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The Story Behind Learnitude Technologies – A Startup Providing Digital Solutions to SMEs, Enterprises and other Startups

Let's uncover the story behind Saswat Kumar Panda's startup - Learnitude Technologies, a company providing digital solutions
Let’s uncover the story behind Saswat Kumar Panda’s startup – Learnitude Technologies, a company providing digital solutions to SMEs, and enterprises.

The Founder

Learnitude Technologies Founder - Saswat Kumar Panda
Learnitude Technologies Founder – Saswat Kumar Panda

Saswat Kumar Panda founded Learnitude Technologies in 2011. Saswat belongs to Bhubaneswar & he currently also has resident status in Malaysia as an innovator supported by MDEC, Malaysia. He has completed his engineering in IT from SOA University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha & completed an accelerator program from the University of Texas accelerator at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

What is Learnitude Technologies?

Learnitude Technologies helps startups, SMEs & enterprises with digital transformation models & provide solutions to help make digital shift. The company also focuses on health-tech as an area to work long term & intelligent design solutions.

Check out the website of Learnitude Technologies here.

The idea and inspiration behind Learnitude Technologies

Saswat was passionate about doing something of his own & this organization has been bootstrapped, evolving with the business model from generic systems design to intelligent solutions with global face in SE Asia.

According to Saswat, his inspiration was always from entrepreneurs across the world which is unmatched no matter where you do a job. According to him, it is quite critical to learn fast and evolve for being a real asset to the nation and society with a definite purpose.

Challenges faced during the outset

Team - Learnitude Technologies
Team – Learnitude Technologies

During the interview, Saswat told us that they failed the first two years miserably with the initial partnership but learned to come back strong.

They faced challenges in international expansion with limited funds, but their customers played a significant role as mentors to keep their trust in Learnitude Technologies to help them beyond just projects.

Collaborations and the first Milestone for Learnitude Technologies

Saswat also told us that the company keeps collaborating with many national and international partners for developing a larger eco-system in AI, Blockchain, IoT & product design as key initiatives.

The first milestone for the startup was getting its first international project from Singapore, and delivering it successfully. This was the turnkey for the startup’s sustainable growth so far.

The Current Growth Status

Learnitude Technologies is a sustainable entity now and is looking forward to diversifying its strengths internally for better expansion plans. A 10X revenue goal in 2-3 years is what the team expects to achieve at the current state.

Learnitude Technologies – The Vision

Beyond Learnitude Technologies, Saswat has been engaged with World Trade Centre as Honorary Convenor for Startup Innovations think tank, part of a Malaysian health-tech startup Satori360 for designing data-driven insights for prevention, Also chief tech advisor to – an AI-based startup from Malaysia & been part of research interviews in Malaysia as key roles. The idea is to expand their horizon, thinking with multiple platforms, thus bringing solid diversified leadership globally on services, products & R&D vision for them.