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Modi’s NaMo App: updates include galvanizing features like stories, live events, exclusive content and more

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NaMo app, PM Modi’s official app, recently got a makeover on his 69th birthday. New features aim at making it an interactive info dissemination platform.

The NaMo app, launched in June 2015 by PM Modi, has received a makeover to mark Narendra Modi’s 69th birthday. Modi tweeted that the upgraded app was much “faster and sleeker” and enables access to a new content section called NaMo exclusive. Reports claim it to be the first upgrade to the app since the 2019 election.

The new version of the app has introduced new one-touch features that will offer an immersive and interactive experience to its users. The application is available in 12 Indian languages and English and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It has a recorded 15 million aggregate downloads on iOS and Android platforms, making it one of the most popular apps for any political leader across the globe.

New features

With the ‘one-touch navigation’ and a ‘slide-access’ feature in the all-new interface, the users can browse through content related to the PM Modi and the current NDA government that includes daily news and updates, illustrations and infographics, government projects in progress, Modi’s blogs, NaMo merchandise store, Mann ki Baat episodes and much more. A unique feature also includes the online showcase of ‘exhibitions’ organized by the BJP across the country.

Instagram-like stories

One of the most appealing features of the freshly revised app is its Instagram-like ‘stories’ section that displays short snippets of the PM’s daily activities. It also has added features like content recommendations based on user’s surfing patterns and a fresh content section called ‘NaMo Exclusive.’

‘NaMo TV’ enables users to view video interviews and clips of the PM Modi. Users can also leave their opinions and suggestions for ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episodes. They can even communicate directly with the PM through a ‘Messenger-like’ feature.

The app also invites its users for ‘micro-donations’ with which one can enter their ids, choose a cause to support, and select an amount up to Rs 1,000.

Go live & create events!

The app’s most exciting feature for on-ground and online people is its ‘create event’ feature. These events can be transformed into virtual ‘Jansabhas’ and ‘Jansampark Abhiyans,’ which can be organized anytime at almost no expense.

The ‘Go Live’ feature has also been added to amplify social outreach. BJP revealed that the NaMo app was actively being used by lakhs of users all over India as well as abroad.

One app for all- voters & volunteers

The app’s key purpose is to disseminate the information so that both the citizens/voters and government associates can benefit.

A NaMo app user stated that for anyone in public life, the smooth flow of information was empowering, and a two-way flow of information would ensure that the people are aware of the initiatives.

BJP has also been encouraging social volunteers to use the app to stay updated on the new government schemes, freshest achievements, and other authentic information. Even the party officers can use the app’s new ‘India Connect’ feature to track, monitor, and stay updated about various volunteer initiatives, activities, and ‘works-in-progress’ across the nation.