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This article will bring in light about the top 5 companies of India who are logistics startups gaining immense popularity all
This article will bring in light about the top 5 companies of India who are logistics startups gaining immense popularity all over the country.

India, the country with a developing state, is slowly and steadily becoming home to several successful startups, who have been attracting and inspiring people all over the world. As foreign companies like Amazon gripped the Indian market, several Indian companies took an interest in the same process and launched themselves as startups and gained many profits. This article will focus on the top logistics startups in India, hence to make it clear, a logistics company mainly deals with panning, moving, and storing goods.

These companies may be considered as the 3rd party companies that act as a link between producers or retailers to consumers. Their main job is to deliver things to the customer and keep the flow of goods properly.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss some startups that made themselves successful and on the top.

Top 5 Logistics Startups in India

1. Delhivery

Delhivery - logistics companies in India

Founded in 2011 by Bhavesh Manglani, Kapil Bharti, Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua, and Suraj Saharan in Gurgaon as a last-mile delivery startup in India for ecommerce businesses, Delhivery is surely one of the best logistics startups in India.

Story of Delhivery

Logistics startups in India - Delhivery Founders - Sahil Barua, Suraj Saharan, Mohit Tandon Bhavesh Manglani and Kapil Bharti
Delhivery Founders – Sahil Barua, Suraj Saharan, Mohit Tandon Bhavesh Manglani and Kapil Bharti

This startup was formed with mutual thinking of three friends Sahil Barua, Suraj Saharan, and Mohit Tandon, as they already used to work in the company together called Bain & Company; they already had a link along. Eventually, the thinking of having a business of their own and seeing the companies like Zomato and Amazon grew up with the concept of Delhivery (1) as a hyperlocal service and eventually made it grow bigger. Later on, Bhavesh Manglani and Kapil Bharti joined hands with them.

Business Model of Delhivery

The Business Model of Delhivery is carried out with a simple concept; it just deals with the pickup pf the order package from the company and has to deliver it carefully to the consumer without any issues. From 2011, Delhivery has made over 350 million successfully gave orders and brought Pan-Indian reach to over 100,000 customers and almost 15 million consumers every month.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

Delhivery is considered to be one of the most stable and well-funded startups in India. Although in FY 2017-18, they gained revenue by 42% and had a loss of almost 8%.

During FY 2018, their revenue was of almost Rs. 1070 Crores. So far, from an initial stage, they have been funded up with nearly $260 million. However, due to high maintenance and operation cost, their net loss has been un tp Rs. 684 crore.

Delhivery has been a boon to the Indian business and has successfully proved themselves as a successful Logistics company in India.

2. Locus

Logistics startups in India - Locus Founders - Nishith Rastogi and Geet Garg
Locus Founders – Nishith Rastogi and Geet Garg

Founded in 2015 by Nishith Rastogi and Geet Garg, located in the IT hub of India, Bangalore, as a machine learning startup, which has been aimed to simplify the logistics process. Soon, Locus became of the top logistics startups in India.

Story of Locus

Locus (2) is yet another trending logistics company in Indian that is setting up a high benchmark in this business. Getting into Flashback, Geet Gard and Nishith Rastogi were ex-employees of Amazon and had always been in touch with the Logistics based business and company. During the process of building up Locus, Nishith’s sister was caught up in an accident, which made them built an app called RideSafe, which ensured the safety of women and the drivers who drove the cars; this app was amazingly used. It was taken up by many food-tech startups who wanted to ensure the safety of their drivers. This made them realize that India was in demand of Logistics networks, which eventually made them build Locus.

Business Model of Locus

Locus focused on making efficient and profitable deliveries across the country. Locus is a decision-making engine that learns and provides algorithms to provide real-time tracking, insights, and analytics with warehouse management and vehicle utilization and allocation. This ensures the correct and safe methods of packaging also.

Some of its consumers are Urban, Delhivery, Quicker, etc.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

As Locus grew prominently and is also used by other Logistics companies in India, there is no other company that can compete so efficiently. In May 2020 itself, Locus got a Series B funding of almost $22 million and has a value of $100 million. Talking about the total fundings, they have reached $28 Million, and according to the sources, they are expected to touch almost $10 million as an annual income.

Indeed, Locus has become a support system for various logistic based companies and startups in India and has immense worth.

3. Qikpod

Logistics startups in India - Qikpod founder - Ravi Gururaj
Qikpod founder – Ravi Gururaj

Formed in the year 2013, by Ravi Gururaj, Qikpod (3) has an innovative type of Logistics system, which can be said somewhat unique and which other companies don’t think about doing, making it one of the best logistics startups in India.

The Story of Qikpod

Ravi Gururaj is a serial entrepreneur; he was genuinely interested in starting an ecommerce business but didn’t want to make any other website, he got into touch with several Logisctic based companies in India and observed their working, this made him feel unsatisfied and made him think of a unique way such that this delivering and processing work becomes a little less hectic for companies, and hence came up with the thought of building Quikpod.

Business Model of Qikpod

Qikpod follows the similar logistics process followed by every other company dealing with the same business, the only different thing that came up was that Qikpod built up several lockers where they thought to deliver. The Delivery persons pick up the item to read and a person getting the packages is notified immediately, the person can track their packages quickly, and as soon as the delivery person reaches the locality, instead of giving to the house, the put in the lockers of Qikpod made in that area. A customer can come up, generate an OTP, and open the locker and get their package as they feel. This solves many problems like returning and re-delivering, making the Logistics process easy.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

Qikpod has some prominent investors like Flipkart, Delhivery, etc. By the end of this year 2020, they are meant to make a worth of approx $100 billion. With such prominent partners, they have already raised almost $9 million for their company.

Qikpod had immense growth in no time due to its partners and unique business concept, which was not thought by anyone in India.

4. Blue Dart

blue dart - logistics companies in India

One of the oldest Logistics companies in India, Blue Dart (4), has somewhat been from the starting and has South Asia’s air transportation and distribution company. It was established in 1983 by Tushar Jani, Khushroo Dubash, and Clyde Cooper; they have always been on top when it comes to a Logistics business and Blue Dart is surely ranked amongst the best logistics startups in India.

Story of Blue Dart

Logistics startups in India - Blue Dart Founder - Tushar Jani
Blue Dart Founder – Tushar Jani

This company was actually started as a partnered business and was actually and purposely started as a Logistics business to provide door-to-door packages and secure delivery. Since 1983, they have delivered millions of packages worldwide and safely and still gives cut-throat competition to other new companies.

Business Model of Blue Dart

Yet like every other Logistics based company, Blue Dart is also focused on the same secure methods, but the thing that makes Blue Dart come on this list is over these years; this company sustained and performed immensely well, giving competition to everyone. It has a market share of 46% of air express deliveries and with almost 13% share of Ground express deliveries.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

As it is a very old company, it has a long list of Fundings series and revenue growths and losses; the revenue that it generates every year is approximately to be almost $730 million.

Being the oldest Logistics company in India, there hasn’t been a company like Blue Dart who survived and Gripped the Indian market for soo long.

5. Shadowfax

Logistics startups in India - Shadowfax - logistics companies in India

Launched in 2015 by Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwal in Banglore, Shadowfax (5) is one of the top Logistics startups in India which is growing at a high rate.

The Story of Shadowfax

Shadowfax Founders - Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwa
Shadowfax Founders – Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwa

Being a fresh IIT graduate, Abhishek Bansal was genuinely interested in the working of Logistics based companies and eventually wanted to get something big. Hence he, along with Vaibhav Khandelwa came up with the idea of Shadowfax, which aimed to capitalize on-demand solutions. They decided to grow with the generation of profits as transactions were made through their company instead of doing cash burn and wanted to perform sustainably.

Business Model of Shadowfax

Shadowfax is a B2B last-mile delivery service and is a one-stop solution for ecommerce business, pharma, and offline retailers. Shadowfax tries to serve every company and aims to satisfy the users as well. This company has been spread in more than 500 cities in India, with 100,000 delivery partners. They aim to deliver products on the same day to the consumer and gain their trust with a secure process.

Revenue Generation & Fundings

Shadowfax is valued at almost $200 million. They have raised Rs. 138 crore at a valuation of Rs. 570 crore by NGP Capital, Mirae Asset, and Qualcomm Ventures. The largest investor of their company is Eight Road Ventures, which owns almost 37% of the company’s stakes. The company generated revenue of nearly $200 crore in the last financial year.

Shadowfax has increased its business at a considerable rate. In no time from starting the business to making it successful, the owners have set an example for people looking up for companies.

The Logistics companies in India are on the verge of immense growth and success; in fact, the above-listed companies have already achieved soo much in such less time, which eventually increased thew competition between each other. Although it is a bright future for these companies, which can, in a view, help India make itself a prosperous country.