Papers N Parcels: How a 13 year old’s startup provides same-day delivery of small parcels and documents within Mumbai

Tilak Mehta was just 13-year-old when he started his extraordinary journey and founded Papers N Parcels. The success of the Papers N Parcels shows that there is no age bar for doing something good for the society in the best way possible. This logistics startup aims to remit small parcels and papers in Mumbai for assured same-day delivery. Let's find out more about the teenager and factors that contributed to the achievements of Papers N Parcels.

The Founder

Papers N Parcels founder Tilak Mehta is a 13-year old teenage boy and is from the suburban part of Mumbai. He is currently in class 8th, and like any other boy of his age, he is studying at suburban school and complains about his father coming home later from work. 

Tilak has decided to venture into logistics at an early age after witnessing the troubles his father faced regarding travelling and commute. 


Papers N Parcels: In Details

Papers N Parcels (1)

Papers N Parcels (1) has dedicated itself to carry small parcels and documents within Mumbai city for assured same-day delivery. As per a statement by Tilka, Papers N Parcels is his dream, and he would work hard to ensure that his business turns big.

The company also has its mobile application for its functions. Papers N Parcels currently has over 200 hundred employees, along with more than 300 hundred Dabbawala partners. Together, they cater to at least over 1200 deliveries every day. 

As per a report, Tilak’s startup has a defined area for his operation, which is connected by the city’s train network. Papers N Parcels has its central hub at Dadar in Central Mumbai. 

Papers N Parcels handles parcels with up to 3 kg weight and charges approximately from 40 to 180 INR for each package. Dabbawalas manage the last-mile delivery for Papers N Parcels after finishing their daily duty. Each Dabbawala partnered with Papers N Parcels doubles as a courier boy, carries an android phone with him that is loaded with its app to take orders for pick up and delivery. Dabbawalas are excited with the association with Papers N Parcels since it is a unique concept and also gives them an additional source of income to fulfil some of their dreams. Currently, the company is paying a fixed amount to every Dabbawala partners. However, they are shifting the payment process to per delivery basis. 


The Idea and Inspiration Behind Papers N Parcels

Papers N Parcels founder - Tilak Mehta
Papers N Parcels founder – Tilak Mehta

According to the various reports on Tilak, he got the inspiration behind Papers N Parcels when he urgently needed few books from another part of the city. He could not get those books since his father came home tired after a long day’s work. That’s how he came across this fantastic initiative. 

Tilak went through extensive research and ran a beta test for over four months before he formally launched Papers N Parcels. Tilak received his initial capital from his father to set up the operations along with for the development for a mobile app.


The Current Scenario

Tilak Mehta and his startup Papers and Parcel launched in July 2018 made headlines after he won the Youngest Entrepreneur award in Logistics by India Maritime Awards -3rd Edition. 

Papers N Parcels has their official app where anyone can log in an place an order for their consignment. The company gives assurance for the same-day delivery if you place an order before 2:30 PM. You could also see the real-time updates on the movement of your orders, including the details of its handlers to enhance the safety factor. Along with the mobile app of Papers N Parcels, you could also book your order directly through their website. The company offers a direct customer service helpline where you could register your requests and complaints regarding services of Papers N Parcels. You could download the official mobile application of Papers N Parcels from Play Store as well as the iPhone App Store. 


The Success Story

Papers N Parcels

Papers N Parcels has created a digital disruption in courier service along with the world’s most efficient network of Mumbai Dabbawalas. 

Papers N Parcels allows same-day hassle-free and safe delivery facility while allowing the door to door pickup and delivery along with a userfriendly app. The startup caters to the requirement of people who are either in short of time or workforce resources. Papers N Parcels started his journey from collections of checks and other essential documents along with other items like specs, charger, reports, medicines, clothes and more. 


Future Goals

Papers N Parcels main

Tilak Mehta is set to break all boundaries set on traditional business models as India’s youngest entrepreneur. He is seeking to rebuild a business model that has an integrated approach for a business that combines both digital and marketing solutions to fulfil the needs of its customers. 

Papers N Parcels is currently targeting to capture over 20% market of intra-city logistics. PNP already has various clients, including pathology labs, boutique, shops and brokerages, and it is going to grow only more significant over some time. The startup aims to have a turnover of over 100 crore INR by the end of 2020. 

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Team Rucha Joshi
Team Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi, currently managing a team of over 20 content writers at TimesNext is fueled by her passion for creative writing. She is eager to turn information into action. With her hunger for knowledge, she considers herself a forever student and a passionate leader.

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