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Startup Jobs: A trend that is boosting employment in the new era

Let’s make it simple. Corporate jobs are the toughest to get in. Their range and angles would be like a close 98 to 100 mark, which means that they will only take smart on paper rather than go for the brain’s real deal. It is the old fashion; maybe corporate cannot sustain the number of brains they already have enough? Or either they cannot balance the weight of the proverb, “Too many cooks, spoil the broth.” Corporates have a standard and a count and in a population of 130 crores, among which over 230 million are the youth, consider the amount of talent that a force like this should be inspired to get into a simple corporate job. Even with all that motivation, yet the competition fights out across the same room. So, that is how difficult finding a job at a corporate could get.

Imagine those jobs that valued your dedication and information; your opinions matter too with a bit of logic. These jobs are a dream, aren’t they? Those dreams are the ones we call startup jobs. Startup jobs are in big demand nowadays due to the lifestyle and work ethics that can easily fit in. n the ’80s and 90’s any startup job in the market was only taken by those who were brave and, in fact, wanted to do something dangerous and big. These start-ups paved the way for the automatic rise of corporates that today stand at a trillion-dollar market like Amazon and apple. The start-up industry today is at a flourish. There are now 4000 plus start-ups currently active and running, and these are 1000 start-ups on the accelerator and incubation platforms, and these start-ups require people to grow these unique ideas into reality.

The Indian market has always paved the way for many such opportunities at the door, with only the reader needing the confidence to accept them. There are several to thousands of startup jobs and websites that can provide you the room to explore and improve your talent and grow the start-up you work for to greater heights. Job portals like KillerLaunch, Cutshort (1), Angel (2), startupjob (3), LinkedIn (4), Naukri (5), and many more other such job portals could provide you the job of your dreams.

Rise of Jobs and more for the sector

Since its inception in 2016, the Startup India initiative has created an estimated 187,004 direct jobs. With the number of related indirect jobs taking the total tally to over 560,000, the government has claimed. Startups create valuable jobs. The 16,105 Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT)-recognized start-ups have reported 187,004 jobs, which is more than 11 direct jobs per start-up. These start-ups’ total jobs are estimated at more than 560,000, with each direct job leading to three times indirect jobs. The figures are reported directly by start-ups and are not proven to be factual by the government. This job growth has come at an estimated cost of over Rs 2500 crore disbursed to fund start-ups. In 2016, under the Small Industries Development Bank of India, the Centre established a Rs 10,000-crore fund of funds to meet start-ups’ financial needs (6).

As per the latest government statistics, there was a 126 percent annual growth of jobs created by DPIIT-recognized start-ups as of April last year under the Startup India campaign launched in January 2016 by Narendra Modi. According to Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal, the figures have risen from 187004 jobs reported by 16105 start-ups, as tweeted by former DPIIT Secretary Ramesh Abhishek in June last year, to 422986 jobs reported by 34000 start-ups as of September 6, 2020. The funding with a corpus of Rs 10000 crore was created in January 2016 (7). According to Goyal, SIDBI released Rs 1320 crore as of September 9, 2020, of which Rs 500 crore was released in 2015; Rs 100 crore in 2016; Rs 431 crore in 2019; and Rs 291 crore in 2020. Also, under FFS for BE 2020, Rs 1055 crore was provisioned.

From around 24927 companies recognized as start-ups by the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade in November last year, the number of start-ups has jumped to 39114 as of November 3, 2020, the Startup India portal revealed. In its vision document last year, the Department stated that by 2024 it was looking for as many as 50000 new start-ups along with 20 direct and indirect jobs. The provision for 500 new incubators and accelerators, 100 innovation zones in urban local authorities, and seven research parks to help start-ups grow has also been mentioned. The rise in government-recognized start-up companies has boosted India’s entrepreneurship scenario and has become a vital component, but these companies’ contribution has identified a backseat during the Pandemic.

Positioning startups during the Pandemic

The Pandemic has damaged much work. The start-up sector has a definite story to tell. With many corporates and organizations closing down with the Pandemic and the number of jobs lost, the Industry is being trampled economically. The job turnover of millions of people has also caused severe damage to the post-COVID view (8). The way the economy is turning out shows how tougher it will be to get back to square one. The uproar of opportunities has a blemished view now. Thus, even the start-up sector has been impacted, but not that much. It still holds the potential to hire and continue business without the impact of the economy.

When the depression was hampering the economy, many start-ups grew due to the different tactics and ideas that wouldn’t have existed then. Similarly, many start-ups have grown and boosted their self-image and are now making way for better opportunities that could be shared with you to help them grow. The start-up sector is one sector that has proven never to slow down and continues to surprise the worst of the worst instances of time. Many start-up operations all over India require the best, and there is no time better than the current situation to get the best of these jobs (9).

The best startup job portals

Finding a job is sometimes tough, but as explained, it doesn’t get easier anymore with the best websites that we are listing here to boost your profile and resume. These job portals are not ordinary ones; they bring you the best, current, updated jobs that run out quickly in seconds. Over thousands of users apply across these websites, and only the best and punctual get them-

1. KillerLaunch

KillerLaunch-Find-dream-startup-jobs-in-India brings you exciting opportunities! has you selected for the career span of your life, from fast-growing start-ups to jobs at tech giants. In your spare time, you can find lots of jobs, internships to choose from, browse start-ups, and even create a valued resume for your benefit. KillerLaunch offers the option to browse start-ups and mark your career ahead. Go through a wide catalog of start-ups that could value your ability and talents. Choose between internships and jobs and get safe! The Resume Builder of KillerLaunch is algorithmically constructed to create a suitable resume for a suitable job. Your resume will now take the recruiter 80 percent less time to understand you with options that are so simple. KillerLaunch brings in opportunities and features for its premium subscribers, and it is worth the surprise. Now, get ahead of all of the news and emails that can establish your chance to a better job.

2. CutShort


CutShort is a portal that brings you the best and lucrative job offers you wouldn’t want to miss. With a daily update of over 50 plus jobs for every sector, this is one website that sticks out to help you cutshort the time to run about for a job. CutShort, a start-up on its own, helps millions of budding entrepreneurs obtain an internship and learn the sector’s ways and tricks. Run by a group of Indian tech geeks who strive to improve the platform every day. The job portal has also received acclaim from top brands and organizations like Aim, Hindustan Times, Times of India, and people. With the pricing feature, you can improve your chances of getting your dream job.


Startupjob has been receiving acclaim for its job portal since its inception. It also has been recognized by the start-up India website and has won awards as well. The website, too, has connections with the famous IIM-Lucknow Incubator. The motto has always been to improve the ways start-ups have been looked upon in India. Startup jobs have the most ignored ones, and they want to change that; thus, they encourage being interactive and interesting to attract the interest of job-seekers. “Funding & Hiring are the two most time-consuming activities for any start-up leadership team. Funding is also a regular exercise, but recruiting is a time-consuming process regularly. Without the right individuals at the right time, every business suffers. Therefore, recruiting for start-ups is difficult, tedious, and time-consuming.” Their website uses Artificial Intelligence and chatbots to help you get jobs quickly that match your interests.

4. Angel

Few things are more frustrating than applying to a business and going through the process to learn that your compensation range will not satisfy your requirements. AngelList enables you to line up your financial expectations adequately. AngelList makes it easy to find the appropriate data to force you to apply for a certain position. You can see how active start-ups on AngelList were long ago. You never know on other job sites whether or not they’re still actively hiring for a position. Limiting the company’s recent activity to a week or two will ensure that you apply only to the most likely firms to respond.

And about LinkedIn, you would already know how beneficial LinkedIn is and provide you the best opportunities.LinkedIn also allows you to connect to people who might be within the circle of start-up opportunities. The list goes on to endless with the job portals across the internet. There are several opportunities that one can try out. Needless to say that the chances of getting a job today are a pretty nasty ride, but with a job portal like these, you will never fall short of getting into a start-up and growing it to the top.