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The Story Behind IIMJOBS: How Tarun Matta Built a Unique Recruitment Platform for Management Positions

Tarun Matta, an IIM Indore alumnus started IIMJOBS as a blog in 2008 to accumulate several jobs for his friends and other col
Tarun Matta, an IIM Indore alumnus started IIMJOBS as a blog in 2008 to accumulate several jobs for his friends and other colleagues.


  1. The Founder
  2. What does IIMJOBS do?
  3. The Current Status
  4. The Idea Behind IIMJOBS
  5. Challenges Faced
  6. What Makes it Unique?
  7. The Vision

The Founder

IIMJOBS Founder - Tarun Mattaa
IIMJOBS Founder – Tarun Mattaa

Tarun Matta, an IIM Indore alumnus, is the founder of IIMJOBS (1). He started the platform as a blog in 2008 to accumulate several jobs for his friends and other colleagues. Tarun is a math geek and has a specialty when it comes to enterprise sales. The founder also has rich experience regarding technology fields, recruiting, and the IT services industry. He has worked with companies like Neilsoft, CSC, and Alcatel Lucent as a business analyst and sales manager.

What does IIMJOBS do?


The main job of IIMJOBS is to create a bridge between a candidate and a recruiter. Recruiters could post all the positions on the IIMJOBS portal without any cost. However, IIMJOBS supervises each job on the platform to match the standards of the company. Candidates also don’t have to pay a single penny to apply in any of the jobs posted on IIMJOBS.

The IIMJOBS has now over 5 lakh active users registered on its platform. Candidates could find best jobs at IIMJOBS in the categories including:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Research and Analytics
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Operations
  • BPO
  • Legal

IIMJOBS is one of the largest recruitment sites which has its focus primarily on the premium section of the market. The platform of IIMJOBS has collaborations with over 350 companies. Below are some of the most recognized companies in the market which is working with IIMJOBS:

IIMJOBS help these top companies to recruit excellent managers and tech talent.

The Current Status

IIMJOBS currently has a team of over 70 people in its organization. The revenues of IIMJOBS are now multiplying every six months. The startup, IIMJOBS, is expecting to become one of the country’s top recruitment companies in the upcoming five years. The online portal of IIMJOBS receives at least 8 lakh visitors each month. The platform also allows its recruiters to advertise their job postings through premium services that would enable companies more visibility compared to jobs listed for free. The IIMJOBS is currently generating its revenues through premium services and advertising on its online portal.

The Idea Behind IIMJOBS

Tarun realized that the bigger and more established job portals available in India don’t cater to the MBAs who are more experiences are an alumnus of premier business schools. Though there were various other unconstructed ways for them to get open positions relevant to their including alumni group, mailing list, networks, and more, there was still a considerable gap.

Hence, the founder started IIMJOBS in the year 2008, mainly as a hobby project, to fill the gap for his friends and colleagues. As the platform began growing, the founder came to know that people like his concept. They told others in their network about IIMJOBS, and hence the site started getting high propulsion over time.

Tarun and his team officially launched IIMJOBS as a company in the year 2010. Since the launch, IIMJOBS has become one of the giant board for mid to senior management job portal in the country. IIMJOBS features some of the excellent jobs across India in various fields, including those mentioned above.

Challenges Faced

Tarun and his team had his fun in the journey during the growth of IIMJOBS. Even though he had quite an exciting journey, he also stumbled upon many roadblocks during the pathway of IIMJOBS. However, the founder of IIMJOBS calls these blocks as crucial learning along the way. One of the biggest challenges they faced was that job recruitment portals are among the highly competitive categories in the market. Some of these companies are big players who are backed by various media houses and have deep pockets.

Since IIMJOBS was a startup, the founder didn’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising and marketing of the platform, unlike others in their segment. So Tarun and his team were silently building their brand in the old school methods. They believe that if we make a great platform with excellent services, people will recommend us to others. This belief is what kept IIMJOBS driving primary for growth over the past few years.

The users of IIMJOBS are the most prominent missionaries of the platform. The progress of IIMJOBS and its growth is proof that word of mouth advertising along with personal recommendation is one of the best and superior form of marketing from any other.

What Makes it Unique?

According to the founder, IIMJOBS is a unique platform compared to its counterpart. The only thing that makes IIMJOBS unique is that the platform focuses exclusively on the premium end of the recruitment space. Such a focus has now enabled IIMJOBS to provide fantastic job opportunities to graduates who are an alumnus of premium business schools with the mid and senior-level management positions.

No other recruitment companies have such a focused approach, like IIMJOBS. Such platforms also don’t have such high-quality job positions available, which IIMJOBS advertised on its platform. In terms of the number of candidates and job availability on the platform, IIMJOBS is more significant than many big players in the segment.

The Vision

IIMJOBS mainly focuses on building a fantastic platform and services, which is the reason behind the revolutionizing of the industry in India. IIMJOBS proudly offers products that are not available anywhere else in this industry. IIMJOBS has India as its primary market, but the platform is also seeing a massive rise in job applications from NRI living abroad.