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Your Story: How to submit your startup story at TimesNext? Publish yourstory now

Have a great startup story and want to be heard by the masses? Submit your story at TimesNext for FREE and get a chance to re
Have a great startup story and want to be heard by the masses? Submit your story at TimesNext for FREE and get a chance to reach out to our diverse audience across India.

TimesNext is one of India’s leading startup news and startup stories platform that aims at informing, educating, and inspiring its readers. TimesNext strives to be the voice of the unspoken, the ears to the unheard, and the vision for the unseen via its platform.

Have you started a startup and want to reach the masses with your message? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. TimesNext offers you a chance to showcase your startup story in front of TimesNext’s diverse audience from across India.

Why Your Story matters to us?

At TimesNext, your story matters to us. Every entrepreneur has faced their own set of hurdles and challenges that make them who they are today. We would love to hear about the challenges and obstacles faced by you and your team while building your dream startup.

Share your startup experience with us, and we’ll form engaging publishing containing all the elements that make you who you are today. TimesNext focuses more on your story as n entrepreneur rather than just sticking to your startup or product.

About TimesNext

TimesNext is a leading startup news and startup story platform that provides its audience with the latest news and updates on the Indian startup ecosystem. We aim to serve as the ultimate platform for young and aspiring entrepreneurs to gain inspiration from.

3 Ways to Submit Yourstory:

1. Apply for TimesNext Super2020

TimesNext has enrolled its TimesNext Super2020 within which it covers inspirational startup stories of all the budding startups and entrepreneurs on its platform in the form of publication.

You can apply for TimesNext Super2020 by clicking here.

When you apply for TimesNext Super2020, you’ll be required to answer a few questions laid down on the form. Ensure that you provide us with the right email address as that will serve as our main source of contact.

2. Request us via email

Another way that you can get yourstory featured on our platform is by creating a Story Request via email at our official email address Simply create an email with Story Request in its subject and briefly talk about your startup story. Our team will contact you shortly with further questions on the publication.

3. Message us on our Facebook page

Social media is used as a source of communication by many, while businesses majorly depend on other official methods of communication. However, we believe that when a story holds passion, it needs to be heard. You can reach out on TimesNext’s official Facebook page to get your story featured on our platform.

YourStory at TimesNext – We’ll Publish Your Story

Publish yourstory now

We want to know your story and your journey behind starting your startup. Startup stories at TimesNext are specially curated with the purpose of inspiring startup aspirants.

Yourstory will not only be featured on our main website but will also be shared amongst our masses throughout our social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What is YourStory & Why it Matters?

Tell us yourstory of overcoming the hindrances and backlashes that came your way while you were placing the building blocks of your business in place. Each journey has some ups and downs, but what matters is the intention of going on despite facing the struggles.

Yourstory matters! Take us through your trail of success while we note down to form the perfect publication so that yourstory reaches the masses and gets the recognition it deserves.

How do you start a startup?

Starting a startup involves a number of elaborate steps necessary to build yourstory as a successful entrepreneur.

Some of the necessary steps involved:

  • Bringing up ideas
  • Do market research
  • Creating a business plan
  • Gathering funds
  • Building a dream team
  • Find a location
  • Develop your product
  • Market it
  • Expand

You read more about starting a startup in India here.

How does your story make money?

At TimesNext, we support young businesses who’re trying to fit in the startup economy. To be clear, yourstory does not make you money directly through the publication. Rather, investors and angel funders can approach team TimesNext if they see a potential startup story and want to fund the startup for the same.

How to tell your professional story?

It’s easy to tell your professional story to the world. You can tell yourstory as a professional or as an entrepreneur at TimesNext in a few simple steps.

To tell yourstory as a professional:

  • Go to TimesNext’s homepage
  • Scroll down and click on Apply Now in the TimesNext Super2020 box
  • Fill up the form
  • The team at TimesNext will approach you with a bunch of questions
  • Provide descriptive answers to the questions so that a good publication for yourstory can be formed.

How do we build up yourstory?

TimesNext, a leading startup news and startup stories platform, mainly focusses on telling your story and your journey as an entrepreneur to the audience. While the piece does talk about the business model of your startup and so on, it aims at disseminating your story through the step by step process you went through when building your business.

How to Submit Your Story or Your Startup Story at TimesNext

Follow the steps given below to submit your story at TimesNext for free:

  1. Prepare an email with ‘Startup Story Request’ as the subject and a brief summary of what your startup does along with your contact details.
  2. Drop the mail at
  3. Our team will reach you within a few days with a set of questions in your mail
  4. Answer the questions with reference to your startup story and your journey
  5. Submit the answers as an attachment or in the email itself
  6. Don’t forget to send in some high-quality professional pictures of you and your team to be included in the publication
  7. Sit back and relax while we curate yourstory
  8. You’ll receive a mail as soon your story is published on our platform along with the link
  9. You can share your startup story with your near and dear ones by sharing the post via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Note: You can also fill-up the form directly by clicking here.

We at TimesNext are driven to serve as the ultimate platform for entrepreneurs and startups. If you’re an Apple iOS app founder and are looking for an opportunity to get the story of your journey to reach the masses, TimesNext is a perfect platform for you!

  • GroupMe
  • Discord
  • Google

Click here to get yourstory as an Apple iOS founder featured.

Let the Masses Know About YourStory of Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers are often mistaken to have a simple job of plainly posting content on Instagram. However, we understand that a lot of effort goes on behind the scenes. Tell us yourstory on the challenges you faced and face each day to become what you are today. We’ll write it in ink, and the words will be yours.

  • Amanda Cerny
  • Cameron Dallas
  • Jai Shetty

Click here to get your story as an Instagram influencer.

Instagram Yourstory to Us

If you believe that you’ve gathered a good following by building content for your social media blog, you can directly Instagram yourstory to us on our Instagram handle (@timesnext). This would allow us to review your blog before creating a publication on our platform.

Steps after you Instagram yourstory to us:
  • Our Social Media team will review your Instagram blog
  • You will then be given a set of instructions to get yourstory published on our platform

Broadcast yourstory as a Google Play app founder across the nation

Sometimes, we tend to underestimate our potential despite holding tonnes of it. As a Google Play app founder, you deserve to let yourstory reach the masses and influence the ones holding the potential to become the leaders of the future. Chin up, it’s your time to shine!

  • Clean Master
  • SHAREit
  • Skype

Get your story as a Google Play app founder featured on TimesNext by clicking here.

Apps on Google Play & Yourstory of building them

If you hold strong faith in your Google Play app and believe it has the power to change the world, send in the version of Google Play yourstory to us at TimesNext. It’s your time to showcase your talent to the world.

Once you send in your story of the Google Play app, you’ll be provided with a set of instructions to get yourstory published at our platform.

LinkedIn Personality, Motivating Professionals- Share Your Story at TimesNext

LinkedIn is regarded as the social network of the professional. It holds a distinct group of individuals hailing from a professional background who interact and engage to network for future work possibilities. Share your story of becoming a LinkedIn personality at TimesNext, India’s leading platform for startup news and stories.

  • Adam Grant
  • Susan Cain
  • Joel Peterson

Click here to let your voice reach the masses by getting your story feature at TimesNext.

LinkedIn stands out as the social media of the professionals, which is why it has a different target audience altogether. Here, LinkedIn influencers matter more than any celebrity or model. We are here to support influencers like you, which why you can LinkedIn yourstory to us to get featured on our platform.

Note: We recommend you to approach us on our official email.

Twitter has an overall monthly active user count of 330 million, with 145 million daily active users. Intellects and adults mostly use twitter within the age range of 35-65 as an alternative source of the latest news updates. As a Twitter influencer, you’re constantly under the pressure of providing regular Twitter friendly content with increasing user relatability.

  • Elon Musk
  • Rihanna
  • Joy Bauer

Click here to get yourstory as a Twitter influencer featured.

Tweet or Twitter yourstory idea

While there are multiple ways to approach us to get yourstory featured on the TimesNext platform, Twitter is one unique method. You can simply tweet or Twitter yourstory idea to us or even directly message us on our Twitter handle to get your story featured.

To approach via Twitter yourstory idea:

  • Tweet us yourstory idea
  • Send in a direct message briefly describing your story of becoming a Twitter influencer
  • Send a Story Inquiry mail on our official id

Your Story as a YouTuber on TimesNext

We are lucky to be a part of the generation when individuals have finally accepted being a YouTuber as a full-time job. As a YouTuber, you’re the writer, storyteller, producer, director, and actor of your story. Get your story of your journey of becoming a YouTuber featured on TimesNext, serving as an inspiration for young aspiring YouTubers.

  • PewDiePie
  • Whinderssonnunes
  • Like Nastya Vlog

Get your story as a YouTuber featured on TimesNext by clicking here.

YouTube Yourstory- Let your story be heard

TimesNext supports and appreciates the hard that takes to build an empire. Artists, in a way, are entrepreneurs of their dreams. They build a business around their talent and brand it the right way to become successful. YouTube yourstory and gain a chance to expand your reach with our audience.

Note: Artists like Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII, is one of the most excellent examples of a successful YouTube creator.

Yourstory of Building Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages can work interchangeably as blogs where the page provides content related to a particular niche to its followers, in turn of gaining a chance to earn income via advertisement, sponsored content, etc. Building a good following on a Facebook page requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency to build a faithful audience base.

  • Coca Cola
  • House
  • Linkin Park

It’s your time to shine and reach the masses with yourstory on TimesNext. Click here to submit yourstory.

Facebook Yourstory, Reach the Masses

We are on a journey to make this platform an inspirational and informative space for aspiring entrepreneurs and young talents. If you believe that your Facebook story is inspiring, it’s never too late to reach us out. Facebook yourstory to us and reach the massive audience base of ours by getting featured on our platform.

Note: The TimesNext Facebook community has over 2.6k organic followers.

Tip for aspiring Entrepreneurs–>

Do you explore Crunchbase for startup ideas to build your story?

The ideation stage either leaves us blank or forms haphazard thoughts in our heads. Explore Crunchbase, a leading website for gaining company insights and exploring what other firms have been up to, assisting in developing a thriving research base for building startup ideas for yourstory as an entrepreneur.

Why go for Crunchbase:

  • Gain company insights
  • Stay informed about funding rounds
  • Discover innovative companies

Crunchbase Yourstory of Starting up

As told earlier, Crunchbase is a great platform for exploring and getting into the company insights of your competitors in the market. Crunchbase yourstory as a startup to gain company insights and apply easily for coming up with funding rounds on the platform.

Note: Crunchbase is one of the topmost platforms for company insights, from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000.

Why choose TimesNext for your startup stories?

Multiple elements make TimesNext the best platform for sharing your startup story with readers from across the nation:

– It’s Free

TimesNext startup stories of new entrepreneurs and nonfunded startups from around India at zero cost or for 100% free. We aim at promoting the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the startups, which is why we chose to publish your story 100% FREE.

– Unique

Startup stories at TimesNext are specially curated with our team of experts that aim to elaborate your story in the best way possible.

– Thought-Provoking

All the startup stories curated at TimesNext are created to raise questions in the mind of its readers, thereby increasing their thought-provoking process.

– Inspiration

TimesNext serves as a source of inspiration for several of its aspiring entrepreneurs and startup ventures, giving them a head start, mentally.

Frequently Asked Your Story Questions:

1. What is the main focus of what’s your story?

The main focus of ‘what’s your story‘ is to create a publication that people can read and get inspired from. People are always curious to know what went behind building a brand or a startup, for both the company and the founder. Tell us about the challenges you faced while working on your startup, and we’ll communicate the bit to the masses.

2. What’s the point of a story?

The entire point of creating a story is to relay the experience of an event that leads the protagonist to follow a specific path on his journey. It’s all about experiencing the emotions and reasons for the event while drawing lessons from it for your own good.

3. How do you answer tell me my story?

When telling someone your story, be it professionally or personally, ensure that you go through the ey challenges and events that led you to a certain destination. The audience should be hooked to your content, so talk both about the negative and the positives of your life that make you who you are today.

4. How to become a write at TimesNext?

To become a writer at TimesNext, you can simply apply for the job and internship opening available at Once your resume has been shortlisted, our team will contact you for the next interview rounds leading to the final selection.