

Set up your table as you want. No more noise from your co-workers. Set the music you like. And be careful about your workspace ergonomics.

Save money.

Now no need to spend your money daily on commuting. No need to buy expensive lunch every day.

Just prepare your favorite food at home and have it. It’s relatively cheaper than to spend 700rs for just a coffee at Starbucks.

Get to spend more time with your family.

Talk to your significant other whenever you feel like, get some extra snuggles with your doggo, or just spend some more time with yourself! Self-love comes first.

No more daily crowds, traffic!

You don’t have to stuff yourself in between the crowded lifts or public transport—no more frustrating waitings at the traffic. Just perpetual peace.

No more office distractions:

Online work from home has a significant advantage: you don’t have to hear your co-workers fighting and shouting anymore. Just do your job in peace.

By looking at these advantages, who wouldn’t like to work from home? But still, there’s a lot you need to know. So let’s proceed further.

Now that we have covered all the basics about work from home jobs and their knowledge let’s know what the jobs are under it.

4. Jobs under work from home.

You must be wondering what kind of work I can do from home?

There are a lot of areas covered under work from home facility. Many sectors are giving a facility of WFH.

I’ve covered most of them below:

  • Copywriting:  You can provide business copies by writing them just at your home. It can be a part-time work from home, and you can earn up to six figures!
  • Data entry work from home: Most of the businesses needs data inputs. You try this data entry WFH without any past experience and earn nearly 10$ per hour.
  • Editing and Proofreading: These jobs are made for different revision process stages before publishing any article or writing piece.
  • Graphic designer: Most of the franchise needs an employee who can design their custom logos, ads, and websites. You need a degree or certification in this field to apply to a firm to do graphic design work from home.
  • Online teacher: Are you passionate about teaching? Or do you need a more lenient schedule as a teacher? Don’t worry. There are hundreds of sites and firms looking for candidates who are well trained in their areas to teach the students.
  • Programmer: These days, programmers are in huge demand. Companies need programmers to design their sites. So, grab this opportunity, learn programming and, apply for these jobs!
  • Social media manager: Many organizations need someone who can manage their social media handles and create an excellent marketing strategy. If you think you are amazing at this, go for it!
  • Translator: Can you speak/write/understand any language fluently? Then this might be the perfect work from home job for you. Translate documents, teach people and help the organization with this skill.
  • Virtual recruiter: This is similar to the interviewer, but you can work whenever you want! You’ve to screen the applicants, test their skills, and decide whether they’re suitable for the job or not. You can earn up to 125$ an hour!
  • Web developer: You have to design websites from scratch. There is a massive pay scale for this job. So consider doing this one.
  • Content writer: Do you like writing articles? Are you passionate about it? Then it might be the right work for you. This is a part-time work from home. Write content for the organizations and earn pretty well.
  • Blogger: If you’re really into a specific are like traveling, food, fashion, technology, or just anything and would like to write about it, this is the right job for you.
  • Travel agent: These agents book flights, buses, trains, and makes travel packages for their clients.

Now that you know about these jobs, it’s time to know if you should work from home or not.

5. Should you work from home?

There are many concerns regarding this question. It may be safety, convenience, or any other consideration.

I’ve discussed each of these criteria below:


It is not convenient for everyone to WFH. It can be due to the absence of any particular thing or an unsuitable work environment.

I’ve listed below the things you might need to work from home productively.

  • A stable internet connection: An absolute necessity! Online work from home is nothing without the internet. It is needed to make video calls, online document writing, or just anything! Be it a content writer, blogger, or entrepreneur.
  • A desktop setup: Yeah, you can work from your mobile phones also, but that will be inconvenient. Whether it be making your presentations on PowerPoint or spreadsheets, a desktop will always come in handy!
  • An organized workspace: An organized space will help you to work more efficiently.
  • Time to work: Just because you want a source of income is not a valid reason, you should work from home. You must have time for the job, then only you will progress.
  • Realistic expectations: Working from home sounds great, but your pay won’t increase suddenly! Things will take time and move forward slowly. Just put your best efforts, and wait for the perfect time.
  • Phone service: It is yet another essential part of work from home jobs. You need to make calls to your clients, boss, students, or anyone!


You need a solid qualified background to do work from home in some jobs. Like, you can’t do programming unless you’re a qualified Python or C++ programmer. But don’t worry, data entry work from home, and many such jobs don’t need any such specific qualification.


Every job calls for some new skills. But some of them are needed by every organization. I have listed them below:

  • Time management
  • Self-motivation
  • Leadership skills
  • Reliable and secure equipment
  • Strong communication skills


6. Sites to find online work from home jobs:

You can visit several sites online, where you can find your perfect job, whether it be full-time or part-time work from home.

Here are the top websites I’d suggest to you:

  • Killerlaunch provides you with the best freshers jobs, and internships relevant to your respective fields where you can use special filters to find work from home jobs, online work from home, part-time work from home, online jobs work from home opportunities, Amazon work from home, etc.
  • Great site to find thousands of jobs
  • Monsterindia
  • Amazon.Jobs: As in increasing demand in India, just visit this website and find amazon work from home. No special qualifications are required.
  • LinkedIn: Connect with people and find jobs.
  • Internshala: Find internships with work from home options.

7. Highest paying work from home jobs in India:

You must want to know what jobs provide high-income sources with the WFH facility.

So here are those:

So, match your skills with the job you like and go for it!

8. Tips for work from home:

If you’ve just started to work from home and new to this concept, the chances are that you might end-up overburdening yourself with work.

So, here are the tips I’d suggest you follow in order to gain maximum productivity:

  • Save Normal Hours: Plan a plan, and adhere to it until it’s convenient. Having guidelines for when to work and what to call a day helps many remote workers to maintain a work-life balance. That said, one of the benefits of a long-term job is, and sometimes you need to extend your day or start early to replace someone else’s time. If you do, be sure to end it up before normal or sleep a little in the morning to get it done. Automatic time tracking apps, such as RescueTime, check your adherence to your schedule. And they can help you figure out what times of the day you are most productive when you finish work. You can use that information for your help by setting your own hours to focus on your most important activities.
  • Create a morning routine: Deciding whether to sit down at your desk and start working at some point is one thing. Building a process that leads to a seat is another. What in your morning routine indicates that you are about to start working? You may be making a cup of coffee and taking the time to taste it before you start looking at your to-do list. You may be returning home after a run. It may be that dressing up (wearing pajama pants to work is beneficial for some, but a bad strategy for others). The habit can be much stronger than a clock in helping you get started each day.
  • Set Basic Rules and People In Your Space: Set basic rules with other people in your home or share your location when you work. If you have kids at home, while you work, they need clear rules about what they can and cannot do at the moment. Additionally, the fact that you are at home and let service people enter the house or take care of pets does not mean that other family members should think that you will always do it. If that’s the way you choose to split homework, that’s fine, but if you just take it all in stride because you’re at home, you may feel exploited, and your product may suffer.
  • Schedule breaks: Know your company’s policy during breaks and take it. If you are self-employed, give yourself enough time to walk away from your computer and phone. An hour of lunch and two 15-minute breaks seem to be the norm for full-time American workers.
  • Take Periods Completely: Do not change for a while during breaks, especially your lunch hour. You can simply launch a simple clock or a screen on the screen when you take a break. If you get back to your desk after only 20 minutes, go for another 20 minutes. To find out more about breaks, see how you can take a better break to grow your product.
  • Leave Home: To be safe and secure where you are during the COVID-19 outbreak, get out of the house, as long as you can maintain public confusion. The same advice applies to people working in traditional office settings, too. Your body needs to move. Also, fresh air and natural light will help you. You don’t have to go to crowded public places to escape your workplace alone (and maybe you shouldn’t right now). Just explore your garden or take a stroll outside.

So, working from the home can is a great opportunity. You are exploring something new, getting to learn new things, and, most important, getting extra time with your family. What are you waiting for? Go, find the job you want to do!