Coronavirus digging deeper roots in India – Cases cross 6400, Is an extended lockdown consequential?

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With each passing day, Coronavirus is digging deeper roots in India, making it more and more challenging to normalize things.


Worst Affected areas

  • Maharashtra is the most adversely affected State with around 1300 positive cases.
  • After Maharashtra, there is Tamil Nadu and Delhi with 834 and 720 cases, respectively.
  • The government is immensely focussing on testing to halt the further transmission of the virus.
  • There are over 1.3 lakhs of the blood sample tested so far.


State-wise list of the cases

  1. Andhra Pradesh – 348
  2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 11
  3. Arunachal Pradesh – 1
  4. Assam – 29
  5. Bihar – 39
  6. Chandigarh – 18
  7. Chhattisgarh – 10
  8. Delhi – 720
  9. Goa – 7
  10. Gujarat – 241
  11. Haryana – 169
  12. Himachal Pradesh – 18
  13. Jammu and Kashmir – 158
  14. Jharkhand – 13
  15. Karnataka -181
  16. Kerala – 357
  17. Ladakh – 15
  18. Madhya Pradesh – 259
  19. Maharashtra – 1364
  20. Manipur – 2
  21. Mizoram – 1
  22. Odisha – 44
  23. Puducherry – 5
  24. Punjab – 101
  25. Rajasthan – 463
  26. Tamil Nadu – 834
  27. Telangana – 442
  28. Tripura – 1
  29. Uttarakhand – 35
  30. Uttar Pradesh – 410
  31. West Bengal – 116


Endless Efforts of the Indian Government

The Central government has left no stone unturned to get back things in their control. But after the happenings at Nizamuddin, it seems like things have accelerated. Still, every possible job is being done for the safety of citizens.

  1. Several Hotspots/Containment Zones have been identified in the States.
  2. Entry and exit in these containment areas are prohibited.
  3. Schools and Colleges are also closed until further notice. The University of Delhi recently announced that the exams are postponed till further notice.
  4. The production of masks and gloves is in full swing. 
  5. The central government has announced a considerable amount of ₹15,000 crores for COVID-19 Response and Health System Preparedness Package”. 


Will there be an Extended lockdown in the country?

Today is the 17th day of the nationwide lockdown, but there are rumors about the extension. The ministers from several states requested the Central government to extend the lockdown for people’s safety. The state government of Odisha (1) has already reached the dates till 30 Aril,2020. they have also announced that schools will be closed in the State till 17 June. 

PM Narendra Modi is expected to announce his final decision on the situation tomorrow. 

All the people out there are requested to take all the necessary precautions to remain safe and secure.

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