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Google Pay for Business App introduced in Chennai to help SMBs

Google Pay for Business App launched in Chennai targets small and medium businesses to increase digital payment adoption.

Google Pay for Business App has launched in Chennai to support Small and medium-sized businesses. Introduced on Thursday, the service will help the enterprises to adopt digital payments and take a step in digital India.

The adoption of digitalized payments is promoted to counter the hassle and time involved vastly in paperwork and verification formulas. As reported in a press release, with Google Pay, the customers will now be capable of paying undeviatingly to the merchant stores through the QR codes or phone numbers.

Are there any hidden charges?

The significant features involved while using the application are

  • the “no incurring of additional costs.” The businesses will be charged nothing extra when they use the application.
  • Google Pay for Business will transfer every rupee received by the merchant directly into their UPI-linked bank account.

App launched to promote digitalization

Sajith Sivanandan, the Managing Director and Business Head at Google Pay and NBU Initiatives, affirms that Google Pay for Business is focused on easing the path to adopt the digital form and ascending the massive consumer opportunity with digital payments created on the back of the enormous growth of UPI in the country.

The payment portal has also partnered with Pine Labs and Innoviti to expand the merchant-based digital payments further and allow UPI payments across POS terminals, with over 2 lakh stores in more than 3,500 cities and towns.