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WhatsApp Business Application adds Catalogs feature to enhance businesses

WhatsApp has updated its Business Application with the Catalog feature to ease the services and allow companies to exhibit images of various products.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced a new “Catalogs” feature for WhatsApp Business application. The latest service will allow companies to exhibit images of various products for the customers to browse through.

According to a statement, Catalogs are shopfront for enterprises to present and share their goods so that people can readily scour and discover things they would want to buy. As informed by the messaging giant, the feature is intended to enhance and ease the learning of products and services businesses offer.

Catalog feature focuses on improving professionalism

The newest update will fade away the earlier aspect where the businesses had to forward product photos, one at a time and repeatedly render information. Now,

  • the customers will be able to view the entire catalog within the application.
  • The blog mentions the ascend of professionalism that will accompany the service as the customers can remain engaged in the conversation without having to visit the website.

The business firms can add information involving price, description, and product code for each item.

Where is it released?

The feature was announced back at Facebook’s annual developers’ meet F8 held in May this year. Besides all, the update will also work to save storage on the devices of both the seller and the buyers. At present, the version is released to businesses using the WhatsApp Business application on both Android and iPhone in India, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is geared up to soon roll out in other parts of the world.