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Patiala based startup PUNJLA promoting and sustaining the craft of Punjab – Phulkari, and Jutti

Let's bring to light how Ankit Singla's startup brand PUNJLA is promoting Phulkari and Jutti to sustain the craft of Punjab.
Let’s bring to light how Ankit Singla’s startup brand PUNJLA is promoting Phulkari and Jutti to sustain the craft of Punjab.

India has a strong history of crafts and traditions, especially Punjab, with a rich tradition of art and craft, the richness of which is reflected in the handicraft. People of Punjab lay more importance in their artistry and details of work. The skilled artisans of the state produce a variety of crafts while the artistic creations of Punjab are acclaimed all over the world.

Phulkari is a traditional pattern of weaving, which means “flower work.”  has history etched in the culture of Punjab. Phulkari is intricate needlework associated with embroidering over the dupattas and shawls.

Punjabi Jutti represents the traditional footwear of Punjab, traditionally made up of leather and decorated with extensive embroidery, which is known worldwide for its exquisite design and intricate pattern.

What is PUNJLA?


PUNJLA is a startup brand based out of Patiala that focuses on promoting and sustaining the craft of Punjab – Phulkari, and Jutti.

PUNJLA Founder - Ankit Singla
PUNJLA Founder – Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla, alumni of pearl academy Delhi, started Punjla to exhibit the rich tradition of the craft of Punjab.

The company claims to have done jutti’s and phulkari for some of the celebrities like Naseeruddin Shah, Gulzar Sahab, Ratna Pathak, and Kapil Sharma.

Check out the official website for PUNJLA here.

The idea behind starting PUNJLA


While talking to TimesNext, Ankit told us that it began when he was helping his family friend for phulkari. Ankit figured that it was challenging to find Phulkari and artisans interested in working.


Ankit took the challenge to get to the grassroots level of the craft and started working on it, which gave birth to the idea of starting the brand Punjla.

Challenges in the outset

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

Ankit faced a lot of challenges in the beginning while researching and looking for artisan, Ankit found that the craft is on the verge of finishing, the primary reason being that the market has shifted to machine work which made it difficult for the artisans to sell handmade products. Ankit came up with the solution and started giving artisans his designs and paid them as per their requirements.

Recent collaborations and First Milestone


The company has recently collaborated with NIFT Delhi and Govt of India under the USTTAD scheme, where the company trained artisians in making jutti and giving the best in class comfort in Jutti.

The company considers its First Milestone when they collaborated with NIFT Delhi to be part of the USTAAD scheme, which was a big project at the national level.

PUNJLA – Growth and Vision

The company has flourished so well in no time. Ankit believes in the ideology that “If our artisan grows, we will automatically grow.” Punjla was started last year and opened its first retail store in Patiala and is planning to open another store in Delhi soon.


The company visions to teach more ladies the craft of phulkari in different villages of Punjab and try to give them livelihood with this craft.

Check out the official website for PUNJLA here.