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Startup Story – How the Digital Platform: Chase is empowering Millennials in the Country

Let's uncover the story of Ankit Misra and Ayur Kaul's Startup Chase, an AI-based professional ecosystem empowering millennia
Let’s uncover the story of Ankit Misra and Aayur Kaul’s Startup Chase, an AI-based professional ecosystem empowering millennials.

The Founders

Chase Founders - Ankit Misra and Ayur Kaul
Chase Founders – Ankit Misra (Left) and Ayur Kaul (Right)

Ankit Misra and Aayur Kaul, the founders of Chase, are the alumni of Sardar Patel Institute Mumbai. The Duo have known each other for over nine years and have worked professionally multiple times.

Coming from a sales background, Aayur looks after sales, marketing, and business development while Ankit leads product experience, strategy, and operations.

The Chase Team

Rucha – Marketing head at Chase
Rucha – Marketing head at Chase
Shiva – Technology Associate at Chase
Shiva – Technology Associate at Chase
Deepinder Dhingra – Lead investor and board member at Chase
Deepinder Dhingra – lead investor and board member at Chase

What is Chase all about?

Chase - Website Screenshot
Chase – Website Screenshot

Chase is an AI-assisted professional ecosystem for millennials.

The company focuses on three things – Connect, Content, and Community. The company provides a platform where the users can connect with a unique cross-industry roster of 150 mentors across 35 specializations where the professionals can either attend webinars or book a one to one meeting with any of them.

Check out the Chase platform here.

Idea and Inspiration behind starting Chase

While talking to TimesNext, Aayur told us that in the past 10-15 years, we could notice that millennial’s behavior has disrupted and redefined many categories of digital business across both professional values-oriented as well as in the social, media, entertainment space. Platforms like Tik-Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix are dominating the millennial digital timeshare from a social and entertainment view.

The Duo felt that there is a massive opportunity for a millennial-focused professional development company. With over 100 Million Young Indian Workforce, the need for proper professional support & guidance could never be more pressing.

Challenges Faced in the Outset

“The challenge we face in life are always lessons that lessons that serve our growth.”

The duo believes that every entrepreneurial journey has its fair share of challenges. The biggest challenge for them was when they decided to expand their team. Being very particular for their first hire, Ankit had to go through the profiles of 100+ people and interviewed 30+ of them to welcome their first employee.

Recent Collaborations

The company focuses on “communities” and partnered with few institutes and firms to build a more enriching ecosystem.

The company managed collaborations which included startups that are building their brand and attracting talent on company’s platform, ed-tech Institutes wanting to generate leads for their courses/programs, colleges looking to use the mentor network to get their students placement ready and Co-Working places like WeWork & 91Springboard, looking for value-added services like mentorship for their community.

Hitting the first Milestone

The company got its first milestone breakthrough getting early buy-in from a stalwart like Deepinder Dhingra, who showed immense faith in the company’s vision and backed them from their nascent days. Onboarding him as their first investor was a great deal for the company.

Chase – Current Growth and Vision

The Team
The Team

The company has flourished so well in no time, the platform has been live since 2019 and has 10k+ chasers, 150 mentors, and has an average 1000+ interactions every month. The company’s most key metrics are growing at about around 35% monthly, with recurring behavior of close to 40%.

The company has also captured over 20,000 minutes of mentorship content, which is being channeled back & consumed by the chaser community.

The company visions to empower the next wave of millennial careers, professional ambitions.