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Influencer Marketing in India: India’s Top 16 Influencer Marketing Companies & Platforms

In this article, we have discussed the top 15 influencer marketing platforms in India that are helping connect brands and inf
In this article, we have discussed the top 15 influencer marketing platforms in India that are helping connect brands and influencers to work on building fantastic content.

Influencer marketing remained to be a mysterious term for people for a long time. Now, Influencer marketing stands as an established form of digital marketing, which is poised to be a $20 billion industry worldwide, with India’s contribution $75-150 million.

While the professionals associated with digital marketing and influencers are aware of the haves and have nots of the influencer marketing industry, others are pretty alien with the concept & functioning of influencer marketing.

So, if you find the question of ‘what is influencer marketing’ circling your head every now and then, this article is for you. Not only will you be learning influencer marketing meaning, but will also be going through the top 16 influencer marketing platform in India that are helping brands connect with the right type of influencers.

For example, InfluenceMojo is among the leading influencer marketing platforms that have worked with multiple companies and helped them build their brand from the bottom using the right types of influencers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

In a layman’s language, Influencer marketing meaning can be defined as a type of online marketing that focuses on using key leaders on the social media in a particular niche to drive your brand’s message to a broader market. Traditional methods of marketing include promotions in the form of an official advertisement to a broad audience.

However, in influencer marketing, you promote your brand’s products or service via influencers who get the word out for you, helping in the marketing your brand to your target audience.

Influencer marketing is a vast market that deals with multiple forms of marketing, including:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Influencer marketing platforms work with influencers hailing from different niches like beauty, fashion, sports, gaming, etc. An influencer marketing platform not only helps the brand connect with influencers, but instead helps them connect with the right type of influencer.

Also, influencer platforms run influencer campaigns either on the basis of a social media component, where the influencer talks about the product/service with its users or on the basis of content creation for the brand on their own.

What are Influencers? What’s an Influencer Network?

In India, people started getting involved in YouTube and social media as professionals during 2010-2015. It was a phase during which the influencer market has been established in various first-world countries but remained a fuzzy space for the new creators in India. India saw massive growth in the creator space on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Influencers are individuals who have successfully build an audience through their authentic content that brings forth a realistic connection with their audience. Knowing ‘what an influencer is’ forms a critical part of understanding ‘what is influencer marketing.’

According to us, an influencer can be defined as:

  • An individual that holds power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their influence.
  • An individual having authority, knowledge, position, and/or connection with their audience.
  • An individual posting content related to a specific niche with active engagement patterns and having a good following according to the niche.

An influencer network is broad, and an informal term used to describe the associations and relationships each influencer marketing platform has. Influencer marketing platforms provide the brands and companies with an influencer network with which they can collaborate with.

Similarly, an influencer marketing platform also helps influencers connecting with the right brands to expand their online business.

Note:  Influencer platforms focus on promoting the product/service using innovative content campaigns with the influencers.

Top 16 Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Here’s the list for the top 16 influencer marketing platforms in India that you can have a quick glance at before viewing the details:

  1. InfluenceMojo by TimesNext
  2. OPA
  3. Upfluence
  4. Plixxo
  6. PulpKey
  7. Mad Influence
  8. Winkl
  9. AspireIQ
  10. CreatorIQ
  11. Tagger
  12. Social Bakers
  13. Advowire
  14. Klear
  15. #paid
  16. Hypr

1. InfluenceMojo by TimesNext

InfluenceMojo is India’s leading influencer marketing platform that connects brands and companies with the top influencer network. InfluenceMojo is amongst the most significant influencer marketing platform in the country that has tied up with over 50k companies for promoting their brands via influencer marketing.

The influencer marketing platform has India’s no.1 influencer network, ranging from top celeb influencers to niche-specific micro-influencers. The influencer platforms help brands in creating quality & engaging content, leading to action from a consumer’s end, thereby boosting sales for the brand.

Here’s how InfluenceMojo helps in increasing your brand value via influencer marketing:

  • Amplify Sales: InfluenceMojo helps brand amplify their sales and boost revenues through the right marketing channels.
  • Build Brand Connection: The influencer marketing platform helps brands build a close connection with their audience at a root level, thereby increasing brand trustability.
  • Generate Quality Content: InfluenceMojo enables you to generate high-quality content for your product or service promotions at lower costs.

You can visit InfluenceMojo, the #1 influencer network here.

2. OPA – Influencer Marketing Platform

opareviews influencer marketing platforms

OPA is the new hit agency. With the lowest pricing and the biggest network of 50k+ influencers, it’s a favorite among digital brands. In less than a year, OPA has performed influencer marketing for brands like Lakme, Marico, Godrej, Wow, Plum, Sugar Cosmetics, Kama Ayurveda, The Man Company, etc.

OPA’s specialty is activating thousands of macro and micro-influencers at the cost of 1 celebrity influencer. Opa works with influencers on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Nowadays, they are behind almost every other campaign on social media that may seem like a grassroots word-of-mouth movement around a product. You can check it yourself on their Instagram @opareviews.

Here’s what brands love about OPA:

  • Low & Fixed Pricing
  • Standard Processes
  • Scalability in Barter Deals

Check the OPA site here.

3. Upfluence – Influencer Marketing Platforms

Upfluence is amongst the top influencer marketing platforms that allow small to medium-size businesses to find influencers and market their product/services via influencer marketing effortlessly.

The influencer platform has an affordable pricing level, which makes it accessible to all. The influencer platform recently launched two products – Facade, a social media search engine, & Publishr, an influencer relationship management system.

Upfluence holds a massive database with over 500million items of content from platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. Upfluence is amongst the influencer platforms that allows the brands to search and find the right influencers, matching their requirements, easily through their database. An influencer platform like Upfluence helps companies scale their business through the marketing strategy.

Here’s what makes Upfluence be amongst excellent influencer platforms:

  • Multiple platform influencer reach
  • Great influencer marketing tools
  • Affordable pricing models for brand & companies

You can visit the Upfluence site here.

4. Plixxo

Plixxo is another leading influencer marketing platform in India that has an influencer network of over 26k, with top influencers like Kritika Khurana, Aashna Shroff, Devina Malhotra, Juhi Godambe, Riya Jain, and Aakriti Rana.

Plixxo allows influencers and brands to register on its influencer marketing platform to find end-to-end solutions to their digital marketing problems. Plixxo serves as the perfect platform for brands and digital media influencers to connect and produce the most outstanding campaigns.

Priyanka Gill, founder of POPxo launched Plixxo, intending to connect Indian influencers with brands, thereby creating a great collaborative space for both. It’s amongst the few influencer marketing platforms in India that have micro to celeb influencers registered on its platform, therefore reaching out to a wider audience.

Here’s what makes Plixxo a great influencer platform:

  • Access for both brand & influencers
  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free way of running campaigns

Check the Plixxo site here.

5. is another great influencer marketing platform that truly serves the influencer marketing meaning for its massive influencer network. is among the influencer platforms that showcase a base of over 40k social media influencers & bloggers.

The platform has an ‘Influencer Discovery’ feature that allows brands to get an in-depth analysis of an influencer, and decide if they’re the right match for their brand. also won the award for being the Best Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year 2019. The influencer platform has some of the top influencers in India, like Avneet Kaur, Jannar Zubair, Ashish Chanchlani, etc.

You can also find a blog on the influencer marketing platform in which it talks about some of its best campaigns and more. The influencer marketing platform has collaborated with brands like Himalaya, KhataBook, Craftsvilla, Hike, Paytm, Joves Herbal, Sony Music, etc.

Here’s what makes an amazing influencer marketing platform:

  • Detailed reporting & insights on influencers
  • Amplifying campaigns
  • Creative strategy & direction

Click here to visit

6. PulpKey- Influencer Platforms

PulpKey is among the popular influencer marketing platforms in India (based out of India), that helps brands connect with the right influencers from their influencer network. Brands and influencer/talent managers can register on the platform and find creative collaboration opportunities for satisfying mutual goals. Pulpkey is a creative & technology backed influencer marketing company that has worked with the biggest brands like Amazon, Zara, TOI, Oppo, ByteDance, Kingfisher, Hotstar, Godrej, Taco Bell, Curefit, Nestle, and many more.

The minimum requirement to join the PulpKey platform as an influencer is that you must have at least 2,000 followers on Instagram and 500 subscribers on YouTube. PulpKey offers a mix of both managed and self-serve solutions to the influencer marketing campaign of the brands that offer you to allocate budget wisely. The influencer platform also aims at addressing the miscommunication and lack of trust between brands and influencers.

Some other great brands that PulpKey, one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India, has worked with are:

  • Bombay Shaving Company
  • Kent Star RO
  • Happn

You can check PulpKey’s site here.

7. Mad Influence

Mad Influence has a network of over 10k influencers and is amongst the leading influencer marketing platforms in India. The platform provides various influencer marketing related services via its site in the form of Brand Activation, Event Promotions, Social Media Campaigns, Content Curation & Product Reviews. The influencer marketing platform works with influencers from 5 major platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Mad Influence is among the top influencer platforms whose key objective is to bring together talents, content creators, influencers, and brands to work on amazing collaborations. The platform has a massive outreach of almost 10 million and has worked with over 50 brands.

Here are some of the categories Mad Influence deals in:

  • Automobile
  • Creative
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Finance

You can check Mad Influence- the influencer marketing platforms here.

8. Winkl

Winkl is a widely used influencer marketing platform in India that, realizing the power of influencers and creators, uses influencer marketing automation. Winkl helps in automating tasks and makes influencer marketing hassle-free for both the influencers and the brands.

It automates tasks like shortlisting influencers, creating and sharing content briefs, post reminders, payments, and performance tracking. This helps in increasing the effectiveness of a campaign by up to 4 times in less than one-third of the time & effort. Winkle has more than 12k active influencers on its platform, with a reach of 70 million people in India.

You can visit Winkl here.

9. AspireIQ (known as Revfluence earlier)

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform that allows brand & influencers to work independently. It works with Instagram and YouTube and has a database of over 150k influencers who have opted into the system. Influencers and content creators can join the AspireIQ tribe if they have a minimum of 500 likes of Instagram and 2.5k views on YouTube, after which they can freely register on the influencer platform and start working on collaborations with brands.

The influencer marketing platform has a unique tinder-like Quick Match feature that allows brands and influencers to match up for specific campaigns. Once registered, brands and influencers can use AspireIQ’s simple search tools to find end-to-end solutions to their problems. The influencer platform has already made over 500k influencer-to-brand connections.

Here’s how AspireIQ helps influencer network via its influencer marketing platform:

  • Earn money & build an audience
  • Discover new brands to partner with
  • Work directly with brands
  • Quick payments

You can visit AspireIQ’s site here.

10. CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is a tech-driven influencer marketing platform that solves the prevalent problems in the influencer marketing industry, including follower fraud, inflated reach metrics, and inauthentic influencers. The influencer marketing platform helps in analyzing over 1 billion public social accounts to find authentic creator accounts according to your criteria. Currently, the influencer platforms have over 15 million creator profiles indexed on their system.

CreatorIQ has worked with the top brands in the world, including Disney, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, Dell, & Ralph Lauren, and has a client base majorly comprising of large companies. The platform’s AI uses all discrete parts of any given piece of content ranging from image, location, mention, and even emojis! The AI assigns an Integrity Quotient, which allows brands to know how authentic an audience is or isn’t.

Here’s what makes CreatorIQ special among influencer marketing platforms:

  • Allows you to report beautiful
  • Search confidently
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Manage skillfully

Check CreatorIQ’s website here.

11. Tagger

Tagger is another great influencer platforms that track over 9 million social conversations, indexed, analyzed, and searched on its platform. As a platform, Tagger places a strong emphasis on data and offers all the features of an influencer marketplace and many more tools. You can search for influencers by applying filters according to the required demographics, to find more refined influencer search results.

Tagger is a great in-depth research-oriented influencer marketing platform that has established its place amongst the brands. It is one of the leading social listening tools for finding potential influencers according to a company’s needs.

You can check Tagger’s site here.

12. SocialBakers

The influencer marketing platform, Social Bakers, started its journey as a social media marketing agency, which later turned into a wholesome influencer marketing platform. Social Bakers collects data from influencers’ audience engagement, including data about bots, ghosts, and lurkers that reduce the value of an influencer’s account. The collected data is used by its AI engine to create a detailed persona map of the average target audience that you wish to market to.

You can either use its manual search to find influencers from YouTube or Instagram or use its AI to filter the recommended influencers by the SocialBakers from a pool of over 30 million influencers. The influencer marketing platform caters to the needs influencers, but it also allows brands to search for influencers across different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Some of the companies that have worked on collaborations via Social Bakers include,

  • National Geographic
  • Samsung
  • Walmart
  • Vodafone
  • Sony

You can check the Social Baker’s site here.

13. Advowire

Advowire is recognized as an elite influencer marketing platform, HireInfluence, that develops intent-driven influencer marketing campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences, & influencers. Advowire was created back in 2015 to provide influencer marketing-related services to its clients from the fully functional digital marketing unit- HireInfluence. It is now functional as a self-service platform for influencer marketing that works and collaborates with influencers from multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and blogs.

The platform charges for its services from the brands but however offers opt-in services to its community of influencers and creators. The subscriptions for Advowire’s services provide a free trial, after which the cost starts from $99.99 and goes up to $1,399.99 per month. It is amongst the influencer marketing platforms where content creators and influencers can pitch their already published articles and content to brands.

You can check Advowire’s site here.

14. Klear

Klear is among the influencer marketing platforms that believe ‘People Trust Influencers, Not Ads.’ The platform was created & designed with the purpose of helping brands make meaningful interactions with their customers via potential digital promotion activities and campaigns via influencers. The influencer platform’s mission is to promote authentic marketing effectively in the influencer marketing arena.

The platform was created by the brother trio of Guy, Eytan, and Noam Avigdor as a way of creating a smarter way to access insights from the social web. The influencer marketing platform has collaborated with some of the biggest brands, including Coca Cola, Adidas, Huawei, IMG, and Microsoft.

Klear helps you as an influencer marketing software by:

  • Finding
  • Analyzing
  • Managing
  • Connecting

You can check Klear’s site here.

15. #paid

Paid is amongst the many influencer marketing platforms, but what makes it unique is that it never shies away from traditional models of influencer marketing. It is one of the first influencer marketing platforms to target campaigns for a different section of a company or brand’s sales funnel. #paid believes that it is far more important for influencers to be creating exciting content while being a good fit for a brand than just focusing on expanding brand reach.

Brands and companies can use #paid to create and design campaign briefs that discuss the goals, scope of content, and ideal influencer type for the campaign. On the other hand, influencers have the option of participating in a brand campaign of their choice by reacting with ‘raising hand.’ Every creator who writes to #paid is heard, and they are accordingly picked to be a part of a campaign.

Here’s what makes #paid an amazing influencer marketing platform:

  • Quickly launch campaigns
  • Match with creators
  • Whitelist creator content

You can check #paid’s site here.

16. Hypr

Hypr is another excellent influencer marketing platform that initially started as a search engine based on the idea that audience data should drive decisions in Influencer Marketing. The influencer platform uses a data-first approach to influencer marketing, which has driven the founder and CEO of Hypr Gil Eyal to proclaim that Influencers are a commodity.

Hypr has a massive database of 10 million influencers and extensive demographic data about each influencer’s following. This, however, is not an opt-in network. They have a giant search engine scraping social media posts, determining popularity, and collecting data. The platform considers itself a ‘talent agnostic’ search engine.

The social media platforms that the influencer marketing platform deals in include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

You can check Hypr’s site here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Influencer Marketing in India:

1. What is influencer marketing?

The usage of influencers for the pursuit of corporate or operational goals is called influencer marketing. The most popular way of introducing influencer marketing to the fans and supporters is through an influencer to promote or communicate about the product or service.

They ‘re much like celebrity endorsements, just that an influencer doesn’t have to be famous for influencer marketing. You only need a dedicated audience to take you and your opinions seriously. But people really should be involved in it when an influencer speaks about a product.

Influencer Marketing has evolved with the rise of social media. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram encourage you to create a big following, whether they’re a painter or a bicycler. Because of the shared existence of these platforms, people collaborate to form groups around topics like interests. Businesses can enter such groups through influencers for influencer marketing.

2. What are some of the examples of Influencer Marketing?

  • Suppose, the business pays 20 aspiring boxers, famous in their region and on Instagram, to use it and review their boxing gloves for influencer marketing. They agree to do a video review where the boxers will use their gloves through all their challenges in the next year.
  • A financial firm is launching a new money-saving app. They contact over 100 influencers for different topics that could be of interest to your target audience (21-26 years). The app is given free of charge to influencers and encouraged to discuss it on their social media for influencer marketing.
  • A video game business is attempting to develop hype for their new release through influencer marketing. They are entering into agreements with three YouTubers and Twitchers with huge followers to play through their game in a series of videos to get people attracted.

3. How to start influencer marketing?

If you have determined that influencer marketing may be something for you, the first move is to establish simple and measurable goals for the project. It’s all too tempting to start tossing money at the major influencers to talk about your products, but it’s not the right solution for everybody to perform influencer marketing.

Consider the following to start influencer marketing:

  • Who are you attempting to reach through influencer marketing? What are you trying to reach? Is the audience target broad or niche for influencer marketing?
  • What are you going to achieving? Do you sell or elevate awareness of products through influencer marketing?
  • What criteria are you going to use to measure the project?

4. Why should I do influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is utilized; for example, you may like to increase revenue, bring further visitors to your website, or enhance your brand image. Purchasing choices are more frequently informed by expert guidance than conventional advertisements. As a result, influencer marketing produces double the revenue of paid advertisement and contributes to reviews that are up to 50 times more likely to prompt transactions.

5. How many influencers should I target for influencer marketing?

This also depends on what campaign you’re doing for influencer marketing. Hence, as a rule of thumb, we think that about 100-200 influencers are a decent starting point. That is a reasonable amount because such influencers can, in return, influence the broader population. When discussing global problems such as climate change, there are thousands of influencers who affect various people around the globe, so the urge is to seek to recruit even more for influencer marketing.

Nonetheless, we will also consider beginning at 100-200, as long as you can recognize various influencer groups that affect the correct blend of global and local populations. If you’ve already engaged the key influencers, try introducing others to the plan, but only if they have substantial community involvement for influencer marketing.

6. What keywords should I track for influencer marketing?

We’d encourage you to build a collection of keywords for your company and product range, including reputational concerns, including areas in leadership, thought for influencer marketing. You will also see how the influencer group or through another topic discuss them in pursuit of individuals. For example, you might add “Bill Gates AND education” in your search request because you wanted to learn if Bill Gates was listed in connection with education for influencer marketing.

7. How many topics should I analyze in influencer marketing?

You will pick the topics that better illustrate the product lines you want to connect with or show your brand messages in influencer marketing. When you have so many keywords, talk of putting them into buckets that better represent the main topics or company messages. You will have to run different queries if you have several product campaigns running for influencer marketing. For example, you might include a list focusing on the main themes of biodiversity and climate change, thus integrating all sub-themes and ideas inside topics (Environmental regulation, etc.).

8. Should I segment my influencer marketplace for influencer marketing?

The purpose you’d like to differentiate the influencer group is to consider what the various influencer marketing communities think and sync the message with the specific audiences. You’re not going to treat a makeup blogger the exact way you’re going to tackling an academic, for example. Segmenting influencer groups for influencer marketing lets you set up reminders, run analyses on various influencer groups, and watch how successful your content is in hitting them. E.g., actors and writers, leaders, motivational speakers, scholars & scientists, authors, and others that involve influent classes can be included in influencer marketing.

9. How to measure the ROI on influencer marketing?

You will first calculate the Cost of Investment (COI) before calculating the ROI on influencer marketing. This can differ due to the campaign reach. You would have to pay the expenses of analysts and create influencer services, including free samples of merchandise for key players and target audience, as well as money expended on content development and social network growth. There should also be a cost of networking opportunities, such as roundtable influencers, while computing ROI on influencer marketing.

As follows, the ROI of influencer marketing can be measured:

  • Increased media value and access
  • Increased Influencer Engagement
  • Enhanced perception and sentiment.
  • Brand/Product Advice Raise
  • Boost of traffic on the web
  • Brand Awareness
  • Improved sales and inquiries

10. Who is a Micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are influencers for limited viewers, usually from 10,000-100,000 fans. They’re not familiar, but they have a powerful impact on a specific field, such as fitness, fashion, or even humor when used for influencer marketing. They are becoming famous as a safer choice for brands as they seem to have higher interaction levels in their positions.

Interestingly, they charge a meager amount as opposed to the primary influencers for influencer marketing. If you’ve got budget constraints, then Micro-influencers are an excellent choice.

11. What is the best platform for Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is just part of the broad scope of social networking ads, and it is clear why they are aimed to their followers on social media platforms.

The most accessible and most workable channels for influencer marketing are YouTube videos, Instagram stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook native photos. One right choice to use is TikTok, which is experiencing record development when searching for content-driven product placement.

12. Which are some of the famous brands carrying out influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing covers a wide variety of businesses and regions, meaning that much of the most prominent marketers utilize it as a business tool.

  • OnePlus
  • Ponds
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Beardo
  • Amazon

13. Is influencer marketing a cost-effective option?

Economic productivity is one of Influencer Marketing’s key advantages. It is also considered to be one of the best return-on-investment strategies in the influencer marketing environment. Best of all, the ad campaign can be tailored to suit the company’s demands and budget.

14. What are the steps to effective influence marketing?

First, set targets for your Influencer marketing campaign. Tell yourself why you’re launching the initiative and if this brings value to the customer’s existence. Here’s a brief step-by-step guide to the Influencer Marketing strategy.

  • You will determine the budget first before launching the marketing strategy for influencer marketing.
  • Spend ample time studying what the others are doing, both excellent and ineffective.
  • Find out about the different possible influencers who are ideal for your company.
  • Stay in contact with them to clarify the contractual implications of the contract and the terms and conditions.
  • Select those plans that are ideally tailored for you.
  • Tell them what you expect them to do.
  • Seek the guidance of the influencer and build great content carefully.
  • Using multiple social networking sites for significant benefits. Don’t just focus on Instagram.
  • Be patient and know the influencer, and remember that the objective is to develop relationships as well.

15. How to assure that the content is not copied?

That explains why Influencer marketing is often referred to as content-based marketing. This is an art in which the influencers are skilled enough to work. They’re not only endorsing labels and goods. Alternatively, they often educate the viewer about the commodity that is important to them and how it will bring meaning to their lives. Most influencers who are true to their community and career do not consent to collaborations for influencer marketing that do not appeal to their audience.

16. Why is influencer marketing better than traditional advertising doesn’t?

This type of influencer marketing makes it possible for you to amplify your brand or company, but it comes off as a friend who recommends something rather than trying to sell something to you. In reality, the Nielsen research showed that 92% of people trust recommendations — even from people they don’t know — more than brands.

The rising population is sick of advertising. Adblocking tech is being deployed on about six million smartphones worldwide, the New York Times notes. Throughout 2019, the prevalence of ad blockers rose by 30% worldwide because of influencer marketing in India.

17. How effective is influencer marketing in India?

The possibility of beginning a new venture is still present. Your employer does not want to step in unless you know the marketing influencer is successful.

The State of the Creator Economic Study (SOCE) 2019 found that the majority (out of 10), up from 7.27 in 2018, had influencer marketing at 7.56. In the meantime, more conventional methods of advertising have not been considerably more effective.

18. What influencers should I approach for influencer marketing?

Although it may be appealing to follow large audiences, if you’re not your sought-after demographic, a broad audience means nothing for influencer marketing in India.

Search for appropriate hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and your ideal influencer may be found for influencer marketing. The use of an influencer marketing in India platform makes it easy to find and link to influencers, which are essential, practical, and budget-friendly.

In essence, quality over quantity should be the main priority. Reach influencers who regularly select good content, are reliable, and have an active audience. It should be anything but a headache to work together.

19. How to measure the success of influencer marketing in India?

There are some quantitative approaches to assess how successful an influencer marketing campaign is in addition to its effectiveness.

Success is best assessed by monitoring activity (volume of outreach to influencers), engagement (two ways of communicating with target influencers), consciousness (amount of brand references or other related topics from your influencer community), recognition (service content reporting from your influencer community) and intervention. All these things help in assessing the success of influencer marketing in India.

19. How to compensate influencers for influencer marketing?

Money is not the only way that influencers will obtain compensation for their influencer marketing in India. It would be best if you relied on your influencer and your budget for the form of payment of influencer marketing in India. Certain incentive forms include coupons, sales fees, or free products/services! Some influencers choose money because not all can live on A&W gift cards or a white strip supply for life, but every influence is different again.

Understanding what influencers plan to collect and modifying rates appropriately will save the company a tremendous sum. For example, marketers frequently assign up to 13 times the original price of influencers for influencer marketing.

20. How do influencers set pricing for influencer marketing in India?

Influencers can decide their pricing based on a variety of factors for influencer marketing, including:

  • The social media platform that is to be used
  • The size of your followers
  • The amount of material the influencer can create
  • Content privileges following the influencer marketing campaign

With services under influencer marketing firms, prices may often be set, payment can be rendered in kind, and influencers may request offers with sponsored projects. Influencer marketing in India pricing could, however, still vary widely from one campaign to the next.

21. Do I have a say in influencer-created sponsored content in influencer marketing?

In influencer marketing, content rights are divided into two groups: standard rights of use and extended rights of use. Standard usage rights include, for the most part, the incorporation of influencer-created content into social media channels. In contrast, extended use rights will cover more extensive use, such as the refurbishing of paid advertising on the brand’s own social media channels, in-store promotions, ad displays, and more. These are the rights of influencer marketing in India.

22. What happens if an influencer creates something that I don’t like in influencer marketing in India?

In the end, the brand endorses all sponsored content created by influencers for influencer marketing in India. That said, while working together with many influencers and influencer marketing campaigns, this process can become intertwined. With programs running on influencer marketing companies, all comments and revisions can be accessed through your dashboard. If an influencer makes something that you don’t want, you reserve the right to deny the acceptance of the sponsored content. In case of a miscommunication between the influencer and the brand, influencer marketing in India firms also provide help for conflict resolution.

23. How much money should I spend on influencer marketing?

There is no correct or wrong answer to the sum of money to invest in influencer marketing in India. For example, the amount of money a company allocates to influencer marketing relies on the total expenditure. For those looking to test the waters with influence marketing, smaller test budgets can be allotted, while more funds should be allocated for more significant campaigns of influencer marketing in India.

24. How do I find the next best among influencers for influencer marketing in India?

In influencer marketing, there are a few avenues to discover the next big trend. We urge companies to delve into the shaping environment first. In this way, they will help express the type of influencer they want to partner with for influencer marketing in India. Second, brands are encouraged to work with influencer marketing platforms with healthy, large communities of influencers. This provides a wide variety of influencers, which often allows it easier to identify through influencers.

25. What do influencer marketing agencies do?

Influencer marketing in India firms assists advertisers and businesses in the creation and implementation of influencer marketing strategies. An influencer marketing firm aims to identify the right influencers by paying them to execute an arrangement and contribute and deliverables. Your brand can help a prominent influencer marketing firm create ideas and experiences that encourage motivating followers to connect. Ultimately, measuring performance is the best way to recognize the effectiveness of a marketing strategy with prominent users.

26. How do influencer marketing agencies make money?

Influencer marketing companies raise revenue mainly through influencer marketing in India programs and celebrity management. Typically, the influencer marketing firm can operate for a monthly management charge to implement all the influencer marketing in India strategies of the company or a quarter influencer for a particular influencer marketing program.

27. What is an influencer marketing in India strategy?

An influencer marketing approach involves different phases and factors:

  • Understanding the targets
  • Getting a defined budget
  • Identifying the best expertise and influencers
  • Describing the plan
  • Establishing reasonable goals and reviewing the program
  • Working hard to build long-term relationships

There you can learn all about the right communication approach for influencer marketing in India strategy.

28. What are the steps to start influencer marketing?

First, the objectives and goals of influencer marketing in India strategy must be identified by a client. Secondly, the influencer marketing agency allows the company to recognize the storytelling and the right influencers to match the business.

29. What is the number of posts to be made in influencer marketing in India?

An influencer marketing consultant’s typical reaction is: it depends! Frankly, it merely depends on various variables, such as the company, web exposure, social media management tools, etc. The key term here is relevance for influencer marketing in India.

You can probably get more content than other people, with limited access to quality content if you have great content, aspiring images, and inspiring history. So long, so your followers recognize and interact with your influencer marketing material’s meaning, you may decide how it resonates and is thus essential.

30. Should conversion be a key metric in influencer marketing?

Yeah, conversions are significant in influencer marketing in India; however, depending on the case, they need not always be the primary metric. Let’s be clear: translations are a vital metric that brands will pursue, mainly brick and mortar retailers utilizing whether promo codes or affiliate ads with influencer marketing in India campaigns. Yet for a destination that aims to encourage travelers? Or a hotel that wants to design stories to create its ambitious brands? For these situations in influencer marketing in India, outreach and participation could be more fitting.

31. What is engagement in influencer marketing in India?

Throughout social media, the traditional definition of engagement is when you build an interaction: a click, a tweet, or a post for influencer marketing in India. It may even be if you add someone or a company website, click on a button, or also just spend 3 seconds or more with your eyes on a particular piece of material, i.e., a video on Facebook! As you can see, interaction is the most common metric for influencer marketing firms seeking to assess influencer campaigns’ success.

32. What are the different types of influencers in influencer marketing?

  • Educator: The influencer has created a platform based on his or her ability to express knowledge through influencer marketing in India. If they are sharing guides for art DIYs or telling readers of the new investment selections, this person’s community expects them to have useful information.
  • Activist: Whether inspired by financial, social, or otherwise divisive views, the influencer creates a community of individuals who hold common values. Through this community creation, these influencers carry out influencer marketing.
  • Instigator: Many influencers create their influencer marketing campaigns on the grounds of their propensity to churn up trouble with their morning coffee. They don’t worry about confronting others or sharing strong opinions while performing influencer marketing in India.
  • Public figure: Actors and other individuals provide a broad market with their work beyond the mainstream network and the Internet. They often reach all influencers as far away as possible for influencer marketing.
  • Authority figures: This influencer is an influencer who has been a professional in a specific subject or sector. Due to its well-known knowledge base, he or she influences influencer marketing in India.
  • Friend: Some influencers have made friends build audiences. They are professional networkers and shape strong ties online with individuals through influencer marketing. They often share content or blog on their personal lives that are related to lifestyles.

Conclusion – Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

Influencer marketing meaning can be a bit confusing for the people away from the industry, but when it comes to content consumption, its the audience on the other side that makes influencers who they are.

An influencer takes the time and effort to build a keen and enthusiastic audience by creating niche related content that the audience can relate to. It is more likely for the audience to listen to the advice and review given by an influencer, than a direct ad on the TV.

Thankfully we have influencer marketing platforms like InfluenceMojo that are serving as the ultimate platform that connects brands with the right type of influencers in their budget and from their niche.

Influencer marketing is an imperative platform that assists brands by:

  • Boosting their sales by building quality content that an audience can connect with
  • Working with individuals holding expertise in marketing helps in designing the perfect strategy for a successful brand campaign
  • Providing an opportunity to work with micro to celebrity influencers hailing from their specific niche
  • After scrutinizing various metrics like quality of content, organic followers, engagement rates, etc. of influencers, deliver data-driven, efficient results.

While some brands adopt promotional campaigns using multiple micro-influencers, some brands opt-in for big-shot influencers in their niche for brand collaborations. Influencer marketing strategies vary from brand to brand; what works for one might not work for the other. Overall, these were our top 15 influencer marketing platform that we believe is the best in India that are helping connect brands with celebs and influencers.