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After a viral TIKTOK Video, unlicensed drone delivery draws the attention of Police

Amidst the critical situations due to Coronavirus pandemic, some people depend upon drone technology for the delivery of nece
Amidst the critical situations due to Coronavirus pandemic, some people depend upon drone technology for the delivery of necessary items.

Social distancing is a must these days. People cannot step outside their homes. Home deliveries and Online deliveries are gaining more attention these days. Another way of transportation that is making headlines is the drone technology.

However, in some areas, this technology is used for the deliveries of cigarettes and liquor. Such deliveries are unauthorized. As a result, the police are serious about them.

Delivery of pan masala in Gujarat’s Morbi

A case was recently reported in Gujrat’s Morbi area. Two people started the distribution of pan masala in the region using drones. Both of them shared a video on TikTok. The video went viral in the first few hours and created a huge trouble for them. Following the video, the authorities arrested them for this unauthorized act of using a drone for inappropriate reasons.

Police have started the probe against them under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 (1). During the inquiry, they discovered that the duo was undertaking illegal pan masala deliveries using a drone. As of now, the police have seized their Rs 25000 drone.

Drone technology helps people in the COVIDD-19 pandemic.

The times are tough. The country is suffering through an ongoing COVID-19 Crisis. The people are locked inside their homes. In such a situation, authorities are finding alternatives ways of door-to-door delivery. One such alternative is the Drone Technology.

Drones have proved their efficiency in the past few weeks. Even the government is scanning, monitoring, and disinfecting the areas using drones.

For this purpose, authorities are seeking help from Indian Startups.

For instance:

  • Indian Robotics Solutions is operating a corona Combat Drone (CCD) to disinfect several areas of Delhi. They are working in collaboration with North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).
  • Garuda Aerospace is applying its 300 drones and 500 pilots for carrying out pro bono disinfectant drives. They intend to sanitize hospitals and other public spaces.
  • FlytBase, a Pune and Silicon Valley-based company, is providing drone services for free to government officials.
  • Marut Drones is helping the Telangana Government for deliveries of essential items.