Top Investors in India (2020 Update)

This article will be covering the top investors in India who have great positions in the Market alongside their past success stock prices and current portfolio.


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Anyone who enters the stock market has one dream to become wealthy and renowned investors in the world, like Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Jeff Bezos, etc. These are the people who wish to have multi-baggers of 5x or 10x or 20x returns of the stock in the long term. Whenever a retail investor looks at a stock named as “MRF,” which is an all-time high of 78000, he or she thinks that entering the stock is not possible as it has already given good returns, but he or she can pick another stock, which is at a low price and can become next MRF in future. Let’s see the top investors in India list as of 2020.


Top Investors in India

1. Radhakishan Damani

Radhakishan Damani - Top Investors in India
Radhakishan Damani

He is known for his low profile and rarely appears in public events or TVs. He is also the mentor for Rakesh Jhunjunwala and the single largest shareholder of Avenue super marts or D-mart, which has moved from IPO price of 299 to CMP of 1450 in just one year. He currently holds 53.56% of the shares in D-mart. His strategy is quite simple that is investing for the long term of 5 – 10years. He looks for future prospects of the company before investing. His portfolio includes blue-chip stocks like VST industries, an affiliate of British American tobacco. He also holds 26% of stake in this company and akes investments from his firm Bright Star Investments Private Limited. His other blue-chip stocks in the portfolio are 3M India, Bluedart, India cements, Sundaram Finance, TV today, Advani hotels, Tv18, etc. Radhakishan Damani is surely one of the top investors in India.


2. Raamdeo Agrawal:

Raamdeo Agrawal - Top Investors in India
Raamdeo Agrawal

He is co-founder of Motilal Oswal and also one of the most respected persons in the stock market at present in India. His biggest success till now was identifying Hero Honda in the year 1995 when it was just a small cap of the market cap 1000 crores. His buy price was 30 per share and held it for 20 years to rise till 2600 per share. Currently, the market cap is 73000 crores. His strategy for success is Quality, Legibility, Growth, and Bargain value of company or QGLB.


3. Porinju Veliyath:

Porinju Veliyath
Porinju Veliyath

Porinju Veliyath is an ace investor who has proven what value investing is. He is also a planter and patriot. He has also been running Portfolio management services or PMS through his company name- Equity Intelligence based in Cochin, Kerela. He recorded for a CAGR of 32.76% since inception. His success stock is Geojit securities, where he has worked previously. He picked this value stock at a single digit and acquired a 5% stake in it. The company had a market cap of INR 3 crore at this time. The share price has gone up to 2500 over the last 17 years.

His investment strategy is to look beyond the fancied stocks. By doing so, he clearly sees hundreds of multi-baggers and tries to identify positive changes. He invests primarily in small and mid-cap turn around stocks. 

His current portfolio consists of Emkay global, Sarda plywood, IZMO, BCL industries, Rauneq Epc, ABC India, JITF Infra logistics, Parnex lab. His recent entry was in ITC. Porinju Veliyath is a part of the top investors in India list 2020.


4. Dolly Khanna:

Dolly Khanna - Top Investors in India
Dolly Khanna

Everyone knows about Dolly Khanna and her husband Rajeev Khanna buys stocks in her name. He has done chemical engineering from IIT Madras. In 1986, he started Kwality Milk foods, which he sold later. Currently, he has 170 crores in the portfolio, and still maintains that and core business remains of the milk business. His initial Investment was of 1 crore in 1996-97, and the present portfolio is around 750 crores.

His best stock comes in the form of Hawkins Cookers, which he accumulated 130 levels between 2007 to 2009. He exited stock around 3500 levels recently. He has also got some huge dividends from the company.

Multi bagger stocks include:

1. Wimplast 

2. Cera sanitary ware 

3. RS software 

4. Avanti feeds 

Rajeev Khanna also holds most of the stocks in his portfolio for a very long time. The present portfolio consists of Rain Industries, Tata metals, IFB agro, Nilkamal, Nandan denim, Sterling tools, Butterfly gandhimathi, Asian Granito, Manappuram, Dhampur sugar, Social, Emkay global, Srikalahasthi pipes, Nitin spinners, pap automotive, Dwarikesh sugar, Tirumulai chemicals, Ruchita papers, and GNFC.


5. Ashish Kacholia:

Ashish Kacholia
Ashish Kacholia

He is the core of many value investors in the stock market. He also runs his own company named Lucky Securities. He also has a relationship with many other ace investors like Rakesh Jhunjunwala, Lashith Sangavi, Hiren Ved, who founded He bought technology stocks while there is a technology boom and also placed his stakes on PSU banks while the Indian economy was moving up. 

His multi-bagger picks are Neuland labs, Gati, Ashiana housing, Greenply industries, MT Educare, and Kaveri seeds.

His investment strategy states that a good company should perform quarter – on – quarter basis, but one also has to have the patience that good business and good management take time to perform. The present portfolio consists of Butterfly Gandhimati, Lokesh machines, Pokarna, Bodal chemicals, Aptech, KEI, Vaibhav global, KPIT, Mold teck, Shreyas shipping, Vishnu chemicals, Parag milk, Time techno plast, APL Apollo, GTPL hatchway, Vadilal, Ester Industries, SP apparels, GHCL, Nocil, Poly medicure, Vadilal industries, Genus power, and so on. Ashish is amongst the top investors in India.


6. Vijay Kedia:

Vijay Kedia - Top Investors in India
Vijay Kedia

Vijay Kedia is MD of Kedia Securities. He expects Sensex to cross a lakh by the year 2020. He is well known for the value picks and also thought process. His success stocks come in the form of Cera Sanitary ware, which he bought at very low levels plus presently holds 2.5 lakh shares. His best stock pick till now is Atul Auto, which gave him 5700% returns in just nine years.

Vijay Kedia believes that market rewards, as per the perception, will prove gamble to business people. He also feels that when business people invest in a stock, they have to be prepared for the worst conditions to happen. He says one has to invest one part of his savings and not any part of earnings in the stock market. The present stocks are Kokyu Camlin, Everest industries, TCPL packaging, Vaibhav global, Aries agro, Stewarts and Lloyds of India, Sudarshan chemicals, Apcotex, Cheviot company, ABC bearings, Astec Lifesciences, Cera, Lykins, Panasonic energy, Repro India, Karnataka bank, Everest industries and so on.


7. Amitabh Bachchan:

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan initially started his Investment in the unknown penny stocks like Birla Pacific Medspa, Finotex chemicals, which are also some big disasters. He soon realized his mistakes and got them right.

He soon made good profits in the neuland labs at about 800% gain over a span of four years. His biggest investment stock, as of now, is Justdial. He is also the brand ambassador of JustDial and got the shares at face value of Rs 10. His present portfolio consists of JustDial, Stampede Capital, Nitin fire. The Bollywood superstar is one of the top investors in India.


8. Ashish Dhawan:

Ashish Dhawan
Ashish Dhawan

He is an MBA graduate from the Harward Business School. His route to the stock market was not so smooth. He raised venture capital in the late 1990s but lost everything during the dotcom crash. He is a co-founder of Ashoka University in Haryana. His biggest returns came when Wipro bought his company Chyryscap in which his Investment of USD 10 million reached the amount of USD 60 million. His success stocks are Mphasis, Yes bank, Sriram Transport finance, and Axisbank. He made huge money to take solutions, Kajaria ceramics.

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