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TCS NextStep Registration Login Link (2020 Update)

Many job seekers intend to work in the IT industries in India. TCS Nextstep Registration Process is a massive opportunity for
Many job seekers intend to work in the IT industries in India. TCS Nextstep Registration Process is a massive opportunity for them.


  1. Introduction
  2. TCS Company Profile
  3. TCS NextStep Registration Login
  4. Current Job Openings at TCS
  5. What are the Features of TCS NextStep?
  6. Eligibility for TCS NextStep 2020
  7. Android Application – TCS NextStep
  8. How to Register at TCS NextStep Portal
  9. Why do You Need to Register Yourself at TCS Campus Commune?
  10. Which Other MNC companies You Could Apply?


TCS is one of the leading places in the market across the globe. They are currently hiring freshers and other experienced professionals in various filed. Qualified aspirants could use this opportunity by applying for relevant jobs at TCS career. Our article will provide you all the details you need to know to ask for TCS Recruitment via TCS NextStep Registration.

TCS Company Profile

Before you start registering yourself on TCS NextStep, it is essential to know the details profile of the company. Tata Consultancy Services Limited, or shortly known as TCS, is a multinational IT company in India. They consult and provide business solutions to their clients. The company is currently under operation across 46 countries. The headquarters of TCS is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, TCS is one the subsidiary of Tata Group and listed in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange).

By capitalization, TCS is one of the biggest companies in the Indian market, with 80 billion USD capital. It is also the most prominent IT service company in India since 2013 revenues. It is now the top 4 valuable brands for IT service across the globe. In 2015, Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking, TCS came 64th overall. It makes TCS as the leading and highest rank IT service company in India. According to the revenues, TCS is the 10th largest company for IT services in the world.

A division of Tata Sons Limited founded Tata Consultancy Services Limited in 1968. Initially, they started providing services to its sister company TISCO or Tata Steel, for punch cards. Later, they worked for the Central Bank of India on an Inter-branch Reconciliation hence providing bureau services to Indian Unit Trust.

TCS NextStep Registration Login

Candidates can find TCS NextStep Registration Links for recent graduates on its website – You could also visit TCS recruitment to apply for available jobs as an entry-level engineer. NextStep TCS is a useful portal for fresh aspirants who are interested in TCS recruitment both on-campus and off-campus across the country. TCS NextStep is the best place to find the right jobs for you as a fresher.

TCS conducts a recruitment drive for freshers every once in a while, both on and off-campus. NextStep TCS is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in joining TCS for their career. You can apply for TCS Recruitment as a graduate or post-graduate with the details provided in this article. TCS always welcomes applications from talented and eligible candidates; hence, grab these opportunities and register at TCS NextStep online.

Current Job Openings at TCS

Before you start your TCS NextStep registration, let’s look at the currently available vacancies at TCS.

  • Freshers
  • Trainee Engineers
  • Associate Software Developers
  • Fresh Engineers
  • Lavastorm Developers
  • Full Stack Java Developers
  • Java Developer
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • QTP/UFT Testing
  • QA Analyst
  • Soap UI, Groovy
  • Control System Engineer
  • Salesforce Professionals
  • L3 Linux Admin
  • Service Desk Agent
  • Helpdesk Quality Lead
  • Oracle DBA
  • SAP MM/WM Consultant
  • Filenet Developer
  • Angular JS Developer
  • Underwriter
  • Location Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Trade Doc Checking
  • Process Associate

What are the Features of TCS NextStep?

Below are some of the features of TCS NextStep:

  • Real-time notifications regarding registration and application status to candidates from TCS NextStep
  • A timeline format to track all the actions in the application
  • For TCS Off-campus recruitment, availability to download hall tickets
  • Candidates could preview and download their offer letters
  • Allows candidates to select preferences for workstream and job location
  • Candidates could preview and download their joining letter
  • Allows candidates to connect and collaborate with other candidates across India through forums and communities
  • Reach out to TCS with their helpline for all the application and recruitment related questions

Eligibility for TCS NextStep 2020

You will find two types of industries in which you could apply at the TCS NextStep portal. You will have to choose only one of them according to your academic degree while using at TCS NextStep. These two section consists of IT or Information Technology, and BPS or Business Process Service. The IT section is for Engineering, MCA, Arts, Science, and Diploma graduates. Whereas, BPS section is for MBA graduates. An applicant could only register with TCS NextStep under one category. If you begin your application from the wrong type, you may have to repeat the entire registration process.

TCS NextStep Eligibility for IT

A candidate can apply for Information technology at TCS NextStep if he or she is graduate from BE, B. Tech, ME, M.Tech, MCA with BCA/B.Com/BA/B.Sc (Maths or Statistics Backgroud), M.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc Information Technolgy. The job role you will get for applying at TCS NextStep IT would be Associate System Engineer.

The percentage requirement for a candidate for the application is 60% or above in class 10th, 12th, under graduation and post-graduation. Along with that, there should be no pending backlog when you are applying for TCS NextStep under the IT category. The TCS NextStep allows only up to 24 for months gap and only with a valid reason to their applicants. Any candidate with up to 3 years of experience could apply at TCS NextStep under the IT category. You could expect a salary of 3.36 INR LPA as B.E/B.Tech applicant or 3.53 INR LPA as M.E/M.Tech/MCA/M.Sc applicant at TCS NextStep.

Below are the branches of Engineering allowed at TCS NextStep:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Network Engineering

TCS NextStep Eligibility for BPS

A candidate could apply at TCS NextStep under Business Process Service if he is a fulltime MBA graduate. The job role you will get for using at TCS NextStep BPS would be Management Trainee. The percentage requirement for a candidate for the application is 60% or above in class 10th, 12th, under graduation and post-graduation. The TCS NextStep allows only up to 24 months gap for the candidates under the BPS category. Further, no backlogs are permitted, and any candidate with a backlog is not eligible for applying at TCS NextStep under the BPS category.

Below are the specialization required for a candidate to be eligible for TCS NextStep BPS:

  • OPerations
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT and Systems
  • HR

Android Application – TCS NextStep

TCS also has a career-oriented TCS NextStep mobile application. It is a platform where students could perform several activities associated with the recruitment processes of both on and off-campus. They could also connect to the Campus Commune, which is a social collaboration platform of Tata Consultancy Services Limited for academia.

You could download and login to the android application once you complete your TCS NextStep registration process. The NextStep TCS app works around the clock; hence, you won’t miss any important notification regarding your job application at TCS.

How to Register at TCS NextStep Portal

Below are the steps candidates could to register themselves at the portal of TCS NextStep:

  • Visit the TCS NextStep gateway
  • Click on Register NOw or Login button
  • Choose the category in which you wish to apply
  • Fill all your details
  • Click on Submit button

Why do You Need to Register Yourself at TCS Campus Commune?

Campus Commune of TCS is a place where students could interact with various peers and TCSers. Through this platform, you could stay informed regarding the company while also getting opportunities to discuss various topics of interest. Discussions are mainly on issues that range from technology to various recruitment and interview related queries. TCS Campus Commune also holds several contests in engineering, tech, business, and other relevant domains.

Hence, as an aspirant, it would be great for you to interact on the Campus Commune through the channels and know more about the insides of TCS.

Which Other MNC companies You Could Apply?

Below are other companies in which could register beside TCS NextStep:

FAQs on TCS NextStep

1. What is TCS NextStep?

The on-line recruitment platform of TCS is the Next step. It is meant for students eager to enroll in TCS NextStep. This platform allows candidates to do everything necessary to apply and obtain accession letters with different organizations throughout India and abroad.

2. What is Campus Commune in TCS Next Step?

Campus Commune is TATA Consultancy Services Limited’s leading student communication site of TCS NextStep. The campus interacts digitally with companies through various platforms, professional networking, and expert mentorship.

3. How to apply for TCS NextStep?

  • Open and click on Register Now.
  • Click on IT.
  • Fill the form and remember Password and Reference ID.
  • Again, log in to the Next Step portal using your Reference ID and Password.

4. What should I answer when asked, “Why do you want to join TCS Next Step?”

  • Say good things about the company like diversity, exposure, etc
  • Quote good experience of your friends/college seniors who are at TCS NextStep.
  • Other generic things like ethics work-life balance of the company.

5. Will TCS NextStep conduct off-campus interviews this year?

Please note that recruiting is scheduled solely focused on TCS’s business needs. At this point, TCS Next Step won’t be able to agree to off-campus drives. Please check the Off-Campus notification on TCS NextStep site, i.e., Visit here.

6. How to change my phone number on the TCS Next Step portal?

Please update the contact number in the application form using the “Update Application Form” tab if your status is the “Application Received.” Please submit an e-mail with the right reference number and use the “Ask me a Question” tab on the TCS NextStep portal.

7. What does “Candidate batched” mean in the TCS NextStep portal?

If the applicant gets “Batched,” he/she receives an offer letter from TCS Next Step. If you automatically add the offer letter to the next stage page, you will see the onboard form. The boarding formalities for enrollment must be completed for TCS NextStep.

8. What are the methods of applying to the TCS Next Step portal?

There are two forms of application: Applicants on campus and applicants off-campus. You are an on-campus applicant if you’re still attending college. Ensure the Institution is TCS NextStep-accredited. If you sign on campus and don’t see your college’s name (there is no choice here for “Others”), your college doesn’t possess the TCS Next Step accreditation. No need to worry, sign up with the off-campus alternative for applicants. If you can not find the name of the Institution, go to the choice “Others” (last option in the menu to down) and fill in the name of the Institution.

9. Is there any Android app for TCS NextStep?

You can use the TCS Next Step app to manage TCS NextStep Registration, Monitoring the progress of your application. You can find it directly by searching for “TCS NextStep” in the Playstore. You can still use the popular campus commune app. However, for improved user experience, choose the desktop edition of TCS Next Step.

10. What is the process after clearing the TCS Next Step written test?

TCS NextStep typically adopts the process of two round selection, which are:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Interview round

For the second round, any who clear the first round would be called by TCS Next Step. People coming from various backgrounds will be questioned about the topic of interest listed in the resume. So, on those topics, be clear.

11. What is the cutoff of the TCS NextStep written examination?

Until now, TCS Next Step has not announced the cutoffs for any batches. However, there are reports that the TCS Aptitude Test is focused on the division, that is, some are more cut off than others like Mechanical > Instrumentation > EEE/ETC > CS/IT. The TCS NextStep cutoffs are based on how many students have appeared for the paper’s examination and toughness.

12. What are some of the TCS Next Step interview questions?

TCS NextStep recruitment questions are likely to be posed in many of the engineering college campuses during selection interviews. TCS Next Step is the first coming recruiting company and a large hiring organization.

Some of the interview questions of TCS NextStep are:

  • What is your most robust programming language (Java, ASP, C, C++, VB, HTML, C#, etc.)?
  • Describe two different ways to concatenate two strings
  • Give syntax for SQL and ORACLE joins.
  • Write a program to find factorial of a number using recursive function.
  • In header files, whether functions are declared or defined?
  • How do you print an address?
  • How is modularity introduced in C++?
  • Difference between pass by reference and pass by value?
  • What are macros? What are its advantages and disadvantages?