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Major Food Aggregator of India, Zomato, is proposing to deliver liquor in front of the International Spirits and Wines Associ
Major Food Aggregator of India, Zomato, is proposing to deliver liquor in front of the International Spirits and Wines Association of India.

Zomato Venturing into Liquor Home Delivery

After delivering groceries, Zomato is now venturing into the home delivery of alcoholic beverages. The giant aims to incorporate its hyperlocal delivery space to compensate for the low revenue generation from food delivery due to the nationwide lockdown.

Promoting Responsible Drinking – Zomato

zomato liquor delivery

Zomato understands that through home delivery of liquor, it can promote responsible drinking habits among people. The CEO of Zomato’s food delivery, Mohit Gupta, has mentioned the same belief in their business proposal. The company has sent the proposition to ISWAI.

The company is planning to target the cities which are less affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Allowing the home delivery of Alcohol would boost the low state revenues amid lockdown, according to the Amrit Singh, executive chairman of ISWAI.

Why is there a need for home delivery of Alcohol?

coronavirus lockdown

The Government of India allowed liquor stores to open up from May 4th to restart the country’s economy. However, many states are under jeopardy due to the massive crowd gatherings outside the stores to purchase alcoholic beverages. State Government of Delhi even took the steps like imposing a 70% additional tax on spirits to make it expensive for the crowd. Meantime, BMC has imposed a ban on opening liquor stores for a few days.

There are no particular laws which either ban or allow the delivery of Alcohol across the country. Though, many liquor trade bodies like ISWAI, AIBAI, and CIABC are reaching out to various state governments to allow the home delivery of such beverages. According to these associations, the government is under tremendous loss due to the lockdown, and the online distribution of spirits would help to refill the government’s trunk.

The government of Chhattisgarh has recently launched a mobile application and an online portal to deliver alcoholic beverages at the customer’s home. After the move by Chhatisgarh, West Bengal has also taken the initiative (Last Wednesday, May 6th) to allow home delivery of alcoholic beverages. Any person from the state can order Alcohol directly from the state-run website of West Bengal State Beverage Corporation.