Your Story: How to submit your startup story at TimesNext? Publish yourstory now

Have a great startup story and want to be heard by the masses? Submit your story at TimesNext for FREE and get a chance to reach out to our diverse audience across India.

TimesNext is one of India’s leading startup news and startup stories platform that aims at informing, educating, and inspiring its readers. TimesNext strives to be the voice of the unspoken, the ears to the unheard, and the vision for the unseen via its platform. 

Have you started a startup and want to reach the masses with your message? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. TimesNext offers you a chance to showcase your startup story in front of TimesNext’s diverse audience from across India. 


YourStory at TimesNext

We want to know your story and your journey behind starting your startup. Startup stories at TimesNext are specially curated with the purpose of inspiring startup aspirants.

Yourstory will not only be featured on our main website but will also be shared amongst our masses throughout our social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Why choose TimesNext for your startup stories?

Multiple elements make TimesNext the best platform for sharing your startup story with readers from across the nation:

– 100% Free 

TimesNext startup stories of entrepreneurs and startups from around India at zero cost or for 100% free. We aim at promoting the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the startups, which is why we chose to publish your story 100% FREE.


– Unique

Startup stories at TimesNext are specially curated with our team of experts that aim to elaborate your story in the best way possible.


– Thought-Provoking

All the startup stories curated at TimesNext are created to raise questions in the mind of its readers, thereby increasing their thought-provoking process.


– Inspiration

TimesNext serves as a source of inspiration for several of its aspiring entrepreneurs and startup ventures, giving them a head start, mentally.


How to Submit Your Story or Startup Story at TimesNext

Follow the steps given below to submit your story at TimesNext for free:

  1. Prepare an email with ‘Startup Story Request’ as the subject and a brief summary of what your startup does along with your contact details.
  2. Drop the mail at [email protected]
  3. Our team will reach you within a few days with a set of questions in your mail
  4. Answer the questions with reference to your startup story and your journey
  5. Submit the answers as an attachment or in the email itself
  6. Don’t forget to send in some high-quality professional pictures of you and your team to be included in the publication
  7. Sit back and relax while we curate yourstory
  8. You’ll receive a mail as soon your story is published on our platform along with the link
  9. You can share your startup story with your near and dear ones by sharing the post via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Note: You can also fill up this form by clicking here or click on the ‘Submit’ button at the top-right side of our homepage, and we’ll reach you out soon.

It’s your chance to outshine on our platform and to apprise the nation of your startup idea and achievements in the industry. Submit yourstory at TimesNext today and give your startup the recognition it deserves. 

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