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MyGate: How an Ex Air Force Officer is helping to establish a simpler and safer security system

MyGate Founder - Vijay Arisetty
MyGate Founder – Vijay Arisetty

These days, security involves high necessity. With the expanding number of robbery and different infringement, it is very easy to feel hazardous in your own home. You might be continuously worried that someone might break into your house or steal something valuable. Even if it’s a house, office, or community, we all have the responsibility to make sure that our property is safe inside it. The best solution is to install a high-quality security system. You can also make use of various apps that can assure you of top security.

MyGate (1) is one such app that helps you to manage your visitors and uphold security. It can be very helpful for gated premises to keep track of the entry of guests and delivery executives. It was established in Bangalore, India by Vijay Arisetty in 2016. This intelligent mobile-based application can ensure maximum security in the simplest way. The design of the MyGate app was created by technology experts from Google and Oracle. Moreover, the founder also had experience in the Armed Forces, making it the most reliable application for your safety.

MyGate had opened offices in seven cities by the year 2016. As of now, they cater to more than 1.2 million homes in India across 13 cities such as Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai. They have also given training to more than 1.5 lakh security guards and thus made their jobs a lot easier. Security for gated premises is a multi-million market in India and MyGate hopes to redefine this whole sector through their technology.

The services offered by MyGate App

mygate app

MyGate login is a very simple process, and after you have completed it, the platform provides various extraordinary features. Let’s take a look at them:

  • MyGate app provides a domestic help service where you can hire maids, drivers, cooks, nannies, etc. You can view their complete profile on the app and thus choose who is best for your household or neighborhood. The app displays various ratings and reviews about them, which will help you decide.
  • MyGate also keeps track of their presence so that you can know whether or not the domestic help is present in the house. Each time you hire someone, they have a unique passcode based on their government ID, and they can use it to enter your premises
  • If you are giving them any items like food, clothes, etc., you can provide them with a gate pass through the MyGate app. It prevents confusion, and they can easily pass the gate without troubling the security guard.
  • If you are expecting a visit from a close friend or family, you can enter the information on the app, and the guest will receive an OTP. This password can be shown at the gate to make their arrival more comfortable.
  • The MyGate app also has a Security Alert feature which can be used to notify and alarm the security personnel. This alarm will be considered as high priority by them and can help to make the right decisions in emergencies.
  • All the staff working or visiting the premises can be given a unique password which can be utilized to access the premises. Even if it is any service providers or delivery personnel who are seeking to enter, they are given a passcode to check in or check out.

The Founder

MyGate Founder - Vijay Arisetty
MyGate Founder – Vijay Arisetty

Vijay Arisetty had been a dedicated helicopter pilot in the Indian Air Force before he decided to establish MyGate. For his rescue endeavor during the Tsunami in 2004, he achieved a gallantry award. When receiving in 2009, he had served the Indian Air Force for ten years and was also a Shaurya Chakra recipient. Vijay Arisetty found this inspiration for MyGate from air force stations where he stayed most of the days during his service. It had an elevated security system, and the entry and exit were highly guarded and controlled.

After he left his job, he observed that most towns in India had a very weak security system. Even though it was one of the most reputed gated communities in Bangalore, there was a lot of confusion and commotion at the gate due to poor management. The security officials were troubled by the constant calls on the intercom, regular visits of guests, entry of delivery boys, etc. They were not allowed to make any compromise on safety because it was the number one priority for people living in gated communities.

Team MyGate
Team MyGate

Vijay saw a lot of space for improvement. He observed that the system could be made much more straightforward for security officials as well as the residents with the help of technology. The use of a convenient mobile app would only bring gain for the whole system. MyGate was the solution he came up with. After consulting with a few talented friends, Vijay Arisetty launched the MyGate app in 2015. The COO of MyGate is Abhishek Kumar, friend, and ex-colleague of Vijay from Goldman Sachs.

MyGate Funding and investments


After the services of MyGate were initiated in 2016, they received funding of 16 crores from Prime Venture Partners. They conducted a series A funding in 2018 which helped to raise an amount of 65 crores. This funding was also led by Prime Venture Partners. MyGate used this funding to improve its technological features and extend its facilities to more homes during the upcoming years.

The series B of MyGate funding was conducted in 2019, and they received an investment of 56 million dollars. They hope to expand their services from 1.2 million homes to 15 Million homes using this latest funding. In May 2019, MyGate entered into a partnership with many online brands such as zomato, swiggy, grofers, etc. This enables them to make deliveries more convenient for the employees as well as residents. Though this requires some significant efforts in the case of technology, products, and marketing, the MyGate team is determined to make it happen. The primary investors were Tiger Global Management, Prime Venture Partners, Tencent Holdings, and JS Capital.