Uncovering the story: How ZestMoney aims to improve the lives of millions who don’t have proper financing options

Today, we will uncover everything about one of the fastest and largest growing consumer lending fintech companies in India, ZestMoney.


  1. About ZestMoney
  2. Overview of ZestMoney
  3. Founders of ZestMoney
  4. Special Features of ZestMoney
  5. ZestMoney Partners
  6. How is ZestMoney managing the credit gap in Tier 2 and 3 amid leading rush?
  7. How is ZestMoney using AI to predict Customer Behaviour?
  8. ZestMoney join hands with Goldman Sachs
  9. ZestMoney FAQs 
  10. Connect with ZestMoney(Contact Details)


About ZestMoney

ZestMoney is a well-known fintech company in the country.  It is an online platform built to meaningfully improve the lives of around 300 million household locals who don’t have proper financing options.

There are many people in India who can’t access credit cards and other practical financial alternatives. The reason behind this is their insufficient card history. Here comes ZestMoney into the play. 

ZestMoney uses the latest mobile technology, digital banking services, and Artificial Intelligence to ease the lives of millions of Indian customers.


An Overview:

  • Industries Type: Big Data, Consumer Lending, Financial Services, FinTech
  • Headquarters Regions: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
  • Founded: 2016
  • Founders: Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman, Priya Sharma
  • Current Operating Status: Active
  • Current Funding Status: Early Stage Venture
  • Number of Employees in the company: 101-250
  • Legal Company Name: Camden Town Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.
  • IPO Status: Private
  • Company Nature: For Profit


The Founders

ZestMoney Founders - Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman and Priya Sharma
ZestMoney Founders – Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman and Priya Sharma

ZestMoney was the brainchild of Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman, and Priya Sharma. It started back in 2015.

The founders believed that no one should be restricted to pay EMIs just because they don’t have credit cards or other proper financial options. Thus, ZestMoney was created.

ZestMoney is one of the fastest ways to pay EMI on both online and offline shops/stores. 


Special Features of ZestMoney

ZestMoney, unlike any other company, promises high-growth business while designing EMI for clients of all ranges. 

Some Special Features of ZestMoney:

  1. They ensure a 2.5 times increase in AOV.
  2. They offer a 35% rise in retention.
  3. They also offer a 22% rise in ATS.
  4. They are one of the best rated EMI Platforms.
  5. They have hassle-free digital processes.
  6. ‘They provide you with quick and straightforward integration.
  7. It allows customers to pay EMI in all ways, websites, app, and even in-store.
  8. Customers can avail of EMI without a credit card.
  9. They get instant approval.
  10. You can easily open your account.
  11. CLients get flexible EMIs as per your ease.
  12. You can repay any time. There are no prepayment penalties.
  13. They have a transparent fee structure.
  14. There are no hidden charges.


ZestMoney Partners

ZestMoney is a reputed company. For this reason, it has various partners. 

List of some popular partners of ZestMoney:


How is ZestMoney managing the credit gap in Tier 2 and 3 amid leading rush?

As per the BCG report(2018), ZesttMoeny has the potential to transform into a $1 Tn opportunity by the year 2023.

With such a vast market and potential, there is no doubt about the capabilities of ZestMoney. ZestMoney is focussing on an unreserved consumer base, not via loans but by enabling purchases via EMI options. 

According to the reports, ZestMoney serves in 17,000 pin codes, and most of them are tier 2 customers.

Thus, they are now tackling tier 2 and tier 3 customers with the help of their proprietary decision & risk engine, which has become an expert in alternative data in the last three years. It can approve more customers than other lenders.


How is ZestMoney using AI to predict Customer Behaviour?

zestmoney app

In the last few years, ZestMoeny has designed many insights based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have helped in lowering the non-performing asset (NPA) rates. 

Currently, ZestMoney has nearly 6 million registered Indian customers on its customer base.

In an interview, CTO Ashish Anantharaman said that the company is even planning to make a debut in banking platform products in the coming future.

Back In December 2019, Camden Town Technologies, the parent operator of leading firm, ZestMoney raised $15 million in an extended series B. This series B round was led by the latest investor Goldman Sachs.


ZestMoney joins hands with Goldman Sachs

Bengaluru based startup, ZestMoney, announced in 2019 that it managed to raise $15 million from Goldman Sachs. This new investment was a part of series B round. This investment increased ZestMoney’s total raise, $63 million.

Not to mention, the penetration rate of credit cards in India remains as low as 3 in 100. It further shows that the credit score of many people in India is meager. Thus, ZestMoney has somehow become the perfect solution for this.


Some FAQs 

1) What is the eligibilty criteria?

The simple rule is, to use the features of ZestMoney, you b=must be 18 or plus. 

  • The minimum age is 18 years, and the maximum age is 65 years.
  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You must have a bank account.
  • You must have a PAN Card and Adhaar Card.
  • Credit Card is not mandatory.


2) Is there any salary income of the application for the ZestMoney to accept it?

The answer to this question is NO.

There is no salary requirement for the acceptance of EMI application. 

The review of your application is done on many different data points.


3) Can anyone get cashback for No-cost EMI?

Any interest that is charged on No-cost EMI will be processed as cashback. 

This cashback will be credited in your account within seven working days every time after you successfully pay EMI payment on time.


Connect with ZestMoney (Contact Details)

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Devanshi Singh
Devanshi Singh
Alongside her graduation, she is pursuing her passion for content writing. She is young, raw, and continuously thriving for the best. Her hobbies include debates and travelling. Despite these nerdy things, she also likes to netflix and chill.

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