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Looking for fresher jobs: 7 tips you need to know while applying for job as a fresher

You've just passed out of college and completed your graduation. Now, you're a fresher and looking out for jobs, but it is no
You’ve just passed out of college and completed your graduation. Now, you’re a fresher and looking out for jobs, but it is not as easy as it seems to be.

You’ve just passed out of college and completed your graduation. Now, you’re a fresher and looking out for jobs, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. Jobs for fresher are not there in abundance, but one can still make through it.

Finding a suitable job, being a fresher, is difficult. One doesn’t know things like building a resume or preparing for an interview. Companies are always looking out for candidates with an excellent academic background and passionate about what they do.

But don’t worry, in this article, I’ve covered all the topics, queries, and doubts you’ll be having if you’re a fresher looking for jobs.

Firstly, we will start by knowing who is a fresher?

In India and worldwide, the term fresher is to a candidate or student who has no real-world experience and has no clue how the real industry works. You must be wondering, how can I get a job as a fresher?

So, I’m going to tell you some 7 tips and tricks by which you can get the job of your dreams, just being a fresher!

It’s not easy to land up directly into an excellent job without much experience and industry knowledge.

So, I’d suggest you take up a few internships before picking up a job. In your college days, or even after just completing your graduation, you have a fantastic opportunity to apply for an internship. But before that, you’ll be needing a resume and CV that can impress the employers and help you stand ahead of others.

1. How to build a resume for freshers?

So, I will tell you some tips that will help you make your resume stand out from others.

– Choose a resume type that suits you: There are 3 types of resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination.

resume types for freshers

Chronological Resume: This lists all your work history in reverse order. It would be best if you enlisted your most recent work first and then going backward.

Functional Resume: In this, you need to focus on your strengths beneficial to the employers. I suggest you follow this format as you are a fresher as it avoids specific dates, names, and places.

Combination Resume: This format blends in the strengths of both the resume formats given above.

You can find several web tools that will help you build a perfect resume like Firstnaukri resume tools or KillerLaunch resume, which can be made for free here.

– Write a catchy headline:  This is the most crucial part, as this is going to give the interviewer your first impression. The first impression plays a vital role, as it will be your primary selection factor. It should provide a complete summary of your content in just 1-2 lines. Start with a crisp, concise, and professional approach. It should give a basic idea for content in only 1-2 lines. Start with a crisp, concise, and professional approach.

For example, for a computer science fresher, it can be:

IT Graduate with Degree, having experience, and keen to make a career in software development.

– Short, simple, and easy to read: this should be your mantra while drafting a resume. Nobody wants to read at a poorly written resume having excess irrelevant information, this can make the interviewer frustrated, and he may not select you! We don’t want that, right?

Choose clear, legible fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, keeping the font neither too small nor big. Write the details points-wise, using appropriate bullets.

– Enlist and highlight your achievements and critical points: As you’re a fresher, your achievements and skills are the major factors for your selection. Mention all your accomplishments like academics, projects, or extracurriculars. If you have certifications or have done any internships before, mention that also. But if you haven’t done any internships, then don’t worry. I have covered that point in my next topic.

– Proofread your resume: Think of yourself as an interviewer. What will be your reaction when you look at a resume full of errors? Of course, you’ll think that the candidate is not serious about his work and is highly unprofessional! The last step will be to recheck your resume if it has any errors or mistakes. Do correct those mistakes on the spot!

Now that you’ve your perfect resume designed, the next step is to use it. If you have done internships before, you can skip the next part, but if you haven’t, then I got your back!

2. Applying to an internship.

Applying to an internship requires patience and dedication. The strategy’s idea is to find ways to stand out from the other candidates applying for the internship you want. I believe the key to success in applying for an internship is creating a unique application compared to hundreds or even thousands of applicants who have applied for the same firm.

Here are some techniques I found out to be useful while applying for an internship:

– Make a detailed and strong resume/CV: A strong profile will not only impress the employer but also help you to land into multiple internships/jobs you’re interested in. (I’ve given a detailed summary of writing a CV above)

– Explore the areas you’re interested in: Just applying to one kind of a job is not a good idea. Look out for new areas, think of your passion, your likings, etc. Some people are good at writing but thought about it as a career opportunity, but by working as an intern of content writing, they were amazed by the fact that it can turn into a promising career opportunity also.

– Use internship finding websites: there are many amazing sites on the internet through which you can find an internship that is perfectly suitable for you. For example, is a site that provides you with the best fresher internships and job alerts. You can find internships by search results or find an internship in any city of your choice as well! Intershala,, can also be of great help.

– Apply to many firms: Just applying to one firm is not a good idea. Your chances of selection will increase as you fill out more applications.

Don’t get demotivated if some firm rejects your application. Stay calm and positive throughout the process. There are numerous opportunities out there.

– Prepare for the interview: Remember, be confident! You can do it!

Here are some questions the interviewer might ask:

Tell me about yourself.

Why do you want to work with us?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What keeps you motivated?

Why do you want this job?

Why should we hire you?

How did you hear about this position?

And so on… so prepare accordingly.

3. Take up some short-term certification programs.

Certifications help you to prove a potential employer. You will not only learn something new but also create an edge over others. It is made so that it supports over a narrow subject area to their desired career.

I can list several benefits you can get by doing these courses –

  • Enhances professional credibility.
  • Extends knowledge and skills.
  • Prepare you for job responsibilities.
  • Serves as proof of ability.
  • Enriches reputation among peers.
  • Improves career opportunities like promotion, pay increase, etc.

You can find so many free online certification courses you can do just by sitting at your homes. I’ve listed some of them below- I’ve listed some of them below-

and for the paid ones, the list goes on.

So, enroll yourself in any certified course today, and add value to your CV.

4. Apply to online job finding portals.

Now that your profile is well maintained and fully updated, it’s the time to implement it. There are many online job finding sites. They play a significant factor in bringing promising candidates and hiring companies together. Nevertheless, clearing the interview and getting the desired job depends on your qualifications, education, and skills.

Here are some job portals you can apply at: Killerlaunch provides you with the best fresher jobs relevant to your prospective field. You can also find work from home jobs and jobs near you. Just upload your resume and see the work that suits you! It is one of the best websites for fresh college graduates to find entry-level jobs across the country. Here freshers and college graduates apply for job vacancies in different sectors. Freshers can also find computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering jobs. Freshers can find full-time, part-time jobs here.

5. Learn about your employer and company goals while applying for jobs for fresher.

As a fresher, have a keen interest in learning and knowing about the company you’re going to work with. You need to modify your skills to match your company’s goals, and then only you can be promoted further.

As you’ve already enlisted your skills in the resume before, you can explain how your skills can be beneficial to the company that can create an impact on the workplace.

6. Salary negotiations for your fresher jobs:

Honestly, finding a job for fresher with the right pay package is tough. It can be due to support their families economically or to be independent. But the average salaries depend on various work fields.

I have listed the salary of freshers (average) below:

  • CSE fresher: 2-3lakhs per annum
  • mechanical: 1-2lakhs per annum
  • Civil: 3-4lakhs per annum
  • Doctor: 70-80K per month
  • Software developer: 4-5lakhs per annum
  • MBA: 6-7lakhs per annum
  • Consultant: 1-2lakhs per annum
  • CA: 4-5lakhs per annum

and so on.

Salary negotiations are an essential part while recruiting.

The following process does salary valuation:

  • Work experience of the candidate
  • Past salary paid to the candidate
  • Unique skills
  • Expected revenues
  • Budget allotted.

After evaluating all these factors, the salary of the candidate is decided.

Keep in mind the following points while negotiating for the salary:

  • Quote a decent salary figure, avid quoting extremely high amounts, which might undermine your knowledge level.
  • Stop dealing and know your limits.
  • Don’t threaten and be humble while negotiating

Your first salary sets the pace for your career as in your next job, your recruiter might ask for your previous salary. So be mindful!

7. Be confident and ace it!

So, now that your shortlisted, make sure to put in the impression in front of others. Your attitude, your dressing sense, your attitude plays a significant role in the industry. Dress to impress, smile, and, most importantly, be confident!

Dress to impress

Finding jobs for fresher is a difficult process. From drafting a resume that can impress the recruiters to giving the and actually working in that environment is not that easy, we need to stay focussed, motivated, and calm throughout the process. Fresher jobs in India are low compared to the number of candidates applying for it, but one can get through this if a proper implementation is done. I hope these tips helped you get an overview of how to get a fresher job.