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5 Reasons to make a account right now

Make your KillerLaunch account right now and take a step into building your career through India's leading job and internship
Make your KillerLaunch account right now and take a step into building your career through India’s leading job and internship platform.

A significant chunk of the population worldwide is facing a troublesome time during the pandemic where everyone is forced to work from home to take the precautionary measures against Corona Virus through social distancing. Yet, this has made it next to impossible for students and other job seekers to find employment in a time where industries have come to a standstill, and the only ones functioning are completing their tasks by working remotely.

However, KillerLaunch, one of India’s leading job and internship portal, is offering both students and freshers with an opportunity to grab some of the top paid work from home jobs and internships at its platform. Here, we’ll be discussing the top 5 reasons why you should make your account on KillerLaunch today!

5 Reasons to make a account right now


1. KillerLaunch’s Aptitude Test- Win up to Rs 25,000

KillerLaunch, as it’s initiative to find talent from across the nation, has launched its WFH Aptitude Test with a winning cash prize of up to Rs 25,000. The 7-minute Aptitude Test comprises of a unique set of questions for each user, be it a student or a fresher. The winner would be rewarded with up to Rs 25,000 along with the #1 spot in KillerLaunch’s Top 50 Leaderboard.

2. Find paid work from home internships & jobs

KillerLaunch has listed down some of the best work from home internship and job positions with excellent remuneration on its platform. The job and internship search portal understands the loss endured upon by the young minds of the nation due to the COVID-19 situation. It aims at providing excellent employment opportunities, even during a time like this.

KillerLaunch simple and classy template allows users to search for jobs and internships easily on its platform. Its user-friendly interface will enable users to quickly glance and scroll to find employment opportunities instead of extracting the same from other career-related websites having crammed up job advertisements on its page.

4. Build resume easily

Looking for employment opportunities but haven’t made a resume yet? KillerLaunch’s in-built Resume Builder allows user to create their resume in a few minutes just by answering a couple of questions asked by the platform. Answer basic questions related to your educational qualifications, your skills, certificates, previous volunteering or internship experience, etc. and create your unique resume using KillerLaunch.

5. Check the company reviews

KillerLaunch allows its users to check the company reviews left by the current or former employees to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes working of a company. Find your dream job by searching for the right company to work for and have happy recruitment experience.

These were the top five reasons you need to make your KillerLaunch account right now. Not only would you have a chance to find and build your career by finding excellent online career opportunities, but you can also try your luck and test your mental capabilities through its Aptitude Test and win a hefty amount in addition to prioritized employment opportunities from the recruiters on the KillerLaunch platform.