Top Zoom App alternatives in India (Video Conferencing Apps)

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  1. Introduction
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Amid coronavirus outbreak lot of people are now working from home; hence, it didn’t take a lot of time for the Zoom meeting to get popular along with ample traction. In previous months, the Zoom app got over 200 million regular users. Though the app received a massive growth, Zoom download soon got itself on fire with its concerns over security. The Government of India lately recommended its officials to halt the usage of the Zoom app. Some of the users also affirmed that the app is sending their data to various third parties in China.

Thek fey feature of the Zoom meeting is that you can hold a video conference with 100 individuals at a time for free and 500 users in its paid version, along with its recording support. Nevertheless, if you are searching for an alternative to your Zoom download, then you are in the right place. 


Top 5 alternatives to Zoom in India

1. Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings - Zoom App Alternative

Cisco Webex Meeting is allowing free access to its platform globally. Even though the platform is free of cost, users will get various features like unlimited usage, 100 participant support, VoIP capabilities, and more. These features are not mediocre if you contrast it to Zoom. You could get started in the Cisco Webex by signing up. 

Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.


2. Skype Meet Now

Skype Meet Now Zoom App Alternative

For our users who are not highly focusing on corporate meetings like Cisco Webex Meetings, this recently launched Skype Meet Now by Microsoft is an excellent option for you compared to Zoom. You don’t even need to have an account on this platform to use it. 

It offers various features like recording calls, blurring your background, supporting 50 participants – for free.

Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.


3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for free for all its users during this COVID-19 lockdown. In this platform, you could do group and one-on-one audio and video calling along with unlimited chat and search. Here, unlike the Zoom, you will also get a free storage space of up to 10 GB on team file and 2 GB for personal records for each user. Users with Office 365 account also get real-time participation with Microsoft Office apps. 

Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.


4. Discord


Discord is emerging as one of the secure alternatives to Zoom because of its video conferencing inclinations of 50 users. This platform could be used for both office and personal use, though it is mostly trending among gamers. Just like various other Zoom options, this app is also free of cost for its users. You could use this app on your mobile phone and directly connect with people in your contacts. You could sign up through both the Discord mobile app and its desktop site to initiate your virtual meetings. 

Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.


5. Google Hangouts

Zoom Alternative

For those who don’t want to use the platforms mentioned above for any reason, they can surely opt for Google Hangouts. It is a satisfactory, conventional, and free option to Zoom. Here users can make video conferences with up to 10 members and chat with up to 150 associates at a time. It will also let you send out text and video calls via your phone. As it is a product of Google, you only need to enter your Gmail account to get started on this app. Paid users can get up to 25 users limit for its video conferences. You could also record your meetings and save it on your Google Drive. 

Download the Android app here.

Download the iOS app here.



We all know that video conferencing is not something novel in the market. Hence, there are so many other solutions as well, which you can use to cater to your requirements. Zoom is facing a lot of flak over its security policies, and various countries like Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and many others have already banned the platform. In this case, you could use these alternatives instead of Zoom for your video conferences. 

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