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Infopark Jobs – 5 minutes & 4 Easy Steps to find the perfect job

In this article, we will tell you more about Infopark Jobs and how to look for these jobs in 5 minutes & 4 easy steps availab
In this article, we will tell you more about Infopark Jobs and how to look for these jobs in 5 minutes & 4 easy steps available on KillerLaunch.


Infopark is one of India’s best IT parks situated in Kochi, Kerala. There are various work vacancies in Kochi Infopark. This article will give you information about the work vacancies listed on KillerLaunch of companies in Infopark Kochi.

The first company is ACS-A Xerox firm in Infopark, major outsourcing and IT services business, and the second is CCS technology, Infopark, a software engineering, and services company. More information on vacancies available on KillerLaunch is given below.

KillerLaunch - naukri jobs

Before applying for a position on KillerLaunch at Infopark jobs, you have to consider what type of work you want or intend to do. There are several positions in KillerLaunch, such as Programmer, Tester / Quality Manager, Graphic / Web Designer, Finance, HR, Technical Researcher, Market Analyst, etc. The first thing is to figure out which work suits your profile and skills and expertise on KillerLaunch.

5 minutes & 4 Easy Steps to find the perfect Infopark Jobs on KillerLaunch

1. Create a killer profile on KillerLaunch

The first step for moving a step ahead for achieving your dream Infopark job is to create a killer profile on KillerLaunch. A candidate can sign up for KillerLaunch using their Email ID, Google, or Facebook Account.

The more full the profile on KillerLaunch, the more proposals it gets. Recruiters want to see descriptions of applicants that have been filled out.

2. Create an excellent resume

A resume matching specialist will do an excellent job for you. It is the Resume, after getting work feedback, that the recruiters first note on KillerLaunch, when you apply for a position. The first impression, they say, is the last.

Make sure the CV is well prepared and posted on KillerLaunch. Don’t find the presentation difficult. Hold things secure and transparent. All the relevant details should also be disclosed regarding Infopark jobs.

3. Apply for Killer Jobs

The next step after creating a resume using the in-built Resume builder on KillerLaunch is to apply for Infopark jobs. A candidate should apply for the jobs that interest him/her the most.

Filter options are available on the KillerLaunch website that can help a candidate in arriving on the perfect suited Infokiller job for them. Candidates can search for different versatile companies that are available on the KillerLaunch website.

4. Get that Dream Infopark job

Many users sign up with excitement at KillerLaunch. But a few days after not having a dream career review, they lose confidence and continue to avoid the KillerLaunch website.

Not a decent thing to say with it. Please stay in contact with the Killer Launch profile. Open your email address and keep reviewing the career referral mails that the KillerLaunch platform sends to you.

What are Infopark jobs?

Infopark is located in an area of more than 150 acres in Kusumagiri, Kakkanad, and approximately 12 kilometers from Cochin International Airport. It is home to many IT/ITES companies, and all the industry majors, such as Wipro, TCS, etc., have set their infopark jobs here. Infopark jobs were set up in 2004 and offered more than 10 lakh sq ft of built-up area for IT companies. Inside the campus, there are food courts and bank counters. Infopark jobs Kochi is still on the increase and is expected to offer more facilities and land for the IT sector.

Infopark jobs have ambitious plans to become one of the country’s major IT Parks. With this vision, it has increased since its inception in 2004, attracting investments from IT infopark jobs majors such as Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Affiliated Computer Services, OPI Global, IBS Software Services, and US Technology within a short period. Infopark jobs are well known among IT/ITES investors as a very potential destination due to the fast growth rate achieved and the park’s strategic positioning in the upcoming city of Kochi (previously known as Cochin).

FactSheet of Infopark jobs

  • Type – Government Owned
  • Industry – Information Technology Business Park
  • Genre – Infrastructure Service Provider
  • Founded – 18 July 2004
  • Headquarters – Kochi, India
  • Number of locations – Kochi, Thrissur, Cherthala
  • Key people – Sasi Pilacheri Meethal, CEO
  • Owner – Government of Kerala

Key Elements of Infopark jobs

Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) is situated in the southwest corner of the nation. It is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, home to 2 million residents with its related urban services,infopark jobs, including luxury housing, shopping, schools, stock exchanges, hotels, hospitals, convention centers, theme parks, and entertainment facilities.

1. Special Economic Zone benefits

  • A precisely defined, duty-free enclave is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It is considered as a foreign territory for commercial operations, duty, and tariff purposes.
  • All trade inflows into the SEZ are treated as imports, and all SEZ outflows are treated as exports.
  • The Government of India adopted the definition of SEZ in the 2000 EXIM Program. Since then, the SEZ Act had been adopted in 2005, and the rules and regulations governing SEZ were notified in 2006.
  • The preferential policy framework for the SEZ function is designed to provide an impetus for exports and the environment needed to make these export hubs an attractive investment point for multi-lateral trade players in the world.
  • Fifteen years of income tax vacation.
  • Customs and tariff deductions, federal income taxes and municipal construction material fees, new assets, raw material, savings, and consumables.
  • Service tax exemption.
  • Exemption from taxes on stamping and land registration.

2. Infrastructure

The Infopark campus is divided into the special economic zone (SEZ) and non-SEZ facilities. Of the 98.25 hectares of land of the current Infopark area, the Ministry of Commerce (Government of India) has notified a Special Economic Zone of 75 acres. Multi tenanted facility (MTF) and Built to suit (BTS), are the types of infrastructure developed in the park:

  • Thapasya MTF (Non –SEZ)
  • Vismaya MTF (Non –SEZ)
  • Athulya MTF (SEZ)
  • Leela (Co-Developer Owned)
  • Lulu Cyber Tower 2
  • Brigade
  • Wipro (IT Company-owned)

3. Smart Business Center (SBC)

Smart Business Center (SBC) is provided to facilitate Indian and foreign IT/ITES and knowledge-based companies to start operations immediately from the plug-in facility at Infopark. Low clubbed rentals with high-quality furniture make the SBC an ideal choice for start-up companies or foreign companies who want to test the environment. Simple procedures and friendly terms provide trouble-free office space at the Smart Business Center with efficient space utilization and standard meeting/interview rooms.

  • Total number of SBC units: 16 (From 450 sq ft up to 1500 sq ft)
  • Finished office space with air-conditioning.
  • Furniture
  • Continuous power supply with 100% backup
  • Maintenance services
  • Network Connections
  • Joint Reception and lobby area with a Receptionist
  • Common Pantry area +
  • Common Conference Room

Fact: Smart Business Centers and the existence of Special Economic Zones in Kochi are a significant attraction for the Multinational Companies that offer Infopark jobs.

Companies offering Infopark jobs

As one of India’s best technology and start-up hubs, many IT Infopark Jobs companies are located in Cochin. Most software product companies in Kochi offer software solutions all over the world. Each of Ernakulam’s IT companies specializes in their field of service, such as software testing, networking, troubleshooting, digital marketing, etc. These businesses are admired for their dedication and expertise in providing cost-effective products and services to consumers across the globe. Infopark jobs always stick to the latest trends in technology and deliver end-to-end software solutions.

Various cities are major business locations in IT and many other sectors. Foreign and domestic companies in Kochi started to operate and set up their branches decades ago. The Government has supported Infopark, Technopark, and SEZ in the operation of IT companies, which have provided areas and opportunities for numerous IT companies to serve their clients.

List of top Companies in Infopark

If you are looking for both experienced and fresher IT Infopark jobs services and job opportunities in Kochi IT companies, you may consider the companies listed below:

1. Nielson Audio

Nielson Audio is located in Infopark, Kochi. It is a US Infopark jobs organization for consumer research and radio rating.

Some of the products/services of Nielson Audio are:
  • Digital ad ratings
  • Digital Content Ratings
  • Total-Content Ratings
  • Measurement Services
  • Digital Brand Effect
  • Marketing Mix Modeling

2. Avaya

Avaya is an American telecommunications company specializing in business communication. Avaya is well known for providing Infopark jobs in Kochi.

Some of the products/services of Avaya are:
  • Wireless Handsets
  • Multimedia
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Staffing
  • Cloud Adoption & Migration
  • Custom Applications & APIs
  • Security Services

3. Cognizant

Cognizant solutions for technology are a huge multinational enterprise. They have several Cochin offices that provide infopark jobs to freshers.

Some of the products/services of Cognizant are:
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Operations
  • Industry & Platform Solutions
  • Enterprise Services
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Cognizant Digital Systems & Technology
  • Application Services

4. Ernst & Young

With two branches in Kochi, one in Infopark and the other in Maradu, Ernest & Young, UK-based global limited, provides business services and infopark jobs such as tax, audit, transaction, etc.

Some of the products/services of Ernst & Young are:
  • Advisory services
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Consulting
  • Auditing
  • Financial advisory services
  • Entertainment
  • Mining
  • Real estate
  • Telecommunication industries

5. Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

It is an Arab company offering fixed and mobile telephony services. Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, is located in Kakkanad, Kochi providing infopark jobs.

Some of the products/services of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation are:
  • Fixed-line telephones
  • Mobile telephones
  • Digital television
  • Internet services

6. EXL

New York-based corporation EXL focuses on the delivery of services such as Enterprise Process Outsourcing & Operations Management. EXL supplies infopark jobs.

Some of the products/services of EXL are:
  • Data and analytic services like Data Strategy
  • Data Architecture
  • Master Data Management
  • Risk and Compliance
  • NextGen Capabilities
  • Consulting
  • Operations Management
  • Finance


The infrastructure service division of HCL supports the underlying infrastructure that operates various business-critical applications. HCL is situated in Kochi and provides infopark jobs.

Some of the products/services of HCL are:
  • Cloud computing services
  • End-user computing
  • Datacenter transformation
  • Network transformation
  • Information security services
  • Database technology- SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

8. IBS Software Services

IBS has demonstrated its expertise in the delivery of transportation, oil & gas, and hotel booking facilities. The headquarters for infopark jobs is located in Trivandrum.

Some of the products/services of IBS are:
  • Airline Operations Solutions
  • Airline Cargo Solutions
  • Airline Passenger Solutions
  • Energy & Resources Logistics
  • Tour & Cruise Solutions
  • Hospitality Solutions
  • Aviation
  • Hospitality
  • Tour & Cruise

9. MobME

MobMe specializes in telecommunications and information technology. MobMe is located in infopark Kochi. It provides infopark jobs to the engineers.

Some of the products/services are:
  • Enterprise solutions
  • IVR
  • Banking Softwares
  • SMSC and USSD
  • Network Solutions
  • Value-Added Services
  • Enterprise Solutions

10. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS Headquarters is situated in Mumbai. TCS provides IT consulting services and business solutions in Kochi. Tata Consultancy Services is best known for delivering infopark jobs.

Some of the products/services of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are:
  • Consulting
  • TCS Interactive
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • Conversational Experiences
  • Automation & AI
  • Industrial Engineering

Note: There are a lot of other companies that offer Infopark jobs. Some of these companies are WIPRO, Suyati, KPMG, Xerox, etc.

Top infopark jobs

We know that IT stands for information technology. IT is an abbreviation generally used to denote companies offering various technical support services and other additional services, such as programming, hardware services, software development, networking, etc., required for the smooth running of a business. Also, if you are looking for both experienced and fresher IT services and infopark jobs in Kochi IT companies.

1. iOS Developer

Key Responsibilities of iOS developer jobs are:

  • Design and build advanced iOS platform applications.
  • Integrating and monitoring existing tools in the overall product architecture.
  • Work with project managers to ensure that all requirements and objectives are met.
  • Ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting production bugs.

2. UI Developer

Key Responsibilities of UI developer infopark jobs are:

  • Responsible for meeting expectations and deliverables in good time and quality.
  • Responsible for developing web applications and components.
  • Responsible for designing and developing web pages, graphics, multimedia, GUIs.
  • Demonstrates artistic, technical, and theoretical capabilities.
  • Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in both professional and business environments

3. Animator

Key responsibilities of an Animator infopark jobs are:

  • Receive and review design requirements for each project.
  • Try specific techniques of modeling to provide detailed templates for animations demanded.
  • To create initial designs, use the required design tools, including physical and digital tools
  • Create and create storyboards for the projects demanded.
  • To draw final frames, use existing tools to animate.

4. SEO Analyst

Key responsibilities of SEO Analyst infopark jobs are:

  • Develop Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, and Alt Image Tags for new and existing web pages.
  • Carry out keyword work to identify acceptable keyword goals when possible.
  • Evaluate the content index of the website, wireframes, comps, and copy drafts to include appropriate keywords in the URLs, links, and page body.
  • Trace missing or duplicating HTML tags and make them correct to provide customers with a unique page.
  • Recognize areas of vulnerabilities within the Website that may discourage significant search engines from accessing our content.

5. Product Owner

Key Responsibilities of Product Owner infopark jobs are:

  • Take the lead of the scrum teams as the owner of the product
  • Providing direction and feedback to the team during the project and developing specifications
  • Ensure that the team always has a sufficient number of pre-arranged tasks to work on.
  • Project and manage software design backlog and product creation.
  • Defining product dream, strategy, and prospects for development.

6. Google Ads Expert

Key responsibilities of Google Ads Expert infopark jobs are:

  • Campaign Analysis Requirements
  • Creating a plan for campaigns
  • Determine the correct method of targeting
  • Content preparation and ideas for creative content
  • Pages to Land Setup

Fact: There are various other jobs available in the Infopark jobs. All of these jobs can be viewed on the official website of Infopark.


Infopark jobs are known for bridging the space between dream and reality. Infopark jobs vision is to provide a holistic atmosphere to make the knowledge industry intrinsically rival and world-class. Infopark jobs offer a unique assembly of advantages not found in other comparable destinations in India.