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What is Clixsense? Clixsense review by Timesnext

Clixsense or ySense is a Get-Paid-To website that allows its users to earn a decent amount of money by completing micro-tasks
Clixsense or ySense is a Get-Paid-To website that allows its users to earn a decent amount of money by completing micro-tasks and surveys online, worldwide. Read our Clixsense review and know more about its authenticity, prices, etc.

Clixsense is a US-based online rewards website that functions on a Get-Paid-To business model. As a member of the Clixsense platform, also known as ySense, you can earn some extra money by completing surveys, small tasks, and filling out forms online.

However, many potential users question the authenticity of the website because of its business model that allows people to earn by performing simple tasks. Here, in this article, we’ll review the site on the basis of a couple of factors.

What is Clixsense?

The US-based website Clixsense was launched back in 2007 and started as a Paid-to-Click website. It was later in July 2017, a decade after the functioning of the site, that it decided to alter its business model to a Get-Paid-To reward earning website. You can earn from anywhere around the world by taking surveys, completing smaller online tasks, viewing ads, etc. while the amount gets credited to the preferred wallet.

Fact: Clixsense or ySense is owned & managed bt Mr. James Grago and runs its business currently from Manhattan Beach, California.

How to Earn with Clixsense

You can earn money on Clixsense or ySense using the methods given below:

  • Get paid for surveys: You can make a decent amount of money by completing surveys from your point of view. Each survey can last from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which you are paid an amount. Complete your survey profile properly to get desirable surveys to match with your profile.
  • Get paid to view ads: You can use Clixsense to display ads and gain money for each viewed add, that is ultimately added to your preferred wallet type of the Clixsense profile.
  • Get paid to complete minor tasks: Clixsense offers you certain micro-jobs that can quickly be done online and pay you a higher amount than viewing ads. The more your Clixsense profile improves, the better payment offers you gain.
  • Get paid to refer: Clixsense works on its referral program, which allows you to earn a certain amount per referral that joins its website using the referral code.

These were some of the major ways that allow you to earn money on the Clixsense or ySense website. We waste most of our time scrolling through Instagram and tapping through Snapchat. Why not use this time to complete tasks and view ads on Clixsense and earn money?

Clixsense Review: Is it worth it?

Clixsense serves as a great site to earn money as a pass-time. However, if you are thinking of making it as your main source of income or aiming to earn higher income via the online platform, you are highly mistaken.

Given below are the figures you earn on Clixsense:

  • Surveys: You can earn anywhere between $0.3 to $5 through surveys
  • Tasks: You can earn anywhere between a few cents to $7 via tasks
  • Referrals: Referrals earn you $0.3 per referral, $2 bonus when each referral earns 45 & 30% commission for each task performed by referrals

Overall, according to our Clixsense review, we feel Clixsense has provided its users with an excellent opportunity to earn some extra money while sitting in your cozy blankets this winter. We all have heard the saying, time is money, so, why not convert the saying into reality with Clixsense. However, the only negative point about its website is that it lags at times.