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Savage comebacks to tackle your bitter days – best roasts and best insults [2020 Updated]

Here are some of the best insults and comebacks that will help you up your game and battle that darkness with crisp, clean da
Here are some of the best insults and comebacks that will help you up your game and battle that darkness with crisp, clean dark humor.

Everyone has their good days and bad days, but there are these ‘somedays’ that drench out your positivity and swells your irritability. I’ve been there too! One of the things that help keep up my spirits even during similar times is that of giving a good roast, be it savage or subtle, to anyone who tries to mess around. Dark humor might be trendy right now, but trust me, it is your real savior when you need to calm your nerves.

It is not only about your bad days, sometimes good roasts and squeaky insults come in handy while tackling bullies at school or work. Here we have compiled a list of the best insults, good roasts, and comebacks that you can use the next time someone messes around with you. There is something in this list for every situation, so go ahead and shut everyone up.

Best roasts & comebacks that’ll save your day

1. “People clap when they see you. They clap their hands over their eyes.”

2. “If I threw a stick, you’d leave, right?”

3. “You’re as useful as the wings on a motorcycle.”

4. “We were happily married for 3 months, but unfortunately, we have been married for 11 years.”

5. “The next time, I’ll knock you down instead of knocking your door.”

6. “Light travels faster than sound, which is why you seemed bright until you spoke.”

7. “I’d prefer a battle of wits, but you appear unarmed.”

8. “You are the reason God created the middle finger.”

9. “Someday, you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.”

10.” I’m not a proctologist, but I know an asshole when I see one.”

Gentle reminder: These best roasts and comebacks are not an excuse to be rude or mean to people but should preferably be used as a source of showing of hilariousness and should rather not cross the border of joke-istan and rude-pur.

Best insults from some of your favorite shows

We are what we read, see and hear, which is why we’ve also listed down some of the best insults and good roasts coming from some hilarious characters from Brooklyn 99 to The Simpsons. Here are some of the best roasts and comebacks:

1. “If I had a gun, with 2 bullets, and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice.” – Michael Scott, The Office

2. “I have seen wet shits I liked better than Walder Frey.”- Brynden Tully, Game of Thrones

3. “Well, the Jerk Store called, and they’re running out of you.”- George Costanza, Seinfeld

4. “Captain Wuntch. Good to see you. But if you’re here, who’s guarding Hades?”- Captain Holt, Brooklyn 99

5. “If I could give you that cookie back, I would. Nothing would make me happier than to throw it up, mash it into a cookie shape, and shove it down your throat.”- Nick Miller, New Girl

Well, to be honest, humor is an art that cannot be mugged up. So do not try copy-pasting these dialogues to your group chats. Instead, use it as a source of inspiration & try creating your own versions of it. Ahh… who am I kidding? Just go hand have fun with these best roasts, best insults, and comebacks compilation and give your friends and colleagues a reason to laugh on (or a person to laugh at? Hehe, don’t be mean please).

FAQ’s about savage comebacks & insults

1. How do you roast somebody?

Try saying, “Surprise me, and tell me something clever” or “I can hear the sea when I stand near you.” Try, if you want to focus on the appearance of a human, to say something like, “I hope I can dissipate you, and nature did,” or “You seem like an antecedent.” These are the best roasts.

2. What to answer back when someone insulted you?

  • Ignore that. Staying silent doesn’t mean you ‘re letting yourself be pushed around with the best roasts.
  • Say: “Thanks.”
  • Recognize the positive portion.
  • Discuss the head-on best insults.
  • Maintain your sense of good roasts.

3. What is the best insult?

An insult is a disrespectful or disrespectful expression or statement (or sometimes behavior). Best Insults can be intentional or accidental. Good roasts could be factual, but pejorative at the same time, like the word ‘inbred.’

4. How to take revenge from a jerk?

Although it may be tempting to avenge best roasts, which is terrible for you, the best way to get back on it is to ignore it and let everyone else see how stupid it is. Try to remain calm and avoid as many best insults as possible, because you probably want only care.

5. How to be rude to someone without being rude?

  • Realize that rudeness and good roasts are nothing new to you.
  • Stop the rudeness spiral.
  • Don’t take the best insults to your heart.
  • React with kindness to roughness.
  • Use humor to disarm a hard man.

6. Is it okay to tell someone to Shut up?

While there are times when you might feel it’s vital to interrupt someone when they’re talking, I think it’s the best insults to use the term, “shut up.” The phrase is a shortened form of “shut up your mouth,” and its use is generally regarded as good roasts.

7. What are snarky comments?

Snarky is defined as one who is cranky, snide, or sarcastic. The sarcastic and snide way of saying “nice haircut” is an example of a comment that would describe the good roasts.

8. How should you come up with a good comeback?

You need to respond directly to what the other person said to you, to make the good roasts comeback.

  • Decide which approach to take for best roasts.
  • Make a funny comeback that will make a person feel stupid.
  • Make an earnest comeback to halt the behavior.
  • Try to have a chat with her trying to get to the root of the problem.

9. How do you define a backhanded compliment?

A back-handed (or linked) compliment, or atheism, is the best insults which, especially when the abuse and condescension are deliberate, is disguised as or accompanied by good roasts.

10. What does it mean to be offended?

Feeling offended with good roasts like shame, guiding, and pride, and dishonor and humiliation belongs to what is termed ‘self-conscious emotions,’ which blows the image of the person and himself.