Nidhia Sebastian

Nidhia Sebastian

Nidhia Sebastian is an English literature graduate who looks forward to a career that complements her passion. Her never-ending love for language has brought her to creative writing. Having an open he

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Nidhia Sebastian

Agriculture bill 2020: What are they all about?

Recent reforms As of late, the  Indian Government set forward numerous changes for an independent country. Tending to the country on May 13, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announced the “Vocal for Local” movement. It may have become the most powerful trademark the nation has heard over the most recent...

Nidhia Sebastian

How Video KYC is becoming the next big change

What is Video KYC? KYC or “Know Your Customer” is a strategy by which banks get data about the personal details and address of the clients. This procedure assists with guaranteeing that no one is able to abuse the banks’ administrations. The bank finishes the KYC method while opening records...

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