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Job Requirement – How to know if a company is hiring?

Job Requirement : Hiring is the process by which a company of a firm employs new people. In this article, we can help one fin
Job Requirement : Hiring is the process by which a company of a firm employs new people. In this article, we can help one find a desirable job.

Hiring is the process by which a company of a firm employs new people. It is a process to identify the employee and check whether the needs of the company match with that of the company. Usually, people looking for the job have a desirable job in mind where they wish to work, but they are not sure where, to begin with. In this article, we will look through the points which can help one find a desirable job.


1. Always ready to apply for the job

1.1. Key to a good resume

1.2. Setting up job alerts

2. Various ways to find if a company is hiring

a) The Company Website

b) Word of Mouth

c) Link Up or LinkedIn

d) Social Media Platforms

e) Newsletters and Publications

3. Applying for Jobs directly

4. Directly asking the Company if it is Hiring

5. Top Job posting sites

1. Always ready to apply for the job:

Job Requirement

Being ready does not limit itself to having the qualifications and degrees required for a job but having an updated resume or CV. Create and update your resume regularly in a way that it can customize the information according to the job. The resume should be a complete job application in hand. This will help one not to miss a good opportunity.

1.1. Key to a good resume:

To make the resume stand out, the employee should focus on the following tips:

a) Using a logical format and clear headings.

b) Write what you did in a particular job, not what the actual job was.

c) Do not use generic descriptions.

d) Include all the achievements which make the resume comprehensive.

e) Highlight the career summary.

1.2. Setting Up Search Alerts:

Many job boards, search engines, and companies have options from where one can get job postings. This will filter out the jobs according to the preferences of the person looking for the job. Users can set up job alerts and then get notifications about the jobs.

2. Various ways to find if a company is hiring:

job requirement

a) The Company Website:

This may seem to be an old-fashioned approach, but getting directly to the target company’s website seems to help. The approach will the hiring process easier to understand. Employers often solicit job vacancies on the website before any third party displays it. In this way, one can pay attention to all the specific details and requirements required for the job, and this becomes an ability to take a follow-up.

b) Word of Mouth:

Networking via word of mouth is an amazing method to discover whether the company is hiring. Attending to the social hours and workshops can benefit the learning opportunities for the desired job. Employers usually inform the colleagues about job vacancies so that they can pass out the information to the seekers.

LinkedIn is now one of the best platforms for networking and job seekers. It is a great place for career-minded individuals where they can follow the companies and learn about their job requirements. One can connect with companies and individuals. Thus, it’s important to maintain the social network by keeping a good touch with coworkers even while not looking for a job.

d) Social Media Platforms:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are outstanding platforms to look out for a job. Various firms communicate through these platforms as they are highly effective and used. A mere “tweet” about a job or a normal linked post about any job can draw a huge amount of audience as many people are looking for jobs. These places act as a goldmine to the company culture and help to turn the job opportunity into a job offer.

e) Newsletters and Publications:

Digital newsletters, publications, and articles list out many job opportunities. Though they are not much active among the masses, they offer great content when looking for a particular or desired job. Many companies give information to newsletters and digital articles so that the readers who miss out on social media can learn through these.

3. Applying for Jobs directly:

Apply for the jobs directly on the company’s website as not to miss out on any chance. This will send the application directly to the company’s application tracking system in the priority list. The job posting can be found in the “careers” section of the website.

There are many companies that are always hiring and thus always accept the applications. Such companies are a part of the DirectEmployers Association, which is a non-profit HR consortium of global employers.

4. Directly asking the Company if it is Hiring:

Sometimes the users can directly get in touch with the employers and get considered for the job. Contacting the employer before the job advertising has begun can help the job seeker. Below listed are the few tips to reach out directly for the company directly:

a) Send a mail or a formal letter:

Sending an inquiry letter, which is also known as a cold contact cover letter, can become a great shot to seek a great offer. This formal letter should contain information about previous employment, skills, experiences, and contact information.

b) Call or directly visit the office:

A brief in-person meet will help anyone to get reliable information about the job. One can leave a copy of the resume with the hiring staff. If not visiting the office, one can call the office and then clear out the queries.

c) Network:

Grab even the tiniest opportunity to get in touch with the employer and the company. A social, professional network is a great way to get in touch with employers.

5. Top Job posting sites:

Few of the best Job Posting sites include:

a) CareerBuilder:

This is one of the best job boards which provides job lists and career advice to job seekers. This secures the job listings from the employers and has expanded the network by collaborating with many newsletters.

b) Glassdoor:

This is a career community where members can look out for various job listings. One can get access to the user-generated material, FAQs, reviews, and much more.

c) Indeed:

This is one of the leading job sites with various job listings, boards, company career sites, associations, and so on. Users can upload their resume and then apply for jobs. Setting up job alerts will help the users to find jobs in an easy way.

d) LinkUp:

LinkUp only posts about the jobs directly from the company’s websites. Thus, the user can be sure of the present openings as users can directly get in touch with the employer.

e) Internshala:

Internshala is currently the leading platform for job seekers. This is also famous among the students looking for part-time internships. One can create a resume and then, apply for the jobs. It is highly efficient in terms of notifications and follows ups about the job.

f) is an upcoming employment website and an online application. It aggregates the job listings directly from the companies. Seekers can search for the job according to their preferences and get notified about the same. It is a job market place to look for job opportunities while learning about the requirements, needs, salary, etc.

Looking for jobs can be tiresome but has been made easy because of such social media platforms. These let us know when the company is hiring alongside its needs and requirements.