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Why should you be hired for this internship? The perfect answer is here

Looking for the perfect answer to why should you be hired for this internship? Well, look no more. We bring you everything yo
Looking for the perfect answer to why should you be hired for this internship? Well, look no more. We bring you everything you would ever need to know.

This question gives a had time to most of the freshers starting on their professional lives. Any company you apply for an internship is bound to ask you the question to know everything there is about you. There is a possibility that you may fall short of words to explain yourself and fail to provide an everlasting impression on the interviewer.

From talking about your qualifications to aligning your goals with the company, we’ve got you covered.

Before you begin preparing the most crucial question that you will answer when looking for an internship, it becomes even more important to know whether you have interpreted the word’s meaning to its fullest. Are they beneficial or a waste of time?

What is an internship?

An internship is a tenure of work experience offered by a company in a particular profile you apply. In simpler words, some may refer to apprenticeships as a probationary period. Some companies provide you a fixed stipend for your work and services while others might follow a different route.

The training pieces are paid and unpaid and include insights, work research, virtual research, and even partially paid internships. Moreover, internships kill two birds with one stone. Both the employer and the employee have shared interests in giving out an internship and accordingly taking one.

Specific training or internship may last anywhere between four to six months rest depends upon the terms and conditions discussed between the two. New businesses and established ones offer internship programs. one such platform which has seen immense growth is, which hires interns and helps them grow into their respective fields.

Are internships beneficial?

Students may get skeptical at first if it would be the right decision on their part to opt for an internship or not? Would it just be a waste of time, or would they benefit from it?

The answer to all your questions is straight, firm, yes! all of these are a great way to enhance your knowledge and groom you for working in a professional office. It becomes essential for the student to have prior experience with the ongoings in the professional work area as it is a whole new world. It also gives you an upper hand in exploring new opportunities and career paths that suit your interests.

How should you answer, “why should you be hired for this internship?”

Moving on to the most important question, ‘why should you be hired for this internship?

Now answering this question can have uncountable approaches. The listing below is a few key points you can use to answer this tricky question in your interview.

1. Start with your qualifications:

Beginning on the right foot is very necessary. Explaining your stuff first is always a good idea.

  • You can further add about your work experiences if you have any, and talk about the relevant projects you have worked on about the profile you intend to work.
  • You can talk about how you did in college, along with your teammates working on a particular project.
  • Here’s what you can say “I have been studying for this profile for the past four years and took it as a major in my college. I have performed relatively well and have in-depth knowledge about the concepts use. I am passionate about this position and would like to contribute to the workspace.

2. Explain your diligence for the work:

Showing the interviewer that you are meant for the job should be your only goal during an interview.

  • Try to explain that you will be well committed to the job and work hard to achieve the assigned task.
  • You can also talk about your strong work ethic, give anything for the job, and talk about your leadership qualities under this section.
  • Try saying, “I am a hardworking person and efficient in what I do. work is worship for me, and I would always put my job first and try to give the best results in whatever I do“.

3. Talk about your passion for the field and desire to learn:

Companies like killerlaunch and many others are usually looking for candidates who have something to offer to the environment and do not back down to gain knowledge from their job.

A good human being is always learning to thrive on being better in what he does. Emphasizing on your love for the job is set to take you up on the charts.

  • You can also talk about how you have had your eyes set on this particular company for the internship profile they are offering and tell them that you are an avid learner.
  • Statements like “I am passionate or the work and have been living in the long dream for the opening of such a position, and now that it has, I aim to offer my knowledge and always will put my best foot forward.

While talking about your love for the job, things can smoothly go south if you over-complicate the talks or butter up the interviewer too much. The aim is always to maintain a balance between the claims that you make. If done so correctly, the interviewer is sure to be impressed.

4. Your contribution to the company:

The company is always looking for candidates who can be an asset to the workspace. Ethical and cultural candidature is still preferred in no matter which company you fill in your application.

  • “I am interested in working at this position because I am drawn towards the cultural and social aspects that are being offered.
  • being a man/woman of culture myself would work in great harmony with the company to provide the best results.”
  • “I am energetic and firmly believe in team play as targets achieved following everyone’s advice is always better than working alone. Different minds think differently, which leaves us with various options and can choose the best one accordingly. “

5. See eye to eye with the organization’s goals

The first thing that you should probably do before anything else is run a background check for the company, the objectives, and the work methodology. What good are your efforts if you have no clue what firm you are interviewing for?

It is always better to align your goals with that of the company’s.

  • For example, talking them into like ” the moment I got the interview call from the company, I was over the moon as the company has worked in the areas where I look forward to contributing. Also, working together with the company will promise 100 percent work efficiency to achieve the desired goal.
  • Adding your past experiences in a similar project will give you a slight edge over others. Always try to talk more about yourself rather than letting the interviewer question you time and again.

6. Try to provide a solution to the firm:

  • This is something that has the power to make or break your interview process. If you are aware of any problem the organization might be facing, you can always address a solution to them.
  • There are no rules for this one to be done correctly. If you provide a solution that would favor the ongoing problem, your skills will surely impress the employers.

One tiny point that is never to be forgotten is never to try to be over smart. I repeat never! If giving the impression of an overconfident personality and a pansy attitude is not on your bucket list, you should not consider going down this lane.

7. Always talk concrete:

When the question of why should they hire you is thrown at your face like a rock, there is a good chance you may be hit. The best way to avoid it is by talking concrete about the results and achievements you are most proud of.

Now, if you use terms like “I should be hired for this field because I have the knowledge and have worked in it,” nobody is going to consider you even for the role, let alone giving you a shot at it.

  • The best thing is to always talk about the firms and the results delivered. You can talk about the letter of recommendations, reviews, and many more.
  • If you are a fresher starting out of college, it is better to highlight the merit certificates you may have achieved during your college’s successful delivery of projects.

8. Speak about your idols:

It is said that you reflect on the kind of person you want to become in the person you idolize. You want to become what they already are, which gives the company a rough idea of how or if you would fit well in the workspace.

If you have any mentor, person, or an idol you aspire to be like, it can be an excellent example to add up in your answer.

  • For instance, mentioning, “I idolize ABC as I have learned to work hard and never quit attitude from them. They have helped me where I am today and al confident no matter what work I am given. I relate with them so much because they tared from scratch and built themselves into what they are today.

However, please be sure that you know about your idol in every possible way and be ready for counter questioning at every word you utter out of your mouth. Nobody is letting you off the hook easy.

9. Show them you are unique:

There is a high possibility of the position you are applying for has thousands of applicants lined up before you by the company. Your odds of getting a job then becomes close to zero if you do not stand out.

There may be thousands of candidates who went over their lines for this particular job a thousand times now and may even have memorized them by now. Why should they choose you? after all, if you are a fresher, all of you would be having the same qualifications.

  • The only way to get through to this is to be unique and be yourself. Stand by what you indeed are. The company may trick you into thinking that this is what they want to hear, but the case is quite the opposite.
  • The interviewer may tell you that “you are giving the answers which you think is the perfect answer rather than what they want to hear” well, that’s your cue to switch being the original you!

Further, we bring you a great lineup for a few go-to answers:

  1. I should be hired for this internship because I have all the qualities that you are looking for. Moreover, I have done some exemplary work in the field myself. I am an enthusiast for the work and projects that the company delivers and wish to work with you. If I am hired, I will dedicate my time and energy to the organization, and only one motto in my mind,” work is worship.
  2. “I would be a great asset to the company as this is my major area of work. I have always been passionate about web designing and have been trying to do it for a long time now. Since I was a kid, I was always driven towards this field and found out this is what I want to do in my life. I have all the relevant certificates and training, which make me a perfect candidate for the vacancy.”
  3. “I should be considered for this role as I have always been fanatic towards marketing solutions and have worked hard to achieve near perfection. as it is always room for improvement, I am still learning and hope to enhance my skills by working under the supervision of the experts. Ta part of the reason I want to work with the firm is that ABC mentor the team, and I have always dreamed of working with him. Hence it would be a great opportunity for me.”

The verdict

There is no rule book to nail an interview correctly. The tips and techniques can only aid you in smoothing the process to some level. The rest of the work falls solely on your shoulders. It is you who can make or break the interview. If you have prepared well, then the simple question such as “why should you be hired for this internship” will be behind your back before you could even imagine, and good luck!