Lockdown Phase 2 – New norms for E-commerce released

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Union Government (1) told the E-commerce companies and service providers that all e-commerce services are allowed to operate. The reason is that the government doesn’t want people to step outside their homes for shopping and other purposes. The smooth functioning of E-commerce will help to achieve this.

Sales or no sales?

Earlier, during the 21 day Nationwide lockdown, only the purchase of essential goods like groceries and medicines was allowed. But with the extension of lockdown till 3 May 2020, a new set of rules is rolled out, giving relaxation in some fields. Also, there is still no clarity—the recent notifications of authorities devoid of any clarity on this issue. Hence, E-commerce traders are seeking clearance of the matter.

Although the food & grocery stores are allowed to operate, many retailers have decided to keep their shops close. As a result, delivery services are in high demand.

Whereas E-commerce players are preparing for their sales, the local vendors are still hustling to get clarity from the authorities. 


They are seeking clarity from the Authorities.

E-commerce players are still confused if the platforms can sell non-essential goods after 20 April or not. Therefore, Amazon has reached out to the officials to clear the air on the matter. The service providers fear the restrictions that authorities might impose impost on them after 20 April.

Though the government has ensured that any dispute regarding the sales will be cleared with the local authorities in the later stage, but they have also strictly prohibited that no E-commerce sales should be operated in the containment zones, even after 20 April. 

After the release of the rules, Flipkart is gearing up for the big sales, whereas amazon is seeking clarity. Snapdeal, Paytm, and Urban Company are also preparing for selling.

The safety of citizens is still the top-most priority for the government.

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