The Unheard Story of Xero Degrees and Their Adorable Outlet at Patiala

Xero Degrees (1) is now an established brand that was founded by Kashish Aneja and his friend, Shivam Kakkar. Kashish Aneja studied marketing and finance after completing his schooling. He is a postgraduate in marketing. After having done his higher studies, he took a job in the finance department. While growing up, cooking was his hobby. There was always something about preparing food that he was tempted by. Soon enough, he realized that he would fit perfectly in a food-related setup. Thereby, within two months, he decided to become a food entrepreneur. He was so passionate about food that he opened a cute little café in Connaught Place by the name Xero Degrees.

“There were times when I used to distribute pamphlets in Connaught Place,”

says Kashish Aneja.

Xero Degrees Co-founder - Kashish Aneja
Xero Degrees Co-founder – Kashish Aneja

Since Kashish had a lot of knowledge about finance and marketing strategies, he applied all his knowledge to open a fully-fledged food chain with a lot of outlets. He set up a team of people from different departments like marketing, human resources, accounts, and the list goes on. Kashish himself is well versed with all the skills which have turned Xero Degrees into a successful venture. He has his hands-on cooking and is trained in numerous areas involving food and beverages.

He currently has his stores set up at three locations in Delhi, one at Gurugram, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Patiala. His entire team is working towards the goal of opening fifty more stores across India as well as internationally by the year 2021.

To date, Kashish himself manages all the designing parts, interiors of the outlets, and also the food menu up-gradation from time to time.  


We Serve Everything In A Jar

“I get around four to five queries each day about Xero Degrees which makes my day fulfilling,”

tells Kashish Aneja.

Xero DegreesXero Degrees has an unusual concept of serving food. The present every food item in takeaway jars. Be it pizza, cheesy fries or shakes, anything, and everything is served in jars. They have kept an American cuisine which is liked by all. We all have usually come across the basic circular pizzas, Xero Degrees, however, serve it in a heart shape. The little things like these make the customer feel surprised and bring a smile to their face. This is what the owner of Xero Degrees; Kashish Aneja looks forward to each day. They also have burgers of three different colors which too is a unique concept and is extraordinary. Not only is the food up to date but also the beverages. They prepare their coffee with the utmost delicacy. Expresso, Americano, Macchiato, Cappuccino, you’ll find and love them all.

“We are coming up with a new menu real soon with mouth-watering dishes.”

Kashish says that the upgraded menu will have a brand new concept called “double zero” which would have two drinks in one container. They will also be adding the main course to their menu like rice bowls and a lot more. He and the entire team are thrilled for the day when the exotic food items will be launched at every outlet.


The Unforgettable Experience

Kashish Aneja has been a food entrepreneur for the past two years now. He says the overall experience has been thrilling and exciting.

“We consider McD, KFC, Burger King as our models and we aspire to reach up to their level someday,”

says the proud owner.

He has the new upcoming stores at Jalandhar, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Dehradun, Noida, and two more outlets in Delhi itself. This is just the beginning and the bright future awaits Xero Degrees. Not just in India, they are also about to close deals in Brazil and Abudhabi.


A Sneak Peek Into The Patiala Outlet

Garima Johar (Team TImesNext) with Samriti and Sandeep Joshi (Owners of Xero Degrees, Patiala)
Garima Johar (Team TImesNext) with Samriti and Sandeep Joshi (Owners of Xero Degrees, Patiala)

“The store is owned by my wife Samriti Joshi, I just support her,” proudly says, Sandeep Joshi.

The Patiala outlet of Xero Degrees is owned by Samriti Joshi and her husband Sandeep Joshi. Sandeep Joshi has been working in the field of banking for the past twenty years. His wife, Samriti Joshi owned a primary school named “Mom’s Pride” located in Urban Estate, Patiala. Since the preschool demanded a lot of attention and care, they both decided to shift to something more productive. Their fifteen years old son insisted them to open up a food chain. Thus, they started their research to take a franchise of a reputed food joint. They traveled around in search of a deal that would suit them. After talking to a huge number of brands, they finally met Kashish Aneja, the owner of Xero Degrees.

They went to Delhi to gather some information about Xero Degrees as they found their concept and ideas really unique and innovative.

“We never got to meet the owner of any franchise we were interested in, but Kashish met us personally. He welcomed us warmly and we had a long fruitful discussion,” happily exclaims the couple.

Kashish made them feel so comfortable which inclined them to take up the franchise Xero Degrees even more.


A Happiness Filled Start

Xero Degrees

The couple says that they were highly impressed with the quality as well as the presentation of the food. They had never seen such beautifully presented food even in Mumbai. Thus, they finalized their deal in October 2019. They then designed the interior with a hint of sophistication and subtleness. After bringing up a team of highly trained and qualified staff, they opened up the store on the 25th of December, 2019. Unlike the usual food joints, Kashish sent a team of his professionals to train the staff members of the Patiala outlet. There are no restrictions on where to buy the raw materials from, etc which gives them the liberty to choose the best for their store.

“I have never seen a brand grow to this extent in just a span of three years,”

says Sandeep Joshi.

To their utter surprise, just in the first week, the sales went up to twenty thousand rupees. Although they faced a dip during the lockdown but now when everything is picking up the pace, their store has customers coming up and returning with happy faces and filled stomachs. The Freak Shakes are the most famous here. They are served in longed jars with a divine presentation.

The couple aspires to open up the basement of the store shortly. The seating arrangement needs an extension because of the encounters with familiar faces. Then Xero Degrees at Patiala would also book the basement for any private birthday parties or ceremonies.


The Journey Is And Continues To Be A Bliss

We are more than satisfied after choosing Xero Degrees. The owner is so humble and flexible. Every month one of their team members comes to the place to keep a check on their outlet. Usually, whenever an owner visits their food outlet, they book some hotels to discuss the happenings. Kashish Aneja, on the other hand, comes directly to the outlet, goes into the kitchen, and asks Sandeep Joshi what he wants to eat and he would prepare it for him. They are so glad that they chose Xero Degrees and nothing else.

They deliver their freshly prepared food on the outskirts of Patiala as well. Orders from the adjacent locations like Nabha, Samana have also been delivered which makes them feel worthy of what they are doing. Their overall experience with Xero Degrees has been fabulous. Not only the owners and the team are friendly but also the quality of the food served is ultimate. The unique combinations of food are lip-smacking. The feedback has also been so heartwarming and this venture has added happiness to their lives. 

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Garima is the proud author of "Color Outside the Lines - Let's double tap our imperfections". As much as she loves stationery, her poetry written in cute spiral notebooks does justice to them. She works dedicatedly towards eliminating the stigma attached to mental health adding the meaning to her existence.

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Garima Johar
Garima Johar
Garima is the proud author of "Color Outside the Lines - Let's double tap our imperfections". As much as she loves stationery, her poetry written in cute spiral notebooks does justice to them. She works dedicatedly towards eliminating the stigma attached to mental health adding the meaning to her existence.

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